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Heather Lawson-Bradfield: [00:00:36] Which investments into biotech tech and real estate. The top three most profitable sectors of any industry especially in Canada and you are correct. We do have 30 percent of those funds are in large to be invested back in minority communities.


Dan Humiston: [00:00:59] From MJbulls media it's the raising cannabis capital Show I'm Dan Humiston And on today's show how this firm is helping minority owned cannabis businesses to cure funding to help them overcome some of the barriers that were created by the war on drugs.


Dan Humiston: [00:01:23] Today on cannabis capital we are joined by Heather Lawson Bradfield from the totem advising group. Heather welcome to the show.


Heather Lawson-Bradfield: [00:01:31] Thank you so much for having me here.


Dan Humiston: [00:01:33] Well one of the great things about the cannabis industry is that it's still really a blank canvas and it gives us a rare opportunity to do a lot of good things including making an industry that's fully inclusive because a diverse industry is not only fair it also makes it a lot stronger. Unfortunately just to demand to survive is so great that it's easy to lose sight of the bigger picture and that's why it's so nice to have a company like yours whose foundation is built on giving minority communities the tools and guidance they need to help them succeed. I'd like to start there today if we can. Can you just give our listeners a brief perspective of some of the sort of unique challenges that aspiring minority entrepreneurs face and in some of the ways that you help them overcome those challenges.


Heather Lawson-Bradfield: [00:02:22] Absolutely. Thank you so much. The great synopsis shows exactly why we do what we do at totem advising group. So we are a minority focused business development marketing firm in the candidate space and we are minority focused because as you mentioned minorities tend to have a greater challenge of becoming successful entrepreneurs in any business space but especially in the candidate space historically because of that war on drugs has disproportionately affected the black and brown communities. And so what my firm does is focus on extending a hand out to help pull people up and open doors so that they can experience the opportunity of successfully running their own company or firm or online venture e-commerce or whatever that may look like in the cannabis space though we've seen that through a couple of different mechanisms primarily what we do is we put our money where our mouth is. We that in these communities we have women where we have African-American leaders we have non able bodied individuals we have veteran we have the spectrum of individuals that comprise our company so that we can represent the people that we want to work with. Another way that we do it is by being creative in how we bring on client. Most times the greatest challenge for an entrepreneur is achieving capital. So getting the fund or finding a way that they can actually launch their project again because of many socio economic structures that are out there which disproportionately has struck minorities what we vary we work to be creative whether that's through training equity beds or finding investors that want to have an active seat at the table at a company that they can mould as well and create a mentorship environment or find unique partnerships with other individuals that are interested in furthering the cause of individuals in this space that we just want to see it do so much more with the representation of individuals at the table.


Dan Humiston: [00:04:25] Well under that same heading you recently teamed up with CEO Houghton to help them really ramp up their legacy 5280 partner fund. I CEO on the show a while ago and for those of you that haven't had an opportunity to listen to the episode for one you should listen to it cause it's great. But the 5280 Partnership Fund is an equity fund that mandates that a portion of all the investment goes to minority owned businesses.


Heather Lawson-Bradfield: [00:04:49] Can you tell us a little bit more about the partnership. Absolutely. So again as I mentioned earlier we really try to walk the walk and talk the talk at the same time so you had another minority focused business development firm located out of Denver and we became acquainted with one another when it became apparent that we had very similar and the goals and objectives. And so we partner in creating the venture capital fund like the two partners 50 to 80 which is investments and biotech tech and real estate. The top three most profitable sectors of any industry especially in Canada and you are correct we do have 30 percent of those funds are in large to be invested back in minority communities. Our definition of minority communities are veterans not everybody's individuals LGBTQ women and people of color and any other minority group that we see within this country. We have this set up this way so that we can ensure that there isn't a door opened for an individual and we can pass that on and then we begin to see this legacy of generational wealth be created within minority communities that haven't typically had these opportunities in the past.


Dan Humiston: [00:06:00] It's so important it's so important and you know what's interesting is that I'm seeing this on our And is that we're having investors reach out to us who are actively seeking minority owned businesses so that they can for lack of a better word correct their portfolio making their investment portfolio reflect the population. That wasn't a thing a year ago but it's definitely a good thing.


Heather Lawson-Bradfield: [00:06:22] Yeah absolutely. We do specialize in the minority space and so I think our opportunity to see individuals walk through the door and say hey it's really important for me to ensure that I have the right team in place that I have the right portfolio make up and really understand that that diversity is critical to be able to weather the long term storms when investing. We find it again very important to help the communities that we're in. Understand that while you were an investor you don't want to be sacrificing majority ownership of your company along the way. That's one of the big problems that minorities run into when they're working to raise capital or gain capital. And so as you begin to correct this and you said correct this portfolio imbalance that's another piece of the narrative that we're working in here to make sure that investors and the investors understand how they can best work together and create that diversity not just in the portfolio but again in the candidate space in the long term.


Dan Humiston: [00:07:25] I want to take a quick break to think of a reason cannabis capital listeners to remind you that you can support the show by subscribing to MJbulls premium it's only four dollars and ninety nine cents per month and you gain access to all previous raising cannabis capital episodes as well as all other MJ bills produced podcast and exclusive content including companies investor pitch decks MJ bulls and enter promo code raising your first month free if someone wants to correct their portfolio they can do so by investing in the legacy 50 to 80 partner fund.


Dan Humiston: [00:08:00] Are there any investment parameters that they should be aware of.


Heather Lawson-Bradfield: [00:08:03] Yes. Thank you for bringing that up actually so we do work with accredited investors only. Not to say that we would ever turn down anybody that wanted to donate to the fund because you're more than welcome to donate. This is really about a movement and about changing the landscape for the long term for generations to come. Which is why we've named the fund's legacy partners. It's about finding those legacies with the right kinds of partners. So we do also have a 50000 minimum investment to fund all of this information can be found on our Web site. That's my information.


Dan Humiston: [00:08:37] That's great. We'll have all of Heather's contact information in legacy 5280 partner fund. So we've been speaking with Heather Lawson Bradfield from totem advising group tag for short. Heather I really appreciate you being on the show today and also thanks for everything that you're doing this is such important work. Thanks again.


Heather Lawson-Bradfield: [00:08:57] Thank you so much. I appreciate you having me here and giving me the opportunity to really speak about what we're doing and the changes that we're working to inflict for all of the individuals that deserve that at the table and the cannabis.


Dan Humiston: [00:09:10] Right time right place to make it happen. Good luck.


Heather Lawson-Bradfield: [00:09:13] Absolutely. Thank you. Thanks for listening to raising cannabis capital to learn more about today's guest to become a guest. Visit our Web site at MJ Bulls.comcom. Today's show is produced by MJbulls media with original music produced in part by Jamie Humiston. I'm Dan Humiston and you've been listening to the raising cannabis capital podcast.




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