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Edward Van Wonderen: [00:00:35] And now we are creating hops creating hops for example Dubai. We creating a hub in Portland and we create hops all around the world where we can put our products and then distributor. There are always looking for partners companies and that's going to help us that have knowledge of the local markets that know the growers that understand our product and be the middlemen between our production facility and the entry was.


Dan Humiston: [00:01:04] From MJBulls Media. It's the Raising Cannabis Capital show. I'm Dan Humiston. And on today's show how this company based in Holland has created a product that replaces soil and is 100 percent biodegradable.


Dan Humiston: [00:01:28] Today Raising Cannabis Capital we are joined by Edward Van Wonderen from Holland by products. Edward welcome to the show.


Edward Van Wonderen: [00:01:36] Well happy to be on it.


Dan Humiston: [00:01:38] So Holland bio products is based in the Netherlands. And that's that's where you are right now. Yes. I said this before we started taping Edward that you have your work cut out for you today because I have to admit I have zero no aggro or horticulture experience at all and I imagine a lot of our listeners especially investors have little or no experience so we're going to rely on our product here with our product.


Edward Van Wonderen: [00:02:04] Actually you don't need any additional knowledge. It's simple. We replace soil and a lot of growers are looking for soil is growing and not only for environmental reasons but also for ultimately ultimatum your processes so you can pick up our product move it around and don't harm the small plant that's growing inside.


Edward Van Wonderen: [00:02:25] Now what we do is we we created a plant plug made of jute and jute is a water plant. They grow it in India and Bangladesh and it has a certain resistance of algae and moves and it's a strong fiber. We take that fiber and we create a mat and inside that mat are smart flakes that spread. That's our output of the products. And those flakes the sponges so they hold the water and nutrients inside the material and we can determine with the number of flakes per square meter how dry or how wet your substrate should be. And then we create a mat and we cut the mats in small blocks and we use those blocks to fight for your seed germination or for your cloning you fold in you or your sting and then the roots will emerge in time.


Edward Van Wonderen: [00:03:14] And it's a fully biodegradable compostable product. So you don't leave a footprint we feel that's actually the most important element of our product.


Dan Humiston: [00:03:24] Wow. So for instance with cannabis you may have a different concentration of A flac. Yeah. Yeah. In in the pod. Is that how it would work.


Edward Van Wonderen: [00:03:33] Yeah you could determine how wet or how dry you want your plug your substrate your or your growing medium to be.


Edward Van Wonderen: [00:03:41] And we of course know for cannabis how dry or how wet we want to produce our pluck but if you have another plan if you want to grow lettuce or whatever you need a different composition. OK. So we have especially point for the cannabis growing and we have a folding block so it folds around your clone your Stig or you put your seat on top and then it's it grows it has room it has air it had moist and it feels very comfortable in our substrate OK within the cannabis umbrella of strain is that moisture level change you find it pretty consistent for everyone that mostly depends on your irrigation and also your system whether you grow a ball so you grow on hydroponics that will have an effect on growing medium it will store a little bit of water and nutrients that goes with it but it's also of course lets go of it.


Edward Van Wonderen: [00:04:31] So it has a maximum percentage of water absorption on a substrate fully drain our plug holds a certain amount of water and that's about 30 percent of its size. And if you irrigate you add the water that has been taken from it. So you you fill it up again if you fill it and you leave it alone for a couple of days No problem. It will still have water inside. So your or your crop will die on you.


Dan Humiston: [00:04:56] Yeah I saw that on your website. I think that's really a great feature. And one of the challenges you have with the podcast is that I can't show you a visual with the pods look like.


Dan Humiston: [00:05:05] But when I'm looking at our website. Yeah well I was just going to say when I'm looking at the website it just to give our listeners sort of a visual to me it sort of looks like a long upside down pyramid and a little leaf is up on the top. So once you get to the stage where there's a little leaf on the top what do they do with the pad at the next step.


Edward Van Wonderen: [00:05:25] That's a good question. OK. Our plug is for your first stage. So for your seed germination or for getting roots on your clone. And then when the roots are inside our medium you take it from your germination cup and then you put it into soil and the nice part of our product is that it will dissolve in the soil.


Edward Van Wonderen: [00:05:47] If you take out the plant if you're harvested and you throw away your plan you can also throw away our plant.


Edward Van Wonderen: [00:05:53] It has dissolved a little bit already in soil and you can throw it away. Don't leave any footprints in the environmental reasons. Yeah. That's it because it's for your starting face for seed germination and your clone you getting the roots.


Dan Humiston: [00:06:06] That's really simple and it's apparently biodegradable so it is biodegradable.


Edward Van Wonderen: [00:06:11] Yeah. And most important it's compostable because everything is biodegradable if you wait 10 years or 20 years but it's compostable. So you pile it up it will vanish and if you ever professional compost installation it will be gone in one cycle. So everybody says they are sustainable. This is truly a sustainable product because it degrades in time and it can go with you with plan no problem at all. And football medical cannabis if you extract the oil from it there is an issue on your substrate where it grows on because when it leaves juices inside the plans it will also leaf juices inside your oil.


Edward Van Wonderen: [00:06:49] So you have to be very careful if you're in the medical cannabis industry if you extract oil from the plant where has its been growing on and in. And if you grow it on Stone you have an issue. If you grow out of foam you could have finished. That is why we have such an attention from the cannabis industry.


Edward Van Wonderen: [00:07:08] They know OK. This is an organic fibres so we won't leave any juices that harm the oil and could also harm the patient that is is using gets very concentrated oil from the plant.


Dan Humiston: [00:07:19] That's really interesting. It's going to become a huge benefit as as our testing becomes more sophisticated.


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Dan Humiston: [00:07:58] We've been talking mainly about plugs because that would apply to the cannabis industry but in addition to that you also produce mats wraps and pads. I guess a million dollar question is you're in Holland. Can you export your products all over the world.


Edward Van Wonderen: [00:08:12] Yes we can. So we did some applications already to move our products all around the world. Our product without implants insights can be shipped all around the world but there are growers that want to move our products together with a small plants growing inside to for example United States. Well there are import regulations that say you cannot import soil so you need to clean out your small plants you clean out the soil. Our product is granted permission to be imported into the United States with the plants inside because it doesn't contain any show. There is no elements inside that could harm. And so we fully approved to be imported into the United States.


Dan Humiston: [00:08:56] That's a big benefit especially given the fact that in Holland. So where do you see Holland buyer products future.


Edward Van Wonderen: [00:09:04] That ideal is already originated agents. I don't know six seven years ago when we started two years ago with Holland bio products and so we now are in the face that we ship out containers all around the world first years. We did research and development we focused on production. We focused on having a stable and good product and the first products should be just say Mr. million and one product. So we have that under control we can produce a lot of flux every day. And we are ready to take orders and ship around the world and now we are creating hops. So we are creating hops in for example Dubai. We are creating a hub in Portland and we create hops all around the world where we can put our products and then distribute from there. You are always looking for partners or companies that going to help us that have knowledge of the local markets that know the growers that understand our product and be the middlemen between our production facility and the end user. So everybody is to take part in that process.


Dan Humiston: [00:10:05] Yeah that was gonna be my next question. If you were looking for her if you were working with strategic partners because I know a lot of people in the industry are looking for opportunities like this.


Edward Van Wonderen: [00:10:15] Professional growers and also want a home growing market we are always interested in partnering and there's a fair margin to be earned by that person.


Dan Humiston: [00:10:24] Okay. Well we've been speaking with Edward Van wonderin from Holland bio products and we have all of his contact information on the MJBulls website so if you're interested in learning more about being a strategic partner or purchasing their products that we have all the information. Edward thanks for being on the show today. This is good stuff.


Edward Van Wonderen: [00:10:45] It was great to be on the show. Thanks a lot for inviting me. You're welcome. Good luck.


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