Episode 0001 - Preview

Episode 0001 - Preview

Jim Marty: [00:00:07] This is Jim Marty here with my good friend Larry Mishkin from Chicago. Larry is an attorney and I'm an accountant. We work in the cannabis industry but for the purpose of this podcast is really to explore some of the different angles legalize cannabis as it sweeps the country as we want this to be a very general show. We're going to talk some news it was in the talk about upcoming tours for Dad and company and fish and other things that are happening musically so we want this to be a social conversation and at some point the future may be the folks listening to this podcast will have a chance to join us and join the conversation. Larry.


Larry Mishkin: [00:01:14] Well Jim it's a pleasure to be here and to have a chance to talk about this and I have to keep pinching myself to remind me that I can actually tell people that part of my job is to get on the phone and talk about marijuana and the Grateful Dead for an hour at a time. Who would have thought.


Jim Marty: [00:01:27] Yes it's come a long way and has come a long way fast. I too have to pinch myself when I walk into a dispensary and had 80 or 100 products to choose from. And that's something that we should talk about maybe on a future podcast is the variety of products that are out there and how the bud tenders need to be educated to those products and be able to explain to them. We do a lot of startup work in my business and I tell people you have to understand many of the people who walk into a medical marijuana or adult use dispensary had never been in one before. So it's a whole new experience.


Larry Mishkin: [00:02:03] I think you're absolutely right about that. And you know living here in Illinois for bit different because we don't have the adult use situation in full effect yet here we're still operating under the guise and in the form of medical marijuana which you know for the people who are using it as a wonderful thing. I read reports back from people. Luckily I don't have a condition that qualifies me but fortunately that means that I personally can't get access to it here. But I've been out to Colorado a few times and I've been at a dispensary and you know there's really nothing like the thrill of walking into one and you know maybe you have to be you know closer to our age to really be able to appreciate that. You know I always tell people when I was at the University of Michigan back in the early 1980s you know somebody wanted to be able to smoke marijuana first you got to find the guys that were selling it then you had to convince them that you were OK to talk to. You had to have the money although in retrospect and seemed like a life now but it sure seems like a lot back then. And then you had a hope that they would just pick up a handful of dirt and throw it into a plastic bag and handed to you although if they did we didn't know the difference. And we were still happy. Fast forward to just a year or two ago and my son graduates also from the University of Michigan and lived in a fraternity that's located right across the street from a dispensary with a roommate who has a card. It opened up the whole dynamic of it has so completely changed that I think it's wonderful and I'm excited to see where it goes next.


Jim Marty: [00:03:29] Yes I think the medical models dandy with us for a while. I think slowly adult years will come on and these will be subjects we explore. Yeah there's the social impact and it's on both sides of the criminal justice system. You know young people are not going to get their lives totally screwed up by a simple marijuana arrest. Police and law enforcement don't have to mess with what they know as a non-violent quote unquote crime and the every courthouse in America is saving millions of dollars not having to prosecute cannabis crimes. So there's so many things to talk about in this industry. Medical as I said it's going to be with us for a while. A great topic of conversation is what medical conditions qualify and how different it is state by state. Now one of my friends I don't think I mentioned the state but he said the other day that if you have dandruff you can get a medical marijuana plant.


Jim Marty: [00:04:25] Christine Yeah that does seem to be the thing with certain states. And I think that I just view that as states recognizing that what we've got this industry here and we're beginning to recognize is it's not so bad it's not quite as dangerous as we imagined. And here we just don't have quite enough people running through the system yet and I'm not even trying to pretend that I'm not talking about Illinois as I am but lately with the advent of all of this talk about adult use and nothing else I should say nothing else. We've had this other change. We now get provisional licenses immediately apply application instead of having to wait 90 days but all of a sudden the Illinois market has gone up substantially as I said adult users there's the talk of the town but there is a bill pending but will it be passed this year. We don't know. We'd like to think that it will. But yes it's wonderful to see the medical markets thrive. It's wonderful the few people that have the option of being able to go and just the things that they want to be able to have and hopefully you know it's really the beginning for the rest of the country that's not Colorado Oregon or California beginning to live.


Larry Mishkin: [00:05:30] With an attitude that normalizes candidates right so that you know for you guys out there are my senses. You can walk down to the malls or the pedestrian mall in downtown Denver and walk past the bank and the bakery and a restaurant and a clothing store and a medical cannabis dispensary and what always amazes me is there's more people in front of the bakery looking in the window. And there are just one of those the medical cannabis store right. You guys are all used to it. That's how big of a deal here we we're. We're still kind of working our way through that. And I think that medical cannabis helps a lot because it's really hard to continue to maintain a preconceived negative notion of it. Well you're talking to somebody who says boy you know this chemo was just killing me. And thank God for these brownies that somebody gave me they're giving me an appetite again and I have energy to get by during the day and all of a sudden it doesn't seem like such a crazy idea.


Jim Marty: [00:06:22] No not at all. And you know in future podcasts we'll talk about the whole vast array of products that come from the cannabis plant all the way from your high THC products shatters and waxes and day pens and hash oil down to the other end of the spectrum is marijuana and it doesn't get too high. Cannabis that doesn't get too high and a little bit older now and I have friends in my world who would never smoke marijuana and they swear by their CBD vape pens and sells it for my sore neck and my sore knee. So we have a huge amount of topics to cover over the next few weeks. I hope you'll join us for more of these podcasts. Now we've sort of set the table today and then I guess briefly we can close by talking about. some upcoming shows. We're very disappointed in Denver because we were supposed to have a Rolling Stones concert on May 25th which is the Saturday night of the holiday weekend. And Mick Jagger had to undergo some heart surgery. And I have not heard. I guess it went well but I haven't really heard much anything much sense there. I think they're keeping his medical condition very under wraps although you know the public statements are that he'll be back on the stage in a few months and we'll get our Denver show they're calling up Denver show delayed and not canceled.


Larry Mishkin: [00:07:42] Same with us with the Chicago show. I think that's true as well. And I have to say Jim one of the things that I really like about this podcast format it does give us you know you and I were guys who were you know a little bit older but you know have a long history with candidates that really enjoy it. But for both of us I think that you know a lot of what we associate cannabis with is really really good life music. And you know for me it's almost sometimes impossible to separate the two. And so you know the idea to be able to throw that kind of stuff in there is great. So you know I'm kind of thinking that right along you know having a debate of the benefits of blue geranium versus Gorilla Glue. Can't forget to make sure we address the topics that I heard a young teenager say the Folsom Field shows last year. And that's really whether Jane Mayer plays Althea better than Jerry Garcia. My answer is not a change but might be worth it as well.


Jim Marty: [00:08:32] This I got from listening to the Grateful Dead channel the only way to understand out there is you take out the word out here and insert the word Garcia. And then it's a. Makes a lot more sense.


Larry Mishkin: [00:08:48] As we're sitting here talking or running through the lyrics and they have really quickly and yes you're right it does actually it does the drudgery was terribly limb from limb. That's true. You almost wonder if Robert Hunter was sending a message there.


Jim Marty: [00:09:01] He was actually he was sending Jerry a little message that he wasn't really happy with his lifestyle.


Larry Mishkin: [00:09:07] I see. I like that too. Okay. And you know I'd like to think that it resulted in a you know a huge rate of light shining on Jerry space and he took all that heroin and threw it away but unfortunately he didn't but of course the good news is even without Althea we still had what another 15 or 16 years of I'm so happy now and happy with what I got.


Jim Marty: [00:09:25] Okay. Well this is Jim signing off for now. And Larry I should also say thank you so much for listening.




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