101CBD – Justin Benton

101CBD – Justin Benton

Dan Humiston: [00:00:00] Welcome to Hemp Barons. I'm Dan Humiston. And on today's show we have a really heartwarming inspirational story about a family whose persistence and in faith in the power of cannabis helped their son overcome the spectrum or autism. is a really fascinating story. And it continues on today as they spread what they learned. to help other families. Let's join my conversation with Justin Benton from 101 CBD.


Dan Humiston: [00:00:36] Hey Justin welcome to the show.


Justin Benton: [00:00:38] Hey thanks for having me.


Dan Humiston: [00:00:40] Your company won a 101 CBD story starts off very similar to so many other great companies in it. In an effort to help one person you discover and I guess call it a CBD formulate it it helped many people in order to help everyone you created 101 CBD. You briefly tell us the story.


Justin Benton: [00:00:59] Well briefly I'll try. So I mean essentially what happened was five years ago our son was diagnosed on the spectrum some called autism. It was a severe diagnosis and just like any parent who would get that kind of shocking news you look and you go to do research and you talk to doctors and you just train dig deep and we came across the Charlotte story out of Colorado and there was a lot that made sense to us obviously was plant based it was naturals you went from around 300 seizures a day to like one a week I come from a very holistic healthy background it's how I was raised. And so we gave it a shot. In fact we tried the same formula that worked for her but didn't have any success with us. So I wasn't ready to give up. I had a background in cannabis and health and so I drew some myself in my backyard out here in Southern California and just had a real simple cold pressed extraction. We were out at a pumpkin patch and he was having a horrible time saying he was hiding under a bench and having a tantrum. And I haven't have someone they park at a meter earlier put it in his mouth within five or 10 minutes whether he's out picking pumpkins with his two other sisters having a good time. The grandparents were there and they were like wow did you see that. And so that was the beginning and that's when we knew we were onto something and what we did was the main thing was keep the plan as it was meant to be and kept it real kept a true full spectrum with all hundred and thirteen cabinets. It gets it every morning he had some this morning in his juice and we're pleased to say for five years he's as I as far as we know the first child who's been taken off the spectrum diagnosis which is what natural foods and supplements don't like that.


Dan Humiston: [00:02:43] Congratulations. It's like a heartwarming story and I think it gives inspiration to a lot of our listeners. This story hits close to home because I have a good friend where Sara Stephan and he's dedicated to finding a CBT cure for his son and I know how complex this process is. In his case and I'm sure it's similar news at the slightest deviation in the formula would impact it just so our listeners can kind of get a better understanding if you could just dial it back for a minute and give us some foundational information you mentioned Full Spectrum You mentioned RA maybe explain the differences and there's so people understand why this is so complicated.


Justin Benton: [00:03:17] Sure. Well here's the exciting part. It is complicated because what we do here at 101 CBT is make it as simple as possible. This plant was around there's been around documented for 60 million years the human species has been around for roughly 30 million years. We just basically have grown together from this planet and a very similar genetic structure to it's basically called Delta and cannabinoid system a very simple terms. This plant contains one hundred and thirteen cannabinoids. Our bodies have an indoor cannabinoid system that's set up to receive cannabinoids. So we are starting to find out obviously what CBD can do now the old ways of extracting cannabinoids from the cannabis plant were to make sure that you were activating the THC so activating THC when candidate is in its raw form it's called THC a psychoactive component. Well if you eat raw marijuana or cannabis just like in the movie Up In Smoke wouldn't Tommy and Chong and Cheech and Chong get pulled over by the carpenter eating all the cannabis in the movie. He gets all psychedelic and whatnot while in actuality what because raw THC is not psychoactive. The problem was when we started finding out about CBD and stories like Charlotte's Ziggy we decided well let's apply the same thing to here. Well unfortunately that's not how it works. There's no reason to activate CBD. It goes actually from a three dimensional molecule when it's a CVA acidic precursor form you burn off the acidic precursor and now you have a completely different molecule or CBD which is a two dimensional.


Justin Benton: [00:04:55] And when it comes into contact with our receptors it basically skips to the receptor. So we're making some short term relief that it won't give you that three dimensional multiple point contact and that's why we're seeing these long term healing benefits of CBD especially in the case of our sun and many other complicated diseases out there so I know that might be a lot of information but just understand the more simple you keep it just plain as it was to be like using it. That is really where we found the true power of the plant and that's where the term full spectrum comes in. Correct or full spectrum whole plan extraction. We call it true full spectrum a holistic scale. It's the whole plan. The best way to consume this plant is juicing it or eating it in a salad like mixed greens. Unfortunately there are some issues with not everybody has cannabis growing in their backyard that they can do these kinds of things socially in different parts of the country or depending upon the weather or the time of year all those kinds of things. That's why we've patented multi level extraction processes that keep the plant as pure and simple as possible.


Justin Benton: [00:06:02] Some of it's called subclinical CO2 extraction. We also do some hydro extraction we also do some stratification extraction and again all we're trying to do is get a really high concentrate on the true full spectrum really featuring that CBD a cannabinoid and let Mother Nature work the way it's supposed to interact with our bodies. And it's also I think important that we mentioned that yours is all organic absolutely organic huge and the cool thing as of right now today Memorial Day May 27 2019 there are no approved pesticides for him because it's brand new. Just got house for the farm bill. So right now all these new farmers are going to have to learn to grow old old school. And because hemp has those trappings which we'll talk about later it has its natural fading off of the bugs in the plants or all those types of things out there that usually come into contact with it and hemp obviously yields the soil as well. So it's just an amazing plant and there's so many uses for it we all know about the CBD stories that we've heard like there's just so many more exciting uses and I know Bob Auburn was on here and talked about them all and we can't wait to get America's original cash crop going again and we're here to help any way we can as well.


Dan Humiston: [00:07:10] We're just scratching the surface. We are just scratching the surface. But before we change this topic you mentioned turbines maybe just touch on that rather quickly because it's another confusing aspect of the past.


Justin Benton: [00:07:20] I mean Turpines is a real simple works basically what makes the plant smell great and so every plan has a different. Now we've heard all these wild names for cannabis these days and what we're finding through research again holistic full spectrum whole plant. Even the plant together is that Turkey and so there's different Europeans that would make us smell like bees or a citrus or lavender chirping by themselves like essential oils have therapeutic benefits like a lavender smell said give us a relaxed calming state or what we're finding and again we're all learning at the same level and it's just a beautiful thing with technology and whatnot. Is that Turpin are actually part of a delivery system so how the plant smells will actually determine how it reacts with their body. So what you want to do again is to keep that entire plant exactly the way it was grown and we can grow specific cannabis plants for a specific issues whether it's pain whether it's exciting whether it's sleek really pairing those opinions with specific cannabinoids like CBD obviously CBT CPC CBN the list is going on and there's 113. So we're just literally at the tip of disorder and we're so excited to see this cannabinoid medicine we work with people like Dr. Berman out here in Santa Barbara and just really understanding how does this plant work with our bodies and how can we really maximize the benefits. It's just really an exciting time.


Dan Humiston: [00:08:54] Yeah. I would say for sure. You mentioned how to react with our bodies and back to children. Know that as they age dosing becomes a concern or something that you have to factor in maybe take a minute to explain how dosing is something that you're also challenged with.


Justin Benton: [00:09:11] Well and again so the cool thing is that CBd is in broccoli it's entail it's naturally occurring in our own bodies and under the form of two dash e.g. this new world that we live in where people think that you need to take a single molecule like a pharmaceutical kill it's one thing and as we all know when we listen to the commercials there is a laundry list of a lot of other side effects thoughts like you know I'll just get the rash. So no as far as how the dosing works we always say start slow. Everyone has different receptors so there's C1 receptors mostly in our head CBd receptors mostly in our body. And some people can take micro dosing which is very small amounts of CBd and see an immediate positive effect. Some people don't have as many receptors and so you have to do more. It really is a fine line and every single person is different. Do we get that question a lot is how much do I need to take and when will it start working because we're all used to taking up till and then the pain goes away. Well obviously forcing the brain to release an opening or what have you. And then we all know what it does to our liver and kidneys.


Justin Benton: [00:10:19] Right. That's just not natural. They're calling about the cannabinoid system and cannabinoid medicine is our bodies have the priority scale. So we might have a bad back but your body might say What do you take these extra cannabinoids like CBD in for spectrum. Say look like. The back pain will get there. We have some some liver issues ALREADY HERE. WE NEED TO GET SOME ENZYME production up so it's going to immediately go to the things that it innately sees as a top priority so with children or anybody. Just start slow. You know you can increase the effects or you increase the amount to see if there's a desired effect. And it may increase any effects after a week or two. You don't see any real change. Well then maybe go back to where you were before him that it's just real common sense start slow. We all have the technology in our pockets now jot down a little note each day how you felt or if it was for a loved one how when he notices or any changes you notice because we all are so busy that you just get OK and blur together.


Dan Humiston: [00:11:16] Yeah well I'm on your Web site right now the one or one Cbd. And looking at some of the products they're available here it looks like you can just order them online.


Justin Benton: [00:11:25] Absolutely. Order online here domestically we shipped all 50 states. We really are priding ourselves in being an international nationalist as well. So we shipped to over 200 countries wherever you wanted to go. We're going to do our best to get it there. We really firmly believe in this cannabinoid medicine. And we're here to help connect people that want to try it. We've aligned ourselves with organizations like the autism Hope Alliance that gives a free bottle to families that have recently been diagnosed with autism. Anybody that comes to us with a child or a family member who is on the spectrum we give them a free bottle. Our goal ultimately is to make enough money and get enough investors in a line with enough organizations that we can just give this stuff away. We really believe in this product. We've seen it what it's done for our son and our family. We've seen what it's gone for so many families across the country in the world. It's just a plant. And at the end of the day if we can just educate people about how it works you can grow this in your backyard and you can use it yourself and you can put it in your salad and just understand healthy living. Just roll back to simpler times and CBD is been away from us for basically 75 years now that it's back from the farm bill here in 2018 or starting to form another relationship with us. Some of us say that there was an infinite wisdom out there that kept a plant buried for 75 years because we never introduced any GMO or any pesticides into the plant. So now that it's bringing back we're all very cognitive of humans while very cognitive of pesticides as we've seen in his roundup lawsuits that are coming out so we can just say hey this is our chance to really get this thing right. We really understand that this plan and US belong together in their most natural to your basic farm as well.


Dan Humiston: [00:13:11] The passion just comes out your voice just in the city of Angeles. You inspired. We listen in to you we were speaking with Justin Burton from 1 0 1 CBD and I have all of his information including everything about their company and the MJBulls website. Justin thanks for taking the time to give us. Why do the entry level CBD information that people really need to know this I know the name of your company is one or one CBD and it's named after Highway 1 or 1 but if you like today's show. Oh you did a little bit of CBB wine or wine given us the basics and I really appreciate you taking the time.


Justin Benton: [00:13:45] Absolutely. We're all about education here. We just want to educate anybody any questions you have reach out to us on our website or give us a call. We're also having a raw CBD fast out here in California. Pure shows June 29. It's free ride DVD we're giving away free CBT to the dogs bacon flavor for the upcoming Fourth of July. They don't really like those fireworks so if you're out here in Southern California you want to hang on on a Saturday afternoon at the beach.


Justin Benton: [00:14:11] At noon we're hoping that Rosie Batty fast There'll be music and free food and things like that and free Hampshire. And check us out. Sounds like fun I wish I was gonna be out there. Thanks so much for having us on. And we're really here to support the move.


Dan Humiston: [00:14:26] Keep up the good fight and promise to be back on the show again anytime soon.




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