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Ryan Beers: [00:00:20] My grandmother in 2015. She had her first epileptic seizure and that scared the entire family so much because this is a lady that has never been sick and has never had anything wrong with her and she was 96 years old at that time. She was super healthy and I wanted to help her out and I was in the cannabis industry at that time. So I called her up and she said Well look I know that you can help me but Ryan I do not want to get high.


Dan Humiston: [00:00:53] From MJBulls Media it's the Raising Cannabis Capital show. I'm Dan Humiston. And on today's show how this veteran cannabis entrepreneur was inspired by his grandmother to create a true high end CBD line of products.


Dan Humiston: [00:01:23] Today in Raising Cannabis Capital we are joined by Ryan beers in Oriana Leo from nonnie's nectar Oriana and Ryan. Welcome to the show.


Ryan Beers: [00:01:31] Hello. Hi. Thanks for having us.


Dan Humiston: [00:01:33] It's our pleasure. Well when I first got in the industry back in 2012 I had never even heard of CbD. I gotta admit and I remember we did a trade show back in 2014 and I had a couple exhibitors who had CbD products and you know maybe some speakers but it really wasn't a thing back then and now fast forward six years is definitely a thing. You know how you know it's a thing it's when you get to my mom's friends will say to me Hey you get some of that CBD stuff. Where do I get it. And it's like that to sign that this is happening in any way. That's not too far from what prompted you guys to launch nonnie's nectar. Ryan maybe you can tell us a story.


Ryan Beers: [00:02:17] So Nonnie's nectar was born in 2017 and that was all through my grandmother and 2015. She had her first epileptic seizure and that scared the entire family so much because this is a lady that has never been sick and has never had anything wrong with her and she was 96 years old at that time. She was super healthy and I wanted to help her out and I was in the cannabis industry at that time. So I called her up and she said Well look I know that you can help me but Ryan I do not want to get high. So immediately I said well I'm going gonna have to get you high if I'm going to help you. Right after that I started formulating and found some CBD on the market. It was very scarce at that time. I found it and started formulating and flew back down to Austin Texas from Los Angeles and gave her her first full dose of CBD and she never had a seizure again. She got off all of her medication and it worked. That's our nonnie's nectors was born.


Dan Humiston: [00:03:16] That is crazy. I hear that from a lot of seniors who are CBd curious but they do not want to get high and they don't want it to mess with their other meds. And that's why I think having that confidence is so important. When I look at your website it makes me feel confident. The way you've presented it the way you're your products are designed.


Ryan Beers: [00:03:36] So a lot of design was done by my sister she actually hand through the logo and then of course it gets into formulating. I like high end things I like luxury products and so I wanted to take that approach if I'm going to be putting this into my body and on my skin. I want to use the best products possible best ingredients possible and I wouldn't do anything less. Of course I want to give this to everybody open it up to the public and I wouldn't not create these products if I wasn't going to be able to give it to my grandmother or to myself we would do a full spectrum product very high end all organic ingredients.


Dan Humiston: [00:04:11] Yeah I think with the CBD market it's hot. Everything is in giant demand but it also means that the field is getting pretty crowded right now and you need to differentiate yourself and set yourself apart from the pack. And I get the sense that this is more of a high end type of brand that's of the market that you're after right now.


Ryan Beers: [00:04:28] Yes. Yes I wanted to be able to go in to you know high end Whole Foods stores for example like air one and to be able to present that to that hiring client that wasn't going to bat an eye at something didn't cost him you know one hundred and sixty dollars but it's the best of the best and it's going to work it's super potent and I guarantee that it will work well somebody has to be at the top end and it's it's not a bad place to be I see you mentioned that you're in a lot of brick and mortar.


Ryan Beers: [00:04:56] I see on your website that in addition to being able to purchase it online you can buy it through some dispensaries. That's part of your market plan.


Ryan Beers: [00:05:05] When we first started the company yes we were in a bunch of different dispensaries in Los Angeles but we are no longer allowed to be dispensaries. Ever since the farm bill passed of course everybody thought that they could get this anywhere at the hemp company were not allowed to in any of the dispensaries right now because that's all seed to sale and that is cannabis CBD where hemp derived CBD.


Dan Humiston: [00:05:28] Ok. So the locations that are on your website what are those.


Ryan Beers: [00:05:31] So a lot of those are brick and mortar stores wholesalers that just have a little shop that sell our products and quickly be featured product at a lot of these stores. For example air one carries all of our products at all four of their locations right now.


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Dan Humiston: [00:06:19] Let's jump Fast Forward. Launching a brand or moving a brand from one level to the next level even in a market is hard to CBD is not easy and it's very expensive. On the cost or front loaded you have to buy all your raw materials and pay for those. You have to pay for packaging and marketing and payroll and on and on and all these cost occur before you humans start selling to help you through this phase.


Oriana Leo: [00:06:43] Are you raising capital so Ryan has self-funded the company up until now he's been in the cannabis industry for the last 10 years and made his money there was able to really invest and launch Nonnie's and 2017 but you're right. There has been tremendous market volatility when it comes to the stakeholders that we might want to do business with venders ect which has made it incredibly difficult to maintain a positive cash flow when you have tons of speed bumps especially when it comes to payment processing issues. So we're actually launching our very first capital raise it's a friend family around and we're raising children at eighty thousand dollars to invest in inventory and sales support to sell the inventory to the main constraint that we're experiencing right now is that we do have orders purchase orders from multiple locations. Brick and mortar stores and we don't have the inventory to fill it. So it's a pretty easy problem to solve. But we don't want to lose out to huge land grab right now. And so for us raising this capital helps us meet people through that land grab onto maybe a Series B.


Dan Humiston: [00:07:49] Yeah man and get an easy deal for somebody you've already done all you've done all the heavy lifting all the works in place an order sitting there and not easy has done more than a million dollars in sales at this point.


Oriana Leo: [00:07:59] So it's a proven product. It's just a matter of finding the right distribution channels and making those relationships and filling orders through all that.


Ryan Beers: [00:08:08] We've still got a five star rating.


Oriana Leo: [00:08:10] You've still got a five star rating up below where products have five star rated testimonials on our website. That really makes us feel like we're doing something right and keep our customers loyal.


Ryan Beers: [00:08:20] The smart thing that you're doing is you just you found your lane in you so long as you stick in lean. I think you're going to be fine. It's when you're trying to be something for everybody forget it. You're going to it won't last.


Ryan Beers: [00:08:30] Well and we really enjoy this line as well. I mean dealing with all the people and I talk with all of the clients personally guide them on the right dosing and really helped them out because we are dealing with an older crowd and because of the name because of how it's helped my grandmother a lot of people attach themselves to that. And it's been amazing this journey it's been great. Now we just need to get to the next level and get some money.


Dan Humiston: [00:08:53] I don't think it'll be hard. I don't either. I think you'll be fine. I appreciate that. It's not a big amount of money that you're raising that you should be able to wrap that up really quickly based on where you are right now and what you've done.


Oriana Leo: [00:09:05] That's our goal is to wrap this round up in the next few weeks. And if anyone listening to this is interested they can reach us there our website.


Dan Humiston: [00:09:14] We also have Ryan in Oriana's contact information on them people's web in any system. Yeah we'll have we'll have a whole page for you on our website so you've got to move quick on this one not because of your own long Oriana Ryan. This is good stuff. It was really nice to talk to you today. Thanks for being on the show.


Ryan Beers: [00:09:31] A pleasure. Thank you.


Oriana Leo: [00:09:32] Thank you.


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