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Gary Krimershmoys: [00:00:23] We've we've helped develop that Jimmy Buffett brand for them Margaritaville is Jimmy Buffett is holding company and they created Coral Reefer to take that brand into the cannabis space. So Tara was pushing that brand forward and launched it in Florida and gonna be taking it nationally shortly. And we really tailor made a great pot system for them.


Dan Humiston: [00:00:49] From MJBulls Media it's the Raising Cannabis Capital podcast. I'm dan Humiston. And on today's show how these veterans from nicotine vaping are using their experience in their contacts from that space to help cannabis companies expand their base brands.


Dan Humiston: [00:01:19] Today in the Raising Cannabis Capital podcast we are joined by Gary commercialize from the blink group. Gary welcome to the show.


Gary Krimershmoys: [00:01:26] Thank you very much. I'm happy to be here.


Dan Humiston: [00:01:28] Well I've known about the blink group for a while. I was at a Christmas party at your office is a couple of years ago and I'll tell you why I left there really impressed with a lot of things. But your team is really impressive. I'll tell you this before I went to the party I didn't know a lot about the blink group. I knew your brands but I didn't know that much about the blink group and you know I'm reading from your website right now the blank group creates distributes supports best in class cannabis vaping hardware and complimentary ancillary products which on the surface seems to think a pretty broad scope.


Gary Krimershmoys: [00:02:04] So at the end client for us are the ones that take the cannabis and make extracts out of it that are looking for products that are good right now but also something bespoke something that only they have. So we can R and D a product from scratch for them with everything from making sure the components into the final product are all done at the highest level to form factors and things like that. We worked with large companies and help them make their vaping brands stand out from the competition.


Dan Humiston: [00:02:35] I see I see what I'm looking at the list of brands under the blink group umbrella and very impressive. Maybe just for our listeners just give us an idea some of your top brands.


Gary Krimershmoys: [00:02:46] So in terms of the clients that we're servicing we work with multi-state operators here. One of them Mr. Tara we've we've helped develop the Jimmy Buffett brand for them Margaritaville is Jimmy Buffett s holding company and they created Coral Reefer to take that brand into the cannabis space. So Tara was pushing that brand forward and launched it in Florida and gonna be taking it nationally shortly. And we really tailor made a great pot system for them that used our patented extra technology and that is one of the differentiators to taste the consistency of the vaping product is better than our competition and I can get into it a little bit more in detail what makes the expo in our cartridge allergy stand out.


Dan Humiston: [00:03:36] The advantage you have is your team's experience because they were in vaping long before cannabis. This is what I found most impressive is they have so much experience in the vaping world and they have so many contacts within the vaping world that people running the company on a day to day basis ah ah No do moderately.


Gary Krimershmoys: [00:03:57] And he's just besides being the CEO of the blink group. He's also the chairman of the international ISO standards committee on vaping products and the European Commission on vaping standards. So he's one of the world's foremost experts in vapor technology. The other co-founder Sasha Santos he had a branding company in New York called Brand labs and different international nicotine vaping brands needed entry into the U.S. so he would create branding and marketing packages for them. Both of them realized that they're seeing a lot more questions and a lot more requests for work in cannabis vaping and they looked at this space and they just saw that cannabis vaping technology was years behind nicotine vaping technology. Yeah. So on that basis the need for next generation products was very obvious and that's how blink group came to be.


Dan Humiston: [00:04:52] Yeah. It makes a lot of sense. Take all the contacts all the relationships everything about the vaping industry and apply it to cannabis. On that same line you have a patent on summit some of the technology is that correct.


Gary Krimershmoys: [00:05:04] That's right. One of the next generation products that we patented currently and we do have a few more in the works is a cartridge technology where the dominant cartridge technology right now is to see cell center post and heating happens in that center post using a ceramic coil but every time using the standard technology now to take a puff it heats up all of the oil in that cartridge and as you do it over a period of days and sometimes even creatures could be used for weeks integrates the oil because it gets hot and it cools off and then gets hot again and it cools off. Our expert technology could the heating element underneath the oil and its gravity fed. So as you pick up the pen the chamber fills with what you're going to be puffing at that time and only that is heated. So as you're using your vaping product over the course of a few weeks maybe even a month the taste stays the same. The turkey's are not burnt off the color does not change because of the constant heating and cooling heating and cooling.


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Dan Humiston: [00:06:43] Well I'd say over the next 12 maybe 18 months what are some of the other things that you guys will be doing.


Gary Krimershmoys: [00:06:49] We need to scale up. We need to hire salespeople and we need to expand the footprint to California to Canada to be in the markets where our clients are and where the growth is happening. A good portion of the money is going to go to boots on the ground. A couple of more offices distribution centers and there's also partnerships where we're looking to develop new technologies that we see out there because we do have that network and expertise. We're seeing some of the best technologies out there and sometimes they're in the nicotine space. We will be working with partners to develop great nicotine products but redeveloping them for the different viscosity is of cannabis. And also there's CBD vaping. We already have some CBD producers that are using our cartridges and we're we're looking to maybe work closer with them help them expand nationally using our hardware and kind of grow with them and set up different partnerships all over the country to get CBD vaping.


Dan Humiston: [00:07:49] You have a lot on your plate and it's not going to be inexpensive to do that. Tell us about your capital raise.


Gary Krimershmoys: [00:07:56] So we recently kicked off our series A We're working with Meridian Capital Advisors and we are looking for 5 million dollars with the series 8 to expand on our current base and do some of the things that where we've discussed and we're looking to do that at a 20 million dollar valuation.


Dan Humiston: [00:08:15] I'm telling you guys over Veridian are great. I know Scott griper really well. Super good guy you're in good hands over there it sounds to me like this opportunities won't be around for long.


Gary Krimershmoys: [00:08:24] We're very happy working with Scott. We already have a couple of lead investors that we started conversation with and people know us. We have been around for almost two years so a lot of these theses and family offices and investors we're just waiting for us to kind of structure the Series A and get going with it. So we think we'll have a good reception.


Dan Humiston: [00:08:48] Yeah like I said it doesn't seem like this will be around for very long. We've been speaking with Gary  from the blank group and we have all their contact information and investor information on the mjbulls web site. Gary thanks for being on the show today.


Gary Krimershmoys: [00:09:02] Dan thank you so much for having me. Very happy to be part of the bulls podcast.


Dan Humiston: [00:09:08] Good luck.


Gary Krimershmoys: [00:09:09] Thank you so much.


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