Dead & Co from Wrigley Field and Missouri Cannabis

Jim Marty: [00:00:21] Jim Martin from Bridgewater CPA . my associate and partner on the line here with me. Larry Michigan say hi Larry.


Larry Mishkin: [00:00:43] Jim how you doing. Larry Mishkin from the Hoban law. group always a pleasure to talk to you Jim.


Jim Marty: [00:00:48] Yeah very good. So yeah we have some things to talk about today. Getting company tours is just getting outstanding reviews everywhere they go. And I heard great reports about shows at Wrigley Field this weekend. So Larry Dena. listed on that. Then we're going to swing into a discussion of some of the Dena. cannabis things and the laws that are changing in the Midwest specifically Illinois and Missouri have a lot of things going on right now I'm speaking from Massachusetts where we're visiting some family and visiting a Massachusetts dispensary today.


Larry Mishkin: [00:01:26] So I've given up on that metastatic lots of good stuff to talk about. You know Jim you're right. Dan and company are really hitting their stride right now. I was a little bit nervous because I read a review of the opening show on the tour from stitcher day and the guy who wrote the review who's been covering them for years and years made it sound like they were just going through the motions and that you know maybe his magic was gone and maybe it was time to move on. I don't know what I can and maybe you know the first show on the tour is always a little bit rough but they rolled into town this past weekend at Wrigley Field and of course as a Cardinal fans from St. Louis it's always difficult for me to go to Wrigley Field except certainly on occasions like this but it feels like just another hole through the debt. And it's really great. Huge crowds. Everybody very excited about them in town and going it was funny for me about it. I've always been very partial to Jerry like Bob and all the rest of them as well. I've always been partial to Jerry and so how they must have known that because Friday night they opened with the other one which really played everybody off guard. I don't think I've ever seen that before in all my years from that is basically all Jerry Garcia to the rest of the night.


Larry Mishkin: [00:02:36] It's funny when they do it. I was getting all that Jerry stuff going out there. To me the highlight was Pete broke out to lay me down which is my understanding talent company had not yet played with Barbie on acoustic but you had John Mayer and I not enough of an instrument kick to know the difference. I thought he was playing a pedal steel guitar yesterday when I listened to regional dad hour on the debt at station on Sirius XM. David Jones was explaining that it's not a pedal steel. It's what they call a lap cut old guitar and you basically play it and there's these little things you can move with your knees to kind of keep it that 20 sound. But whatever the heck it was it was just tremendous. And while I'm often quick to point out that these guys are great but I'll take Jerry any day of the week and I know Jerry was a pedal steel guitar maestro although I never really got to see him do it. But boy they really really played that too well and they just could not have been more impressed with the way they threw it all together so you know I like.


Jim Marty: [00:03:46] I also heard to lay me down yesterday on Tales from the Golden Road and it sounded great. It sounded great. I haven't heard that song in a long time. Mostly you load up situation. I had to seen Jerry play and I was fortunate. The shows where the dad played it just amazing and John mayor really did knock it out with the guitar. That sounds like a pedal steel guitar. Exactly. It was an instrumental act.


Larry Mishkin: [00:04:12] Dave again says that it's just a steel guitar pedal steel gotcha right. That's right.


Larry Mishkin: [00:04:17] You use your knees to push these little things to make that 20 noise and all of that other stuff like Yeah. You know it was just great. Donna the second set was really fun and he came to the set with chain account you know you're in for a good time.


Larry Mishkin: [00:04:31] But what I really liked and what they do a lot and I just can never get enough of it they do the same. Stephen into the 11 and you know I mean for those of us that were never of age to actually see Jerry and the boys played the love in that whole scene Dark Star to see Stephen into the love and the love light stuff from the late 60s. It's such a treat to always see those tunes. And you know while they're playing it I can't say it can't help but sit there and think Oh my God what is going through Bob Weir's is made right now. He played this song 50 years ago here he is still playing it and it's just tremendous to hear so they had a great Knockin on Heaven's Door and thought it rained most of the seconds that my brother and I got lucky because they have seats on third base line under the roof. So we didn't get wet but these guys were playing and the red was blowing.


Larry Mishkin: [00:05:20] Actually ended up so you know with Hemp Barons as they normally try.


Larry Mishkin: [00:05:24] They had a great Jeff tremendously off of the P3 Hammond organ and put a big purple red and they they had it going out and wiping off the drug side.


Larry Mishkin: [00:05:33] John there was wearing a whole rain poncho obviously after a short sleeve shirt having a ball.


Jim Marty: [00:05:39] Yeah so I've heard such great things they're just blowing up the Internet and social media with all the rave reviews the debt and company shows. And then Phish did a great job this weekend at Bonnaroo.


Larry Mishkin: [00:05:51] All right. Who is this weekend. I heard about that.


Jim Marty: [00:05:55] Yeah. And they were playing that on this radio station all weekend and it sounded great. Yeah. Really playing well. Yeah. So it's. There was another show her and company recently where they opened were terrible. So they're really jumping straight into it. You know usually the other one and turban and you know clearly wait in the second set some monks wait till I tell you about the Saturday Night Show and that'll blow your mind.


Larry Mishkin: [00:06:22] But before we get there we can't forget alternative purposes here. And the guy who's from St. Lewis originally and still has a father living in St. Lewis and spent a lot of time down there. I could not be more excited that the state of Missouri has voted in multiple cannabis. The applications are out. And as I understand it you've been spending quite a bit of time in Missouri lately.


Jim Marty: [00:06:46] Yeah. Was there a week or so ago and like you said everyone's very excited. I think she's 60 Colton senses and hundred and nine eighty some extras. So yeah it's another large heavily populated Midwestern state. It's coming on board. Applications came out about two weeks when I was it was in Missouri as I say.


Larry Mishkin: [00:07:14] But you know it's it's it's just so exciting. I think it's great for Missouri which you know sometimes comes across as a pretty red state. And so I see that today as a huge positive move by the state overall. You know it's incredibly a lot of foresight on our to recognize that this is the direction things are going. And to try and get on top of it earlier rather than be one of the late covers. So I think it's going to be a tremendous opportunity to see yourself working with some of the folks down there as they come forward.


Jim Marty: [00:07:47] Well the way it works in Missouri it's a point system and you get extra points if you can have people on your application either as owners or consultants who have cannabis experience. So I have someone like Colorado some bridge west Colorado clients are going to be on the applications in Missouri which will give them some extra points. You also get extra points depending on your zip code if you're in a high unemployment area. So a lot of ways to get it the various points know the regulators got out ahead of it and they live in it many areas of the application. When you answer the question it only used two to three or 500 words.


Jim Marty: [00:08:28] So is there anything that the applicant writes. Of course somebody has to read it and they know one of the reasons that's a paper is they're under a tight timeline and that the applications are due back in August. And then later this year in the fall the license will be issued. So sometime in the first half of 2020 the first medical marijuana will be grown harvested and sold in Missouri. So they're right on track and there was a test this paper article this morning in Missouri talking about how the state is getting ahead of it in their pre registering pre signing of patients even before there's any place for them to buy medical marijuana. So hopefully by the time the first harvest unlike the situation in Illinois there will be lots of patients to sell the cannabis to.


Larry Mishkin: [00:09:19] Well that was my very next question is what is your understanding as to the scope of the list of qualifying conditions for the Missouri program.


Jim Marty: [00:09:31] One of my friends in Missouri could have joked to me that you can get a medical marijuana license in Missouri if you have dandruff.


Larry Mishkin: [00:09:38] What I have to say that's a that's a good answer. And once again I'm just thrilled to hear that Missouri which is a state that tends to be very heavily Law and Order very heavily regulated is taking that approach and generally making it available to people who need it without forcing them to jump through a lot of hurdles. Here's another question for you. What is your understanding as to the types of products you're going to be able to buy. In other words will it be a full service where you can buy flour and everything like you can in Illinois. Where is it going to be limited to the vapes and oils like we get in Minnesota and New York.


Jim Marty: [00:10:11] No it's going to be all of the above bill to sell flour you'll be able to wholesale your flour anywhere within the state of Missouri so you don't have to be. Totally vertical. Gonna be a summary of an open market with the cultivators. So you don't have to be vertically integrated. There's gonna be extraction and extractive products and the retailers should have a good variety of products.


Larry Mishkin: [00:10:34] This is exciting stuff I'm glad to hear that once again it sounds like they're doing things the right way. And you know look at another state in the Midwest. It's part of the program is only good for everybody and I'm very very excited to see that happening.


Jim Marty: [00:10:46] Yeah it'll be a year go by very fast so we'll have legal cannabis in Missouri and perhaps Larry you can introduce us or update us what's going on in Illinois. We've had some exciting things happen there as far as adult youth goes.


Larry Mishkin: [00:11:00] Well yeah and Illinois the adult statue keeps marching along. I know we discussed this a little bit in our last show but on a daily basis it seems that there's no new things new issues rising to the surface many of them positive. One or two of them I don't I don't like to refer to them as negative I like to refer to them as issues to be resolved in one of the biggest issues we have going on in Illinois right now.


Larry Mishkin: [00:11:22] Is that the state approved right at the last minute to add into the bill that they will allow a certain number of community colleges throughout Illinois to get a special license which will allow them to grow a limited number of plants on their facilities at their facilities for purposes of being able to provide an educational course in the cannabis industry both in cultivation and processing and manufacturing which is very very exciting news. However I have also been working with a group that is very committed to starting an incubator project in Chicago that will be services made available to those individuals who have been identified in the statute. The wants to come from neighborhoods that have been disproportionately affected by the war on drugs but may not necessarily have the financial wherewithal to go to community college or the ability to go to community college. And so the idea here is to start an incubator with private funding that will allow these individuals to come in and learn the industry so that they can then take advantage of the licenses that are going to be set aside and offer to members of those communities. The problem is right now we can't get the state to agree that they should extend that educational program to these types of private incubators. But we're working on it because we see that as the way to ensure that the highly talked about social equity piece can actually be fulfilled. It doesn't do you any good to set aside a license for people from disadvantaged backgrounds and even to give them some money if they just don't have any idea on how to run a business the right way or give it you know how to grow the marijuana. And I just couldn't be happier to see these groups of people they're really really committed to looking past how can I make money for myself and are really looking at how can I make this program work for these groups and I just think it's a tremendous thing. They've got my full support and you know we just couldn't be more excited and Illinois right now. It's a great time for us.


Jim Marty: [00:13:31] It is every day there's something new in the newspaper and there's a lot of help that all these new startup companies need from from firms like your law firm Hoban law. Hoban law. an hour from Bridge West as well as the other CPA and lawyers who are out there working in this industry. It's becoming a real industry you know I don't have time for it on today's. But the next time we talk I'll update you on the New Orleans program that's coming online this year and the M.J. days college conference that I just attended there.


Jim Marty: [00:14:02] Oh just say the main theme of the conference was that our industry is becoming legitimate and what will it look like in 2030. Will there be a separate section of the grocery store for your CBD infused potato chips. So that's just a little teaser for the next call. So as this call goes there is so much going on in Massachusetts right now. I visited a dispensary today is a very nice dispensary called Vera life in Woburn Massachusetts. And down by Cape Cod wasn't too bad. We walked right in there was no line.


Jim Marty: [00:14:38] It was I mean talk about the world on its head though very nice police officer helped us park and then stopped. For us. I just got reactions to the beach and so yeah. Who'd have thought we'd be walking up to police officers with the eighth of an ounce of marijuana and asking them directions.


Larry Mishkin: [00:14:58] I think it's great. It actually gets interesting with you related to me I was just talking to my son who lives in Boston and apparently last week they opened the first adult juice battery within the city limits and he said this will make us appreciate what's going on in our state. You have to pilot order in advance otherwise it's a four hour wait. Once you get there.


Larry Mishkin: [00:15:18] Yeah. Vale did you get through you still have to wait in line and they limit to one case of an ounce of flour and one gram of extra.


Jim Marty: [00:15:28] Yeah that's the way it is here in Massachusetts too. They stay. No you can purchase up to an adult inside you purchase up to an ounce at a time but they're limiting it to a quarter ounce because of the lack of supply from the cultivation side. So yeah a lot of this works for some a big imbalance between supply and demand. You know some states like Oregon you've got massive overproduction up in Massachusetts you've got under production so you've gone down to Missouri Poland what I'm working on there was some of the new Missouri clients to try to match up the cultivation side with the patient count and that's why I was really glad to see in the paper today that Missouri is now signing a patient Steven they'll be the better part of a year before the first harvest does you know to try to match up that supply and demand is no easy matter when you go the first time through unmodified Oregon is now getting those you sized up correctly.


Jim Marty: [00:16:27] I generally tell my cultivators and it's been true of Colorado even though prices have gone down. He is still celebrating you grow so you'll get your cultivation of fast get it up the hill dig in and start growing in cultivation harvesting as fast as you can to try to meet that demand. So yeah. So that was the end of our time slot here. Larry you want to give us a preview of the Saturday night show which again I'll report. So it was just a stellar stellar show that made everybody remember why we left the Grateful Dead so much.


Larry Mishkin: [00:17:03] Well that that's exactly when I walked out of the Friday show very happy and very satisfied. I walked over the Saturday Night Show thinking maybe I should go on tour and follow these guys again. And to your point earlier that you know the show was recalled for six thirty they started called Nature in about five minutes after starting Saturday night. They literally walked out onto the stage picked up their instruments and without any introduction or anything maybe dived right into the first verse of Terrapin Station. Right. You know we're going to going to shows for 25 30 years. I have never ever ever seen a Terrapin Station right out of the box. It could have you know maybe been a little flat but they played it so well and it set the mood and it went straight from that into Sugar Magnolia. which you know is I don't know anybody who doesn't like that song and then they broke into Mr. Charlie which I only heard that that play once or twice and I've got to tell you John Mayer played that tune like you wrote it. I mean know I. I always defer to Jerry on his tunes. But John just killed this one. It was really tremendous. Right. And Bobby was in kind of a crazy mood towards the end of the first set the second to last song was on the trade. And they played it. and they did it and then they stood around on the stage for a minute and after about three minutes.


Larry Mishkin: [00:18:21] Bobby stepped back up to the microphone and they picked up the song. through the last verse and chorus again. Nobody could figure out what the hell he was doing. He rolled straight into a love light. So we figured you know it was like a rehearsal it was like I didn't like that ending let's go back and just play the other side again. And there was this was great second set opened with a brief Scarlett into new Speedway boogie a wonderful help flip Franklin's Friday night when they opened with the other one they only played the first verse coming out of state Saturday night. Of course they picked up the second verse. I had to explain to my son how they do that sometimes sometimes they even carried over a day or two before they picked something back up. But you know any time anybody comes out and plays ripple for an encore everybody goes sort out the and just so he showed that he's young forgotten Bobby left us all smiling with a tremendous one more Saturday night where he howled at the end of it like he used to do back in the day. and really he had this entire place. It may have been louder in there. Then when the clock went to the World Series it was just incredible great shows.


Jim Marty: [00:19:28] You know you walk out there you'll get a call that when they get to Howell.


Larry Mishkin: [00:19:32] Yeah. It just you know it just reminded me again way. Of course I'm going to go to see these guys. Why would I think for a minute I wasn't going to go right. Yeah back out and Jerry's day the Grateful Dead Day when the Grateful Dead would have a particularly good set or a good concert at the very end they would get what I would call the hall and then we would just howl at the top of our lungs and just put the roof down if there was an indoor facility or shake the building was an outdoor facility we were just really just absolutely give them or they would always call the howl and it sounds like they got the how in Chicago on Saturday night.


Larry Mishkin: [00:20:09] They got it over and over and over again that it was just it was a it was a great night everybody was having a great time all around us.


Larry Mishkin: [00:20:15] There were old people there were young people there were tiny little kids. Now everybody was having a ball killed.


Larry Mishkin: [00:20:21] It's one of those kinda nights where they got it right. The songs were great. They were played well. The moon was been on the right decision or something because it was a special night.


Jim Marty: [00:20:32] Well that's great. And while the dead were doing that Phish was playing to 80 or 100000 people at Bonnaroo and although I wasn't there we were driving around in our rental car up here in New England listening to the show all weekend. The Friday night show and then they broadcast Sunday night live on the 5th channel on Sirius Satellite Radio. And boy they sounded great. Terrific 2001. Terrific character 0. Just wonderful wonderful wonderful Hat Harry hood. And then I was with my my sons our sons are 21 and 31. And of course they have all their social media going. Thing about Bonnaroo is you're going to play for probably half the house is not there for fish there for the other beings of Bonnaroo. So officials plan for a lot of people who normally don't go to fish shows and is really interesting to see the reaction on social media. Hey I've never seen fish before but now I get it the love the lights the music so you know it's a great summer. Great Summer of 2019 dead and co out there rolling around the country they head to the northeast now they're doing a stadium show at Gillette Stadium so that they could get capacity up the 80000 people for debt and companies right. And I could be wrong but I think this Gillette Stadium is the first real stadium big stadium they're doing. They do college stadium Trevett Hill some field which is smaller but yeah Dad and co is doing stadium shows.


Larry Mishkin: [00:22:09] That's fantastic to see. I love that too. It's just I've got to tell you my summer is just beginning. We have this coming. It's a real pain in the middle of July. Friday Saturday Sunday. and the Thursday night leading. We have to tell Russo count coming the night before this three shows at Alpine Valley.


Jim Marty: [00:22:29] All right. Well I think we're coming to the end of our time slot. So I look forward to doing this again next week. And we'll have more of an update on one of the first southern states that gets the first southern state to get medical marijuana in Louisiana. And we'll have more dirt and fashion and other summer tour news to talk about. So Larry over and out.


Larry Mishkin: [00:22:49] Thank you Jim. Over you as well enjoy your travels. We'll have much more to talk about. Coming up I'm looking forward to it. OK. Over and out.




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