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Dan Humiston: [00:00:00] Welcome to Hemp Barons.


Dan Humiston: [00:00:07] I'm Dan Humiston. And on today's show we're gonna take a deep dive into CBD. Our guest has a vertically integrated hemp facility in Kentucky and the manufacturer CBD. This is a great show because he really takes the time to answer a lot of our listeners CBD questions. Let's join my conversation with Roger Hayes from Green remedies.


Dan Humiston: [00:00:39] Hey Roger welcome to the show.


Roger Hayes: [00:00:40] Thank you so much for for having me. It's an honor. I heard a lot about it and we've really been looking forward to this.


Dan Humiston: [00:00:48] Well we're having a great time with Hemp Barons and we're meeting a lot of really interesting people but I am excited to have you on the show because just how much you know about CBD and you know if you don't mind I'd like to start off by just going through some questions that a lot of my listeners ask us before we start talking about green remedy maybe we could talk a little bit about CBD in general if you're okay with that.


Roger Hayes: [00:01:11] That's my favorite topic these days.


Dan Humiston: [00:01:13] Thank you. Yes I refer to it kind of as a double edged sword with CBD is it. A lot of the cases that you hear about usually the most of the time you hear about it is somebody says you know I took CBD and I got immediate relief and you know that's great but it's not always the norm. And I think that people need to understand that this isn't work like Advil it doesn't always work immediately and you know sometimes you take longer sometimes it takes days or weeks and you know maybe you start off by explaining why it's different than say Advil Absolutely.


Roger Hayes: [00:01:47] You know it's it's fortunate that being in this business I already come from a background of health care and I always considered myself a walking case study for health care because I've always given such bad because of the lifestyle elite being on the road being an entrepreneur.


Roger Hayes: [00:02:05] But it is different it is different for everybody. And I think one of the reasons that there's going to be such a difficult time standardizing This is because people have to understand that whether you be believe that we were created evolved or leftovers from some Game of Thrones finale. Every one of us has this endo cannabinoid system. If you believe in that and you believe we really were made to kind of kill ourselves and then ourselves for the most part and that the system it's just looking for feel and these cannabinoids that come in such a rich fashion from the hemp plant it provides that fuel. But we know our bodies don't make enough of it and that when we do start taking it our bodies will kind of find its own level of needs fixed whether it's pain whether it's stress whether it's sweet and those are the three biggest reasons that people take CBP our suggestion to people is when they take it is always to start out low and slow and adjusting not after a week or so and just staying in touch with their body to see what effect it's having on them. I can tell you for as far as people taking green remedy is concerned. I've never had anybody say why just does nothing for me if they've been consistent with it.


Roger Hayes: [00:03:29] They'll typically notice something is happening. My own personal story is that I'm six to 280 pounds not the picture of health and I love to play tennis so I had knee surgery on both knees and I had arthritis in both knees was taking somewhere I hate to admit it but between 800 milligrams and twelve hundred milligrams of ibuprofen Advil as you said a day or just tearing up my kidneys. In addition I don't mind telling people I was on an anxiety medication and a blood pressure medication and focused medication for ADHD and when I started taking CVD I noticed it changed. First it was in my anxiety level and that took place within a couple of hours. Then slowly as I kind of high traded up that you will see what that effective serving size was going to be for me and then my blood pressure went down. And then all of a sudden the pain started going away and within a couple months of just being on CBD alone no arthritis pain anymore gone I wish I could say that it was because I got in shape and I started eating better but I didn't. So in that clinical study of one.


Dan Humiston: [00:04:47] But that's what it did for me and it was over an extended period time it distant happened overnight. Like you said you noticed some differences initially but a couple months into it before you really noticed the took a full effect like I said earlier I think sometimes people are like well you know I took it it didn't work. Sometimes it takes a little while I'm going to jump ahead here because I don't want to get too caught up in each part but one of the ways that you take CBD is with a tincture for those who they don't know because I was one of them. It's essentially just an eyedropper referred to it as tincture but it's essentially it's I dropped her and you draw a little oil and you put it in your mouth. And this is where I'm curious is it you let it sit on your under your tongue or in your cheek. And I've never done this within any other drug before why do you do this with CBD.


Roger Hayes: [00:05:35] That's a great question and it's. Our most asked. As Americans we want what's Quick What's quick and what's fast. So taking a pill form that people that what they prefer. But the reason that we do it aurally subliminally. Some people call it Kozol and that's basically the skin and the inside of your cheeks. It's all very thin layers. And if you haven't noticed after you've bitten your cheek it feels very quickly. Well there's a lot of blood flow to that area and that's why so when we can take this this extract and we can put that in our mouths and under the tongue. I'll even suggest to people that just kind of swish it around your mouth a little bit. Coach your cheeks and gums and give it 30 seconds or so. Once you do that there's really nothing left to swallow because your mouth just kind of filled it with that extract and that gets into the through the skin and it gets into the bloodstream and the best part about that is is that we don't have to worry about how it metabolizes through the liver when we take medications orally typically we have to worry about things like drug interactions and drug contraindications. And typically that's going to take place because of the side of metabolism. And that would be the liver in our case. So that's why we kind of steer people towards going to get it in your bloodstream as fast as you can without having to worry about competing with other medications or other foods.


Dan Humiston: [00:07:07] Oh I see. Yeah see. So that's. And it was gonna be one of my other questions is that you know you're always hearing well you don't want to take this with this go to the pharmacy and you get a prescription and they say make sure you take it on an empty stomach and don't take it with this and this and this. But there really isn't any guidelines for CBD and a lot of people that are on medicine are always concerned that there may be an issue in which you're suggesting is by putting it under your tongue or swishing it around in your mouth. You can skip that whole going through your liver process.


Roger Hayes: [00:07:37] That's right. And of course we always suggest you know people check with their health care provider at a minimum with their pharmacies because their pharmacy is going to know all the medications or other supplements that they're on. There's interactions with lots of medicines lots of supplements. It's a difference between interaction and contraindications so your listeners need to know the difference and interaction is just like maybe someone taking warfarin a blood center they're supposed to avoid grapefruit. It's an interaction that'll affect the efficacy of that certain medication whereas if it was a contra indication it means you're not supposed to take it with this but with interactions it needs to be monitored and the health care providers and the patients consumers need to know that there could be the possibility of some interaction either on the CVD side or the effectiveness of the medication that they're taking. Listen don't ever stop taking your medications to start taking CPR or any other supplement or medication unless you check with your health care provider first.


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Dan Humiston: [00:09:10] I have some people that are in say law enforcement or have federal jobs working for the federal government and are always concerned about possibly failing a drug test. I never know how to answer that question if they take CBD if it will cause them to fail a drug test and I don't want to be responsible for it.


Dan Humiston: [00:09:29] For that you know I'd hate that to happen if I'd given me some insight. So I'd like to hear somebody actually knows.


Roger Hayes: [00:09:35] Sure. It's part of the reason we've been a full spectrum companies. We love that hemp plant and what that flower produces by as many cannabinoids as we can get into the products.


Roger Hayes: [00:09:48] But as you said even at that federally legal limit of zero point three percent THC or less there is a chance and there's not been any exhaustive studies done on what that level is and it's too hard to again because people's body makes up and makeup are different.


Roger Hayes: [00:10:07] So anybody in a position like that where they know they're going to be tested we always suggest on with a broad spectrum where it's got non detectable amounts of THC doing so will help increase our chances of getting to that drug screen okay. I'll often suggest to people who say hey this is your health it's your workplace. If you're concerned with it my number one suggestion would be to talk to your H.R. director and say hey I would like to take this product.


Roger Hayes: [00:10:37] Here's a certificate of analysis on here's the receipt where I bought it. Am I okay to take this. And depending on the policy they may be lenient. They may not but I think until the drug testing companies get caught up with all this much the same way they did with the poppy seed muffin and testing inconclusive for opiates until we get to that level we're still going to have kind of a guessing game.


Dan Humiston: [00:11:01] Yeah I guess I kind of thought that was going to be your answer. Is it better error on the side of safety and do you kind of cover your butt if if if it means talking to your H.R. department and just making sure before you just self medicate and find yourself in some sort of unexpected problems that leads me right into green remedy.


Dan Humiston: [00:11:21] Let's let's talk about your company and you know what makes your products unique.


Roger Hayes: [00:11:27] In June last year I did ten point about 200 brands that were out there for most Australian Competition did. I can't even tell you now I know in the spring it was well over a thousand. Primarily those companies a majority of them are marketing companies. They bought some bulk oil or some private label products from somebody like us. We do a lot of those type of sales and then they put their brand on it and they've gone out and sold it. And that's a great way to go to market. The problem is is you still got individuals and groups out there making this stuff in their garage or their basement. For us it's the consistency of being vertically integrated. The stability that that provides where we grew to acres our first year we grew 50 acres of our own hemp last year we'll grow close to 500 acres this year.


Dan Humiston: [00:12:16] Oh my gosh. That's a big jump.


Roger Hayes: [00:12:18] It is a big jump but that's the demands brought in a lot of that has been because especially on the private label side where we're picking up business every week now from marketing companies that had a private label product and the extraction companies and other sources they were getting from just didn't follow through. It's happening more often than not now.


Dan Humiston: [00:12:43] Well I guess what you're saying is that when you buy from Green revenue you're really getting it from the source. I mean you right from the field you're doing it wrong there. You know what. You guys have a handle on everything you're providing to the customer not getting it from a third party or from Eastern Europe or someplace else where we don't really know how it's grown. I think that's important I'm on your Web site right now and I'm looking at all your products by the way I like to love the logo but other products look great. You can order them right online. You know lots of different like one says evening blend and one says morning blend in. I'm assuming that the stuff for pets here and I mean you just really have a full array of products. Very impressive.


Roger Hayes: [00:13:26] Well we tried to respond to the market but not trying to jump too quickly. So what some companies are doing. Again we we think it's stable and steady wins the race. That pet product by the way is bacon flavored.


Roger Hayes: [00:13:38] And I've been known to take it myself because it's basically.


Roger Hayes: [00:13:43] We've got more topically. There's a big demand for capitals because people like to take the oil to get into the endo cannabinoid system and into the bloodstream. You kind of work from the inside out the topical as they mostly work in like that first centimeter underneath your skin but you also have pain receptors that come up at that level. So a lot of people have found relief with topical so we've got more topically coming out and a couple other products that I can't mention now.


Dan Humiston: [00:14:13] We try to give give the people what they want obviously and if anybody wants to order anything I'll have all Roger's information in green remedy information on our site.


Roger Hayes: [00:14:24] Order it right online. It's free shipping. We are. I failed to mention that we do grow our hemp.


Roger Hayes: [00:14:30] And besides the best basketball state in the country also the best state for hands all Kentucky.


Dan Humiston: [00:14:37] Yeah. You just lost a bunch your listeners on that one.


Dan Humiston: [00:14:40] It's great.


Roger Hayes: [00:14:44] Yes we grow it all on our farms in Kentucky and down in Nelson County where we're bourbon is becoming coking down there along with our hemp growth. And then we process it all and package it all in Louisville we've got two facilities there totaling about 50000 square feet. So we're ready to go.


Dan Humiston: [00:15:03] All right. Well Roger I appreciate you taking the time to answer a lot of our CBD questions and also to talk about green remedy. So thank you again for being on the show anytime.


Roger Hayes: [00:15:13] Thank you. Thank you for what you're doing. Really appreciate that.


Roger Hayes: [00:15:16] My pleasure. It's fun. Good luck.




Dan Humiston