Announcer: [00:00:06] For too many years families have children with devastating illnesses felt helpless as they watched their child suffer. Today they're taking matters into their own hands. and finally finding relief. Treating their child with cannabis. This is one family's story.


Osiris Stephen : [00:00:31] This is Osiris Stephen and this in Nina Simmons in this podcast about our life called Love and cannabis. And it's basically our journey to the unknown. The relates to cannabis and treating our son who has epilepsy with cannabis or CBD oil . for the most part really laid out as a family. Have been basically thrust into helping our child by the use of cannabis which is suppose to be a tabu of sorts in a way. Even though now is becoming almost mainstream but for us we don't fit the typical family that would be using it to treat a child with an ailment. So we hope that with our podcast that we take you guys step by step basically of how we got here. We both live in New York. We're in Harlem both professional black couples basically living in everyday life through some circumstances beyond our control. We were thrust into a journey as you can say of you know trying to help our child. I know there's many families out there that are going through the same things we are. We wanted to also let other people know that they're not alone. And that was one of our experiences that we felt we were alone in his journey and that no one else was going through it. No one understands and through time we realized that we're not. And we're hoping that through our podcast we can share some laughter shares. You know sad story and then also share how we've overcome the things that we had to overcome to watch this young boy grow up and before our eyes. Also we're going to touch on the ups and downs as you deal parenting around in dealing with relationships also finances all those things that many go through in the sense of being married with a child with a disability as well as an answer. So we hope that we all you know you join us and take a walk is during with us and hopefully share some laughs some tears as well.


Nina Simone: [00:02:36] Hi. My name is Nina Simone. The wife and the mother. I am working professional and like Osiris said the name of our podcast is called Love and cannabis where we'll be sharing our journey. Through the use of cannabis to help our son Aden who suffered from a very severe seizure disorder that caused him to have over hundred a seizures a day. Was going to share our journey on how that was for us and hopefully hope people out there who are going through the same thing. Not only does Adin  have seizures but this seizures also manifest as behavioral issues as well some sensory issues. So we're basically now we're basically want to help people who have all kids all type of special needs as well. So listen in and we hope you enjoy and learn from our experience.


Nina Simone: [00:03:35] Think about something really catchy. We just say really quick and they know that at the end of the like you know what I mean like something that makes it a signature a send off that we say every week that we quit. Let's hope that gets a wrap. You say that's a wrap next week for another episode of Love and then you can say cannabis about something like that. OK. One person will say that's a wrap. And then seeing how they see you next week for another episode of Love You can say cannabis. OK. OK. OK. All right guys.That's the wrap. We'll see you next week for another episode of Love and cannabis.




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