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Dean Crutchfield: [00:00:20] So those traits are really important because that's what we work out. Use that genetic code and then apply the traits and from there we can start directing you in terms of what's the most appropriate and you can make your own choices terms of what is important to you. And if it's anxiety then I now know the CBD oil I should be doing or the marijuana or I should be taking.


Dan Humiston: [00:00:46] From MJBulls Media. It's the Raising Cannabis Capital show. I'm Dan Humiston. And on today's show how this company is using actual DNA data to help people select their correct cannabis strain.


Dan Humiston: [00:01:08] today Raising Cannabis Capital we are joined by Dean Crutchfield from Omi cannabis DNA. Welcome to the show.


Dean Crutchfield: [00:01:18] Thank you very much. Thank you.


Dan Humiston: [00:01:19] Dean. I are in New York City at the Cannabis Congress business ex post. You're gonna hear a little conversations in the background that just people around us. We're right on the floor so it's an exciting time for us. Day one of the show Dena. company ome cannabis DNA is a DNA analysis you where you analyze 70 genetic markers and reviewed 12 traits from people's DNA and give them a personalized report matching their ideal CBD and THC products. It's a little bit you know when you say that it sounds a little bit complicated but I'm going to fortunately Dena. is going to help us explain this to us. When I first saw it I immediately thought I like or what's the other 23 May 23 and Me. We don't find your great grandmother. She's dead. My last ancestors they didn't leave me any money. You know why we jump right into it. Lay the foundation first. The cannabis industry especially with the CBD it's happening really quickly. A lot of people are using it but there's really no roadmap.


Dean Crutchfield: [00:02:26] It's the Wild West growing rapidly in fact they're legal cannabis market in the States right now is nine point one billion dollars in value and it's gonna be 36 billion by 2024. That's a growth rate of 200 percent. So this is phenomenal. We've got eight out of 10 doctors in the US would actively recommend marijuana they have no problem with it 60 percent of the country recommends recreational marijuana. You know the green Prohibition is over. This is the Green Wave and everything's gone green. Yeah.


Dan Humiston: [00:02:52] They're using CBD for a lot of different ailments but they're never really sure exactly how to take it.


Dean Crutchfield: [00:02:58] Yeah I actually have a great story about that a few months ago we were having a great conversation. She was basically talking about she understands there's good things to be had from her and she's interested in CBD but what was really insightful was that she turned round I said but I don't want to get high and I know I'm worried about that. And it's like well there you go there's a sophisticated educated potential consumer that just wants to know more and doesn't feel confident enough to actually have that knowledge or that expertise as a world where they can make some decisions as she literally thought she'd get high from CBD. So there's a lot of people out there that are uneasy that are concerned that maybe even a little bit frightened you know because it's not something they've ever really engaged in but they do know that there are benefits. They do know there's a massive movement. So I think the credibility is growing and people's curiosity is growing and we want to tap that. We're interested really in in that lady I was talking to who's you know educated she's a mother she's a professional she wants to use the product but she's uneasy.


Dan Humiston: [00:03:57] She's unsure and she doesn't want to use her body as a test run. She doesn't want to say All right try this today oh that didn't work try this today that didn't work I use and that's where your product comes in.


Dean Crutchfield: [00:04:07] Yeah it's a simple DNA test and it's a real DNA test this is not some kind of half baked joke. It really is a DNA test you take a swab inside your cheek you stick it in a tube you put the tube in a manner and send it to our lab in San Diego and basically in about three weeks you'll get an email with your results which is about a 40 page report the first four pages are the meat you really want which is the recommendations the strains the brands that we believe are going to be good for your traits and the rest is all background information all the research or the science or the knowledge. So by the time you've actually gone through one you know where you are genetically and what's going to be the appropriate strains of marijuana to take or the right CBD brand will recommend those to you. That's a really big difference so someone can feel more secure they can talk to a doctor maybe with some knowledge or less of a unsure hardness or they could walk into a dispensary and they now have a report they have a sense of the market they can say I've been told that my CBD THC ratio should be this what we've given that person is a starter pack we've got them started on the road to enjoying the benefits of marijuana because we've given them knowledge but it's not just knowledge about the product it's actually knowledge about themselves to actually they also didn't know about.


Dan Humiston: [00:05:20] Yeah and the part that I found fascinating was that by looking at somebody's DNA you can sort of zero in on some conditions that they may be predisposed to for instance anxiety is in their DNA.


Dan Humiston: [00:05:34] You can see markers that would say you're predisposed for anxiety and therefore yes.


Dean Crutchfield: [00:05:39] You know we do 12 traits so we're looking at pain management anxiety psychosis alcohol consumption weight gain CBD metabolism THC metabolism you know there's a real science going into it. You know it's got real as it were intense. It's not just something flaky. So those traits are really important because that's what we work out. Use that genetic code and then apply the traits and from there we can start directing you in terms of what's the most appropriate and you can make your own choices terms of what is important to you. And if it's anxiety then I now know the CBD oil I should be doing or the marijuana I should be taking.


Dan Humiston: [00:06:14] Yeah. And you save that person the time of that trial and error. Go through that whole process you speak skip that process. Yeah we'll talk about taking this product to market. You really need to be national international with this product.


Dean Crutchfield: [00:06:27] No it's interesting obviously. You know America is the example of the world of what's happened with marijuana. You know you've got 55 million marijuana users in America about half of those are regular users but only 8 per cent of Americans have taken a DNA test. So there's a real opportunity and I think it's knowledge most people aren't interested in finding that great grandmother. But you know so we know about the past.


Dan Humiston: [00:06:48] We're about your future now to get this. You're going to do it. online. You're gonna be able to buy it through the Amazon or through.


Dean Crutchfield: [00:06:55] Well actually I'm I'm very proud to say we actually got onto Amazon. Their rule was we weren't allowed to put it on our store front because we have the FIT test in the skin test. I talked about but they basically said they wouldn't allow it on the store front. There was no reason they just wouldn't allow it. But they allowed us to at least post on Amazon. So if you go to Amazon and search cannabis very little comes up but we do. So that was a coup on our part but Amazon's a really important partner. But with with Wal-Mart CBS Myers. So you know there's some very exciting things happening.


Dan Humiston: [00:07:27] Just a quick reminder that you can view each of the company's confidential pitch decks including how much they're raising and the terms of their deals and the MJBulls Web site. Go to M.J. to find the cannabis investment opportunity that's right for you.


Dan Humiston: [00:07:45] I know with Wal-Mart it's not a truckload. It's a train load. So when you're cutting a deal with wood with those players you need a lot of scale.


Dean Crutchfield: [00:07:54] Otherwise they'll bankrupt you. Yeah. And so that means capital. Yeah well we're well-funded. We've got institutional investors like IBM and we have individual investors I'm actually responsible for investor relations and actually am in process right now talking to a number of these CEOs. So we've never really approached before to talk about potential funds. We're looking you know in the range from 5 to 20 million. Basically we're looking for those types of investment partners. And you know it's exciting it's a good conversation people want to get involved they just want to make a sound investment. The strategy I've got for our business to prove its scale and to get investor attention and interest. I call it my volume value margin strategy. And that means that I'm not so eager like many to make an immediate profit because that's the wrong way to look at it. I want volume first and I want to get scale. I want to get my product out there. Once I get my product out there however I do that then I can look up my value which is my pricing in my unit costs my retail price. And then once I've got that fixed guess what I can talk about my mind. Guess you just don't go for your margin first. Investors know that. But here's the thing when you're looking to raise capital again people think I have to find a bunch of different partners particularly in the investor community doesn't work like that people you don't find like five C's you find one and then they bring their network in. That's how it works.


Dan Humiston: [00:09:10] Well hopefully this show will do a little spray and spraying for you. Well we've been speaking with Dean Crutchfield from Omi cannabis DNA. Thank you Don. You're welcome and I'm going to have all of your information already on the on the MJBulls Web site so if anybody is interested in finding out more about investing or maybe working out strategic partners to reach it we'll get all that information to you. But Dean thanks for being on the show. Have a good time at this this event.


Dean Crutchfield: [00:09:36] Yeah. I'm having fun so.


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