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Joshua Mehzer: [00:00:18] It was really fun. We actually launched at the San Francisco Flower and Garden Show which was a wonderful experience for us because we had a demographic that is not exposed to cannabis that often. And it was amazing we sold great kids to beautiful little old ladies who had never even smoked the plant before and just wanted to experience growing it


Dan Humiston: [00:00:43] From Buminit media. It's the MJ Bell's podcast a show about raising cannabis capital. I'm Dan Humiston on today's show how a pot for a pot is opening the world of growing cannabis to a new breed of crafters and home hobbyist


Dan Humiston: [00:01:11] Today we're joined by Joshua Mehzer founder and CEO of pot for pot. Joshua thanks for being on the MJBulls podcast.


Joshua Mehzer: [00:01:19] Thanks for having me.


Dan Humiston: [00:01:20] by far the best name for a business. it says what you do it you do it it says super catchy I love it. Well done. Yeah that's awesome. I was really excited about having you on my show because I think this home crafter if you want to come hobbyist or whatever.


Dan Humiston: [00:01:38] I think that it is a home run play and you're the first company that I've talked to that's really focusing on the home customer. How do you come up with this idea.


Joshua Mehzer: [00:01:47] Yeah you know so I've been a gardener and a grower for almost 10 years now. My business partner and I went to the hardware project and we're really looking for a project that made money now. And that was kind of far out quotes that we've put on the wall and we were walking through Home Depot one day and sort of looking at just your typical gardening kits that they have for tomatoes or peppers and just got to talking and it sort of made a lot of sense that there should be somewhere between a tomato kit and a brew kit that's affordable. And when we looked at the home grown market traditionally cannabis has been grown indoors which adds awful lot of expense to the process. And we want to develop a kit that you could grow outdoors with the sun or indoors if you wanted to.


Dan Humiston: [00:02:33] So I read in your web site that you don't ship the seeds so you work with affiliates in each of the states and direct the customer to that to the affiliate but because of that you can ship pretty much anywhere anywhere in the world except for some reason on your website it says you don't ship to North Korea.


Joshua Mehzer: [00:02:50] That's a pun that my partner and we have actually we've shipped all the way from Australia to Malaysia. So we've we've put pots all over the world at this point which for us it was important to start an ancillary business. We didn't want to deal with the regulations and a lot of people like oh you need to see the kit and we're like well we include a coupon so we can go to my friend's Web site in Amsterdam and he'll ship you the seed. We're kind of cool when the farm bill passes if it passes we'll be able to legally include a CBD hemp seed in there which would be really fun. We just don't want to get our hands too dirty.


Dan Humiston: [00:03:24] I think is the weird phrase that you know either we have a lot of listeners who are investors who refuse to touch the plant they're still only investing in ancillary intrigue you're as close to touching it without touching the plant. Walk us through the process. I order a pot for pot and other Web site ink and arrives and in walked me through step by step and from time it arrives until harvest.


Joshua Mehzer: [00:03:47] Okay. So when it arrives you know you open the box and it contains your pot seedling poured super soil which provides all the plants full needs a pair of scissors an adorable little watering can and a relatively simple grow guide. Part of our mission is to educate customers. It's one of the first things we try to educate them on is a strain of cannabis. There are a lot of people aren't too familiar with auto flowering cannabis which originally comes from the root of plant and we love that plant for hobbyists because it makes growing it really easy in the sense that you don't need a complicated dark and light cycle. So most traditional cannabis requires twelve hours of dark before it begins to flower as order flower and cannabis as the name would suggest just starts to flower right away pretty much in 80 Days. You can wind up with up to eight ounces. You know we didn't want people to have to have a tent in their living room or you know only be able to harvest once a year outdoors and for the customer it's just add water and you just have to watch it grow. You know it's an incredible plant. It does pretty much all the work itself. And if you give it good light and a little bit of water every day and a bit of love we have people harvesting. I think the record we've got right now is 5.5 ounces from a customer. Wow. Which is pretty amazing.


Dan Humiston: [00:05:07] Oh I'd say which makes it so great for you is it. This is a true starter kit. I mean people that don't have any idea what they're doing.


Joshua Mehzer: [00:05:14] It was really fun. We actually launched the San Francisco Flower and Garden Show which was a wonderful experience for us because we had a demographic that is not exposed to cannabis that often. And it was amazing we sold kits to beautiful little old ladies who had never even smoked the plant before and just wanted to experience growing it.


Dan Humiston: [00:05:36] I know my mom is like you know my mom is listening so I'm afraid you know she'll probably be placing an order now.


Joshua Mehzer: [00:05:41] Well Christmas is coming up so you know please you're a kid.


Joshua Mehzer: [00:05:44] Are you on QVC. Because it's really dangerous. No not yet.


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Dan Humiston: [00:06:10] And now back to the show before we jumped on you gave me a little the history of cannabis before it became mainstream. It was really made up of hobbyist can you tell that story for our listeners.


Joshua Mehzer: [00:06:25] Yeah you know I think it's interesting the way the market has evolved. You can take England for an example  has about one in 53 houses has a small microgram within the United States. It's about four or five years ago is when you really had the big flood of hobbyists that kind of turned into professionals and in today's market with regulation that huge swath is kind of being or they've left the market or they've scaled into you know kind of like a commercial cannabis cultivator now. And as the corn on the cob rotates we're starting to see a whole need. You could say budding hobbyists coming up because the taxes you know they're now paying 60 dollars for the 40 dollar rate. And the truth is it's called weed for a reason. If you have a good bit of sun like a lot of people do in California and parts across America you can have amazing results that far surpass what you'd be able to accomplish with good beer brewing kit or something like that.  In terms of the quality of the product.


Dan Humiston: [00:07:26] Well I just think your business is going to explode. What do you need to do over the next 12 to 24 months to capitalize on all this opportunity.


Joshua Mehzer: [00:07:34] We really want to push the B2C model. We've got a partnership with a company called Tank city that has access to about 600 million followers on social media that we're going to be rolling out with and several celebrities like Tommy Chong and so forth. And that's kind of like our to play because obviously we own that customer for life at that point. is really attractive and you know I know when they're harvest things that we could sell them pipes or whatever. We're also looking at kind of trying to access the big box retail side of things with the floor display. Right now our cheapest kit is about 60 dollars and we've definitely identified that there's room for a 20 dollar kit even which I think in Home Depot or if you think of Lowe's or those type of stores that you know are now selling growth kits online and stuff. There's a really nice kind of counter grab product there and then we know we want to. There's so many verticals to expand into this. We're coming out the mold grow light in your living rooms so that we cover the living room grower and we cover the garden grower because you know you can just have one of these plants under an 18 hour light cycle in your living room and you'll get a couple ounces and 80 days.


Dan Humiston: [00:08:43] Like I said earlier you're the starter kit so the people that come in and trust you there you have a great experience with you. There's no reason why they wouldn't buy their other supplies from you as they progress in this hobby. So you're starting a seed round right now and if so people are interested in participating What are you looking for in an investor. Just give us just an overview if you could.


Joshua Mehzer: [00:09:03] Yeah. You know right now we're really shopping for a lead. You know we have a we've had a couple of term sheets that just haven't looked too pretty for us both Jason and I have been through a incubators and accelerators and at previous startups. So you know we're really just trying to find the strategic lead that makes sense. Yeah I think that there's always that smart money's on money. And at the moment we're trying to find that smart money that can bring a lot of assets to the business. Okay. Because we're a relatively small team at this point. Yeah. The more vertically integrated that the personally work with I think the more runway we'll get of them.


Dan Humiston: [00:09:36] So we've been speaking with Joshua Mezher founder and CEO of a pot for pot and all the information will be on our MJbulls web. I love your name. I love this market. I just wish I had it North Korea thing figured out and we'd be set.


Dan Humiston: [00:09:52] I telling you there's going to be a lot of interest I won't be long before you guys are into your A's and Series B round because you're going to have to fill up a lot of capital to get into Wal-Mart and Target and every place else they require train loads.


Dan Humiston: [00:10:06] Well good luck.


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