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Markie Esmailian: [00:00:20] Just like when you go to your doctor just some examination to ask some questions right. So we're going to collect some relevant clinical information to understand the patient's background health background. We used to have chronic conditions and all of the big picture of their health


Dan Humiston: [00:00:40] From Buminit media. It's the MJ bulls podcast a show about raising cannabis capital. I'm Dan Humiston. And on today's show how Illumesense is creating a user experience database to take the guesswork out of prescribing cannabis.


Dan Humiston: [00:01:06] Joining us today on the MJ bulls podcast is Markie Esmailian from her company illumesense. Hi Markie welcome to the show.


Markie Esmailian: [00:01:13] Thanks so much and thanks for having me.


Dan Humiston: [00:01:16] Well everyone knows I hope everyone knows that cannabis is medicine and most people will acknowledge it. The biggest challenge with prescribing cannabis as a medicine is all the variables. There's over 100 cannabiniods and each strain of cannabis has a different ratio to make it even more complicated. It's a plant to the ratios change from harvest to harvesting. It's mind blowing when you think about all the different ratios and different combinations. You could come up with an I think that's the big challenge that doctors and caregivers and patients have trying to determine what the correct dose or what the correct strain they should be taking. Could you talk more about that.


Markie Esmailian: [00:01:54] Oh sure. So to really understand this Let's envision a 60 year old man with back pain and by the way this person also has diabetes. There are no opiates are there back pain but he's not really working. He can't focus at work. They have a hard time with taking their opioids. They've heard through the grapevine and you know online and stories that are cannabis actually helps and back pain. So they go on googling cannabis and back pain and they find 300 pages of information time through 300 pages at least 300 pages and they suddenly looking at products and what could possibly work for their back pain.  They are diabetics so is this going to hurt them. This is his or her doctor and taking cannabis. And by the way they're going to have to walk down to a dispensary and are they ready to do that. Not really.


Dan Humiston: [00:02:49] Right. They don't know whether to smoke it or what is a vape. They don't even know this stuff.


Markie Esmailian: [00:02:55] Exactly and also that the whole stigma about walking into a dispensary not knowing what you're getting and having to listen to a 20 to 25 year old who may be very knowledgeable by the way about what they talking about a 60 year old professional wanting to trust a budtender to tell them what to take and spending 120 dollars in this is medicine.


Dan Humiston: [00:03:15] This is medicine. So you're trusting somebody with your life.


Markie Esmailian: [00:03:18] Exactly. So the challenge is that 60 year old changes their mind because you know what there's too many challenges too many unknowns they don't know if the product has got work or the medicine is going to work. They don't know the person that to just say it is legit or has a background and training to suggest that and they're going to spend all this money and hours of research and get nowhere. So they either. So now imagine the same person a 60 year old goes online and they come across our Web site and they are able to go on that site to talk to a nurse practitioner who is certified and Cannabis care that can walk and through educating them about cannabis and tools that are used to consume the medicine and dosing all of that and guide them through selecting a product that is trusted by them.


Dan Humiston: [00:04:04] Yeah and now we're talking at different level right. Is it a trust and I don't trust nurses right. I do.


Markie Esmailian: [00:04:12]  There's millions of patients who go through the same scenario just mentioned and never use cannabis as medicine. Now this is creating an opportunity for all those patients who want the privacy who want the professional person to guide them through and learn about cannabis so they can use it.


Dan Humiston: [00:04:40] Just a quick shout out to one of our former guest cannabic Pharmaceuticals which is a publicly traded cannabis biotechnology company trading under the symbol Listen to MJ bulls Episode 18 to learn about the developments in their cannabinoid based cancer treatment therapy. And now back to the show.


Dan Humiston: [00:04:59] Well I was on your Web site illumesense since dot com. By the way was a fabulous website and I see that you are taking essentially surveys from cannabis users about their experiences with each strain in the dose and you can tell us more about that.


Markie Esmailian: [00:05:15] Sure. Or anyone who wants to use our platform. Just like when you go to your doctor they just some examination to ask some questions right. So we're going to collect some relevant clinical information to understand the patient's background health background. We have to have chronic conditions and all of that. The big picture of their health costs should be in front of the provider so they can help the patient and maximize their time with the patient and get on the right medicine and hopefully the first time and saving and save saving them cause anxiety and all of that. So yeah we're collecting all these relevant clinical information and we're going to get it back to the patient so we're not collecting the data necessarily for us. We are giving that data back to the patients so they can have more insights into their and for the future as well as we aggregate of patient data which is masked by the way we're not just set and marketing to these patients we're interested and getting the information and clinical relevant information and hopefully applying some machine learning tools that we are developing to have a bigger picture of strain tools effect on. And the best possible medicine and tools or a specific condition you're essentially creating this repository for actual results.


Dan Humiston: [00:06:36] I'm 60 years old of a back pain. I've been using this. I'm a diabetic. I took the strain. This is what the results were you're going to zero in on a lot of answers that right now are just sort of more of an art than a science right now and I think what you're doing is converting it.


Markie Esmailian: [00:06:51] We hope to convert that and don't take me wrong we're going to need thousands of patients information the word the data and all of this other technology words around and to have meaningful data you really need a lot of data points. A lot of people to participate. This is why our platform is ready to scale because we can essentially this is a virtual account of his care management. So it couldn't go anywhere in the world. And we can actually data from those who are using cannabis for medicine and collecting the global data and creating that clinical knowledge base database.


Dan Humiston: [00:07:28] And a lot of other companies that are doing research I'm sure will want to tap into the data that you have and like you said it's not personal you don't ask for their name or anything personal you just really want to know what their experience . Great. The only thing I see that scary is it just seems like this is a very financially front loaded business. How have you been finding it so far and you know what are your future plans for funding.


Markie Esmailian: [00:07:53] Wes it is a very tech heavy and tech driven and obviously a platform that we're building so we're going to need money and we're hoping to have our platform be ready by end of this year to show it to the investor community. And we're looking for anywhere from 300 to 500 thousand dollars hired marketing and other people that are going to help us scale our platform.


Dan Humiston: [00:08:21] Well that would be considered sort of a seed round for you. All right. It's between 300 and a half million dollars to get the engineers and the developers in place to get all your software and all this technology stuff so front loaded but which you've done so far is great. Now you need some help so yes anybody out there I'm going to have all of Markie's information and illumesense information on the mjbulls website and so you can get any of that information that you need. Markie this is some really important stuff that you're doing.


Dan Humiston: [00:08:53] I mean you think you need to succeed.


Dan Humiston: [00:08:56] There's a lot of people that would really help.


Markie Esmailian: [00:08:58] So you need to succeed because millions of people honestly that are too afraid to even explore cannabis because they don't have a single care provider that they can go to. That was me with my father. I didn't know where to go to get help. And now I'm creating that for others like me and family members that need that help to get it.


Dan Humiston: [00:09:19] Thank you very much for sharing this with us and really good luck.


Markie Esmailian: [00:09:25] Thank you so much that I appreciate the opportunity to be here and chat with you and I hope we can do that again.


Dan Humiston: [00:09:32] that it will happen. It will happen.


Dan Humiston: [00:09:37] Just a quick shout out to one of our former guest vivid grow cannabis lighting a technology company which is expanding its brand through organic growth and strategic acquisitions. Listen to MJ bulls episode 15 or go to vivid grow dot. To learn more


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