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Dan Anglin: [00:00:18] What the point of going public was was so that we could do some raising of capital for acquisitions into other verticals. So the the company that has gone public our intellectual property company is Cannamerica brands Corp. and the concept here is to create a giant basket of cannabis brands


Dan Humiston: [00:00:42] From Buminit media. It's the MJ bulls podcast a show about raising cannabis capital. I'm Dan Humiston and on today's show we have an exclusive interview from Toronto with Dan Anglin on the day that he is listing his company CannAmerica on the Canadian Stock Exchange.


Dan Humiston: [00:01:08] Today we're joined by Dan Anglin founder and CEO ofcannAmerica one of the premier infused products companies and licensing and branding companies. Dan thanks for being on the MJBulls


Dan Anglin: [00:01:19] Thank you Dan it's a pleasure to join you.


Dan Humiston: [00:01:21] So today is a super exciting day for Dan Angland and CannAmerica because they're going public. They're being listed today on the Canadian Stock Exchange. Dan I got the scoop. This is a great story. Tell us about it tell us how you got here. Tell us what's happening. Tell us the whole story.


Dan Anglin: [00:01:36] Well thank you. Dan first of all our ticker is C A N A so CANA. And not only are we very excited to be following today but we're very excited about our opportunity to have that symbol as recognizable as it is with the brands.


Dan Humiston: [00:01:55] I can't believe that you got symbol CANA as your ticker that is so lucky. Before we jump all the way to today going public. Let's talk about what got can America in position to go public.


Dan Anglin: [00:02:08] Yeah we actually started Americacan and we had two buildings 48 employees cultivation licenses and manufacture of infused product licenses that we did in our own distribution and we were doing quite well. But our ebitda is because we are a cannabis business with high overheads and high rents where not is fantastic and exciting as they could have been. So what we decided to do was create a licensing opportunity by creating a company where we put all of our intellectual property and our secret recipes our processes our branding our slogans our supply chain relationships and that is the company that has gone public. And what that company has been able to achieve is creating licensing relationships and businesses in the state of Colorado the state of Nevada and the state Maryland.


Dan Humiston: [00:03:05] So with the public funding we're going to use that to go into other states or to make some acquisitions. Tell us where you're going to go with the funding.


Dan Anglin: [00:03:13] That is a fantastic question and it's the reason that we went public right so when we did this public play it was an all paper deal no money. So my partner and I are involved and that's where we're escrowed for three years. So this is a building a business and not creating a flip. We didn't do this to cash out we did this to cash up what the point of going public was was so that we could do some raising a capital for acquisitions into other verticals. So the company that has gone public our intellectual property company is America brands Corporation and the concept here is to create a giant basket of cannabis brands. Truly the cannabis industry as it matures is all about brands and what we want to do is we want to take other brands with us and we want to put them under our umbrella. We want to do some acquisitions really kind of create a brand group that consumers can have confidence in and investors can really enjoy the fruits of our labors.


Dan Humiston: [00:04:17] A lot of companies just turned their volume up when you said we are acquiring other brands and they're saying themselves how do I get involved with this. So if I'm in another state and I have a brand then I'm on a roll up a new can America brand.


Dan Anglin: [00:04:31]  great question. Our concept is a royalty concept meaning they don't have to lose their brand. They don't have to lose control of their business. We don't want a minority stake. We don't want a majority stake in fact we want no ownership. The concept here is that not only get an infusion of capital based on your value and you get to continue to run your company the way you want it. The real benefit here is to add to your top line sales by being involved. Where cannamerica brands is already being manufactured and distributed. You can be manufactured and distributed through our licensees there too. At the end of the day we're going to be looking for unique verticals. We're going to be looking for market changers. We're going to be looking for people who created products that will definitely resonate with the scale side of the industry meaning you know we want to bring products to the larger demographic of the consumer. And you know we'd prefer to find people who have had some success in a market and are looking to take it further. Just need some capital but we're not opposed to people who have a great idea and very interesting brand concept. Now we're a branding company now so we can assist in those things. I mean honestly I think what we've really created is an opportunity for businesses to get involved and have access to distribution nationally immediately through our capitalization and that was the entire plan for going public. What we're trying to do something different. Like we always do.


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Dan Humiston: [00:06:47] I love what you said where you're not cashing out you're cashing up. I think it's a great line. I would love to hear that if I were an investor. You're going to use this public money to essentially do a massive land grab and get all these local or regional companies under one umbrella. Brilliant idea.


Dan Anglin: [00:07:05] Thank you. It's genuine the concept of someone in the cannabis industry looking to condense the lines under an umbrella I think is way more attractive than Big Pharma tobacco or alcohol doing it. And the only way we can do this since private equity is so hard to come by with it being federally illegal in the United States was to go public in Canada and I can't tell you how happy I am to be listed on the Canadian Stock Exchange with the ticker's cana a go out and buy.


Dan Humiston: [00:07:48] This is super exciting I can't wait to see the numbers come in today. This is going to be big news not only in Canada but it's definitely going to be big news in the United States and your phone is gonna blow up with people that want to get involved and work with your company. So we'll have all this information on the mjbulls website. All can America's information and Dan's information. Who do they get in touch with if they want to contact you.


Dan Anglin: [00:08:11] Thank you so much. They cannAmerica.com does have a link for contacting us about licensing opportunities and more information about the company. And you know the e-mail for that is info that can America brands dot com. But I encourage folks to look at both of our Web sites. Can America brands dot com for investor side and can America com for the product lines.


Dan Humiston: [00:08:38] This is going to be great and keep it up. Good luck today. Thanks again.


Dan Anglin: [00:08:43] Thank you. Bye bye.


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