MJBulls 0020 Legacy Partner 5280 Fund.


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CE Hutton: [00:00:25] That and we said What are cannabis businesses doing at least in roughly  that the data are wonder maybe 2 percent of minority owned businesses actually earns six figure. And there is clearly a need for us to inject something into the market place for investment in minority owned firms.


Dan Humiston: [00:00:50] From buminit media it the mjbulls podcasts a show about raising Cannabis capital I'm Dan Humiston and on today's show. Investors Spotlight series shines on. The legacy partnership with 280 venture fund


Dan Humiston: [00:01:15] Hi CE. Thanks for being on the MJBulls podcast.


CE Hutton: [00:01:18] Dan thanks for having me.


Dan Humiston: [00:01:21] Today we're continuing our investor Spotlight series.  the managing partner and co-founder of the legacy 52 80 Ventures Fund which is a Cannabis investment fund that emphasizes diversity. See most people know that the cannabis industry is exploding but I don't think most people realize it's not exploding for everyone. Tell us a little bit about that. Where you're going with this fund.


CE Hutton: [00:01:43] You know what we looked at minority owned businesses almost one point five trillion dollars pumped into the U.S. economy and we've overcome that and we said What are Cannabis businesses doing. said roughly  the data crews are  maybe 2 percent of minority owned businesses.  and there is clearly a need for us to inject something into the market place for investment in minority owned firms as well as the big three that we're targeting which is biotech real estate and technology.


Dan Humiston: [00:02:16] That is such a small percentage.


CE Hutton: [00:02:18] Absolutely. And I think it kind of jumped off the page at us and it kind of the baseline won't really add some of that frankly that is not by accident as you start to look at things like you know incarceration  will call around Cannabis than the arrest rates in those kinds of things. Once folks are you know they don't have access to capital they'll have access to don't have access to get into the industry. Maybe given a record or just giving straight capital we said how do we provide a vehicle for thought. if you will Dan to start creating their own well scenarios in their own narrative around creating scenarios and finding those gems will those diamonds in the rough. That would really be beneficial to the industry.


Dan Humiston: [00:03:03] You have access to an untapped market. That's great.


CE Hutton: [00:03:07] . You will in those two places and those two industries are already taking place. And then also real estate. Right people need room to not only to grow but to cold do they to extract to warehouse to obviously and also sell. We are told we believe them that we certainly couldn't go wrong by focusing on those three areas as part of our focus on.


Dan Humiston: [00:03:47] Yeah I see that you're investing in cannabis biotechnology cannabis real estate into and technology companies. Correct. So those are share hits always in investing but with cannabis it's got to be those you have to be your high percentage wins.


CE Hutton: [00:04:00] Oh yes there are untap and it's changing again all the time people are finding new and creative ways to go about our service in the marketplace and it just is staggering to think about.   uncovering peeling back the onion and finding out wow that is a very interesting piece and I'm sure investors will be thanking hadn't even thought about that. Now we've talked to investors daily say I never even considered that would be a viable solution.


Dan Humiston: [00:04:34] And I have to interject here but I think one of the best advantages that entrepreneurs have in this industry is that we don't have to compete with established wealthy organizations and we can come up with creative ideas to solve problems. And I think we're changing the world just with the opportunity to grow businesses without having interference of established companies.


CE Hutton: [00:04:54] Absolutely. But you know Dan along with that we certainly work and continue to ask ourselves are not being naive there as they continue an ongoing educational process not just about the cannabis industry in and of itself but how it's utilized and are showing that people want to invest or look at it because still I think that a number of those in multiple readers saw a certain amount of questioning this goes on whether that be around law enforcement or whether that be around compliance whether that be around certain stigmas that exist. But I totally believe and what we're finding out through is that continues to melt away and acceptance and more understanding and give me more information continues to grow. I think folks are certainly opening up the fact that opioid crisis will certainly help those look for alternatives. They're looking to see how do we make different things happen with the plant to treat illnesses. Clearly our veterans are looking at it. Certainly there's been some buzz about the and how we are treating pain and there so as we start to get more educated as well start to grow older acceptance about it. We're starting to see things start to leak out into other portions would make it much more widely accessed.


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Dan Humiston: [00:06:35] I know a lot of our listeners are interested in investing in the industry but they're uncomfortable doing it direct an opportunity like working with the legacy partners 5080 venture fund. I think that's perfect. Vehicle for them to be involved in the industry but not have to do the vetting and working through all this and maybe talk a little bit about how somebody can get involved and what benefits they have. Working with a group like yours.


CE Hutton: [00:07:00] Well what we do is we thought about legacy partners and this is something I almost. is probably key to your question earlier than what was it. Legacy partners It is about a legacy it is about. I firmly believe if you're not doing something or working on something that's going to be an asset so long after you're gone we can't really talk about our children and families. But I think when you're involved in business you should have a wider range of effect and a wider range on what people are leaving behind. So the term legacy partners is certainly something that we came up with that being very thoughtful about 5080, mile above sea level here in Denver.


Dan Humiston: [00:07:40] So I get it. Okay.


[00:07:43] There you go though that was those things but we were really thinking about longevity sustainability where were founded and sold becoming a part of that become part of a community so to speak this whole thing is results in you all giving the information a little bit later down and we go to our fundable side and read more but one of the things we're going to be doing with that is once folks become an investor in the fund that become an investor and a sustainable wealth generation type moves but the back end of that once folks can and obviously investors at all different ranges going to be issuing some products that you own t shirts and hasn't been the same. I'm a legacy partner so you know something bigger than themselves. They get to show their support or the organization as sustainability and well that clearly and that's what the legacy part. What does that do. So again they won't comment.


Dan Humiston: [00:08:48] We've been speaking with C E Hutton the managing partner and co-founder of the legacy partners 52 80 Ventures Fund. I'll have all your information on the mjbulls website. This has been really inspiring. I think you're doing something that needs to be done. I love the fact that you're giving some people an opportunity to take part in this bull market economy that otherwise wouldn't have an opportunity. I think that's really noble and I give you a lot of credit for doing that.


CE Hutton: [00:09:16] Well Dan thank you so much feeling that there is an well there is movement and traction being gained in this industry and providing them an option to say hey this is something I want to tap into I believe in that mission. They're doing something much different than any other.  that's going on out there and I strongly believe providing that option and services to go was something bigger than themselves if you will. So we're very proud of that.


Dan Humiston: [00:09:41] Well I'm I'm inspired and I'm confident our listeners are also inspired. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. Good luck.


CE Hutton: [00:09:48] Dan thank you so much for having me on this morning I appreciate your appreciate your show and certainly coming back to you.


Dan Humiston: [00:09:55] Sounds good.


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