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Eyal Barad: [00:00:14] Dream of the day where we can actually take blood samples from a healthy person over the age of 40 isolate the cancer cells because each one of us has them. And even on a preventative level be able to do drug sensitivity on those cancer cells and give the person a graph telling him which of the various cannabinoids in his region that he has access to would be most effective


Dan Humiston: [00:00:40] From Buminit media. It's the MJ bulls podcast a show about raising Cannabis Capital. I'm Dan Humiston and on today's show. How can a Cannanics pharmaceutical a publicly traded Israeli biotech cannabis company is using research to crack the cannabis cancer code.


Dan Humiston: [00:01:07] Hey Eyal thanks for being on the MJ bulls podcast.


Eyal Barad: [00:01:10] Thank you. And it's great to be here.


Dan Humiston: [00:01:12] Today we're talking with Al Berard about his company cannabis pharmaceutical which is a cannabis biotechnology company with offices in Bethesda Maryland and a research and development facilities in Israel. Well our listeners know about cannabis and its and how effective it is in relieving chemotherapy sickness but what they may not realize is that doctors are actually treating some forms of cancer with cannabis. Can you talk more about this.


Eyal Barad: [00:01:40] Yes sure. DAN Well I wouldn't say that doctors are actually treating patients with cancer. I would say that more and more people are kind of self diagnosing themselves with cannabinoids for cancer and some of them are actually witnessing positive results. Doctors are kind of at odds today because although they're prescribing cannabis many times for palliative care for pain for other types of symptoms one of the issues is is that they don't really have the scientific data backing to be able to actually prescribe it from the anti tumor effect's which is part of what we are trying to do.


Dan Humiston: [00:02:16] There's just really no formula for what they should be taking or what brands what strains how much they should be taking. Is that correct.


Eyal Barad: [00:02:24] That's completely correct. I mean there's no standardized delivery methods dosage and treatment regimens are not established diagnostics and valuation of efficacy versus the side effects is something that has not been studied. We believe in personalized treatment and individually tailoring cannabinoid profile along with the genetic profile of the person and the disease.


Dan Humiston: [00:02:45] I mean I just I just know like within each cannabis strain there's different ratios of cannabinoids and there's many cannabinoids. Most people know of THC and CBD but there are many more. And I know that the combined impact of all these cannabinoids create a lot of people referred to as an entourage effect. Can you talk more about that.


Eyal Barad: [00:03:04] Yes sure that's actually what got us awake and got very excited about three years ago we'd run we ran our first clinical study or early preclinical study in one of the leading universities here in Israel. We took different strain extract and analyzed the various cannabinoids and each one of them and when we did what's called the drug sensitivity test and applied these different ratios of cannabinoids they affected the different cancers differently and each had a different episodic effect. But when we found one that was very effective it was actually able to cause cancer cells to die out which was us going initially into this study.


Dan Humiston: [00:03:41] Wow that's really encouraging. That's great.


Eyal Barad: [00:03:44] So as a result of that we wrote out patents along those lines and we just built out a state of the art facility here in Israel with the latest in precision medicine technology for high throughput screening of cancer cells. With our growing library of cannabinoids that we're building out and collecting the data and building out our predictive process for being able to feed that data back to practitioners and patients.


Dan Humiston: [00:04:15] You need supercomputers to help you with this because the combination of the different cannabinoids coupled with I guess every person's a little different. So their genetic profile is going to be different so to figure out what works best for each patient and each cancer is going to be so complicated.


Eyal Barad: [00:04:32] It is and it's big data it's huge amounts of data. You know I came from the online advertising world. So we know prediction and analyzing big amounts of data to come up with analytics and come up with a decision.


Eyal Barad: [00:04:44] So that's that's where it's going and that's that's where medicine is going today. We hope to buy that to the medical cannabis market.


Dan Humiston: [00:04:51] Tell me a little bit more about cannabis pharmaceuticals.


Eyal Barad: [00:04:54] We started out really four years ago developing a slow release tablet which we had just concluded a clinical trial here in Israel in the hospital where we gave it to cancer patients that had case anorexia. So they were looking for more weight gain and increase in appetite and overall well-being. And that's kind of where we start on the palliative. But as we kind of got to the test that we did in the Israeli university here and we saw the anti tumor effects of cancer that really got us going. So we are working out and writing patents on the diagnostic system for cannabinoids so we can only dream of the day where we can actually take a blood sample from a healthy person over the age of 40 isolate the cancer cells because each one of us has them. And even on a preventative level be able to do drug sensitivity on those cancer cells and give the person a graph telling him which of the various cannabinoids in his region that he has access to would be most effective with what he aimed for himself personally. That would be huge preventative medicine. Totally. The last thing is developing an anticancer Dr..


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Eyal Barad: [00:06:40] We're going to continue to grow at our cannabinoid library. We're going to be really into the new clinical trials we're working on developing some additional products on the palliative side. Our x our IP is going to be expanded. We've got a couple of territories that have been explored that we plan on increasing our IPN and obviously we're working fast towards our anticancer drug development by all the data


Dan Humiston: [00:07:10] Your company is public and it's trading symbol is . I suspect that with all the are indeed what you're doing I know that's financially it's very front loaded but I think with the with the going public in a test has to help with funding some of this work that you're doing is that correct.


Eyal Barad: [00:07:29] We've managed. We just closed around last week We raised 7 million dollars. Oh yeah it's definitely helped us trying to spread the word and get it out there and get the public involved.


Eyal Barad: [00:07:42] With that seven point five million dollars that you've raised. I know you've made some investments in other companies. Can you talk about your investment particularly at seedo. It's very interesting company can you tell us a little bit about that.


Eyal Barad: [00:07:53] Yes sure. And through this partnership basically candidates and Seedo will develop the first controlled device for growing medical cannabis at home while ensuring sustainable quality and a natural supply of pesticide free product to the to the person at home. Tier we're going to be up to twenty three point six percent of the company. We have options to be in with royalties of up to 8 million dollars and a minimum of nine dollars in 2019. So we're very excited. And we look forward to kind of rolling that out as well.


Eyal Barad: [00:08:27] We're going to have all cannabis pharmaceuticals information on the MJ bulls website MJ bulls.com but if people are interested in purchasing the stock they would use the symbol C N B X. This is really good stuff. I know that there are a lot of very very sick people that are praying for you to crack this code. I wish you the best of luck.


Eyal Barad: [00:08:47] Thank you so much. And it's really encouraging. I mean like I said again all of our people are very enthusiastic about what we're doing we're feel like we're doing some really important work and we're really happy to be able to be here at this point.


Dan Humiston: [00:09:01] Well crackpot code. Good luck. Thank you so much. Thank you very much. Thank you.


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