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 Jameson Wilbourn: [00:00:17] In Nevada We are focused right now on the recreational market. We know the market is quite sizable in nature and is not being satisfied currently. So we feel as there's a lot of opportunity in that market to provide high quality clean flour and extracts to the recreational market that is and specifically in Las Vegas

 Dan Humiston: [00:00:42] From Buminit media. It's the MJBulls podcast a show about raising Cannabis Capital Capital

 Dan Humiston: [00:00:51] I'm Dan Humiston And on today's show how Maple Leaf Green World a publicly traded Canadian Cannabis Company is expanding their holdings in Canada and the United States.

 Dan Humiston: [00:01:09] Hey Jamison thanks for being on the MJ Ables podcast.

 Jameson Wilbourn: [00:01:12] Hey Dan thanks for having me.

 Dan Humiston: [00:01:14] Today we're talking to Jamison Wellborn about his company Maple Leaf Green World a publicly traded company listed on the  exchange and thoct exchange. Jamison can you tell us how Maple Leaf Green World got started.

 Jameson Wilbourn: [00:01:28] Absolutely. So Maple Leaf has a bit of an interesting story. We went public in 2006 through an  over mining company under the name Maple Leaf reforestation. We partnered with the Chinese government and went into inner Mongolia and built 110000 square foot greenhouse under the mandate of growing seedlings and saplings to prevent soil erosion in northern China. When we did that successfully for six years and in 2013 we noticed that the focus on this project was somewhat dwindling and we've been monitoring the medical cannabis industry in North America very closely. So we made the decision to sell off all assets in country and reposition ourselves into the medical cannabis space in North America and in 2014 we made that announcement and we began acquiring land and beginning application processes in British Columbia Nevada and California.

 Dan Humiston: [00:02:24] Yeah I saw on your website that you have operations in three places. Most impressive is that you're in two different countries and you're in two different states which is basically three different countries when it comes to cannabis. Can you tell us a little bit about

 Jameson Wilbourn: [00:02:38] Absolutely. So currently we have two active projects on the go. Our first product being British Columbia. We are building a twenty seven thousand two hundred square foot facility in northern British Columbia. We are not only an application for our license to cultivate cannabis but as well as extracting process and perform research and development. That facility is scheduled to be completed in mid November of this year and in Nevada we are y in application for a building permit on four acres of land in Henderson Nevada just located in about 15 minutes outside of Las Vegas and in Nevada we hold a provisional medical cannabis license that we are very excited about our plan moving forward with that is to actually transfer that license over to the recreational cannabis space and compete in the booming recreational cannabis market that exist in Nevada.   in California. We are currently has 20 acres of land in Riverside and we're waiting on Riverside to come out with their regulations pertaining to commercial cultivation on unincorporated land. We expect those to be out within the next six to eight weeks. And once we have those we'll have a much better idea of what that project will look like moving forward.

 Dan Humiston: [00:03:57] When we come back we'll hear how Maple Leaf Green World plans to expand. But just a quick thank you to one of our sponsors Bridge West LLC is one of the first accounting firms in the world to focus solely on the cannabis industry. It is your one stop provider for accounting audit tax and advisory service. They're offering a free 30 minute intro call to one of their leadership teams to all MJ Bull's listeners go to bridge west CPA dot com and now back to the show

Dan Humiston: [00:04:26] it as a publicly traded company and you have to refrain from any promotional optimism or blue sky. But can you kind of tell us where plans are for the company moving forward.

 Jameson Wilbourn: [00:04:38] Absolutely I will break it out by country. In Canada we plan to enter the market initially with recreational brand centered around connoisseurship and after the initial introduction of that recreational brand within the next 12 to 14 months we see building out our e-commerce platform to be able to establish our medical cannabis program and then serve our medical cannabis patients through our e-commerce platform and going forward. Beyond that we will definitely be looking to opportunities overseas as we see these new countries continuing to legalize or put in medical cannabis framework into their systems. So we're very excited about the future and definitely focused on extraction various technologies and truly believe that the future of this industry is in the isolation and extraction of cannabinoids and terpenes from the cannabis plant in Nevada. We are focused right now on the recreational market. We know the market is quite sizable in nature and is not being satisfied currently. So we feel as there's a lot of opportunity in that market to provide high quality clean flour and extracts to that to the recreational market that is and specifically in Las Vegas and in California we have you know we're really excited about what the future holds there. We've got 20 acres of land that we're looking to build out 10 to 15 additional 3000 square foot greenhouses and do a no till organic son grown cannabis play. And once we have direction from Riverside County as I mentioned before we'll have a much clearer picture of how that will look.

 Jameson Wilbourn: [00:06:20] We're talking with Jamison Welborn the vice president of business development at Maple Leaf Green World. Leaf Green world's information including Jamison's email is on the mjbulls website atmjbulls.com Jamison. People want to purchase Maple Leaf Green World Stock. What are the stock symbols.

Dan Humiston: [00:06:58] Well I think this is great. This is really a great story and it's exciting for us to have a publicly traded company on the show. You're the first one. Thank you very much for sharing your story with us today.

 Jameson Wilbourn: [00:07:08] My pleasure.

 Dan Humiston: [00:07:09] Good luck.

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