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Company Name: Auto Cure, LLC

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Contact Name: Joe Ducey

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Company's Bio: Development of the Auto Cure chamber began in early 2014 and Auto Cure was incorporated in April 2016. Since that time we have acquired over 80 customers. Auto Cure chambers are available for small home growers up to the largest commercial cultivators. Our smallest cabinet chamber will cure about 1.25 lbs of finished product and our largest chamber drys/cures up to 1,300 pounds of fresh wet flower in 8 - 10 days. Our kargest customer to date has ten 32' chambers and is drying/curing 5,200 lbs of fresh wet flower every week.

C-Suite Bio's: Cole Ducey, Managing Partner (Co-Inventor), is currently 29 years old and graduated college in 2010 with a degree in Economics/Finance. After college, Cole began cultivating cannabis on a production level where he learned the nuances involved in producing the highest quality cannabis possible. One of those nuances is in the post-harvest process, namely the curing process. After two years of cultivating cannabis, Cole was presented an opportunity to open CNC machine shop in his hometown of San Diego, CA. The company was founded upon herb grinders which are still in production to this day. With these new CNC capabilities, Cole began designing and engineering the Auto Cure technology which was an idea rooted during his time cultivating, three years prior. 

Joe Ducey, EVP has 30 years of high technology sales and senior sales management experience in hardware/software companies from IBM to Responsys.

Daniel Kozlowski, Partner (Co-Inventor), has directed software agencies and large-scale web application projects for nearly a decade. While studying studying Bioscience (Cognitive Neuroscience) at UCSB, Dan worked as a trauma technician in Santa Barbara, and then as a medical cannabis specialist at a dispensary developing survey software for patients. Dan has presented at national conferences on Software Design (RailsConf2015, Kozlowski) and robotic programming, and has contributed to books on modern programming languages (Elixir, PragProg). Introduced to Cole by a mutual friend in 2013, Dan architecture the electrical and software platforms behind the Autocure. 

Renzo Garcia has many years of experience with complex structural and electrical engineering projects heads up engineering and production.

Growth Plan: Auto Cure has perfected automated drying/curing chambers for every size cannabis cultivator. Lab test results show that Auto Cure helps produce a final product higher in THCa, CBD, and retained terpenes as compared to traditional drying/curing methods with less labor, more consistently, in a shorter period of time. Our largest customer is drying/curing 5,200 lbs every week. We are positioned to install our technology in many more large cultivators and are considering an equity investment to facilitate expansion.

Does the Company Touch the Plant?: No


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