Company Name: STASHLOGIX, Inc.

Company Website:

Contact Name: Skip Stone

Contact Email:

What is your company's primary cannabis business?: Manufacturing

Does your company touch the plant?: No

Do you authorize us to provide the following (Pitch Deck) information to our Members?: Yes

Company's Bio (Pitch Deck): STASHLOGIX is a lifestyle brand of personal cannabis storage systems. Our product line consists of cases, bags and related accessories sold directly online and through retailers throughout the US and Canada. We are brand focused. Our industry is in a once-in-a-lifetime period where small companies like ours have an opportunity to establish brands that will dominate the industry for decades. This has been our primary objective for the last three years. Our tagline "thoughtful, secure & discreet" captures our value proposition: innovative products that address the needs of "the new cannabis consumer." We have created exceptional ROI for our early investors: national brand respect, $2M+ in sales (at solid margins), and a robust supply chain -- all on $341K in invested capital. We have done this by keeping overhead low, outsourcing lower value work and minimizing complexity.

C-Suite Bio's (Pitch Deck): Skip Stone: CEO and founder. Education: Bachelor of Engineering; Marquette University, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, and Universidad de Valencia, Spain. An engineer by trade, with 20 yrs experience selling large scale industrial equipment. Sales, relationship building, and customer service are an important part of every business.
Steve Norman: CFO / CTO / Creative Director. Business Administration from the University of Utah and the Marketing and design from The Creative Circus. Steve has been an angel investor and serial entrepreneur for the past 25 yrs. His most notable startup was as a founder and first COO of Einstein Bros. Bagels. Steve subsequently studied design and branding and worked on marketing projects with Coca Cola and others. After moving to Boulder, CO Steve started several tech companies. Steve was one of the first CanopyBoulder mentors where he met Skip. After CanopyBoulder Steve joined Stashlogix fulltime and was the first investor. 
Isaac Kerns: CMO. BBA in Business, Marketing, and Financing from Columbus State University. Isaac manages Sales and Marketing. His recent focus has been on Facebook, Google, and Amazon advertising. In addition, Isaac manages our content creation (photography and graphic design).

Growth Plan (Pitch Deck): Stashlogix launched in November 2015, since then we've sold $2.3M, and $1.2M of that was in 2018. We are cash-flow positive and last year we ran 59% profit margins. We are the premier brand for cannabis storage products. We sell about 30% online, 30% to distributors, 25% co-branded, and 15% direct to wholesale. With our Series A investment, we will be ramping up our DTC e-commerce sales and we are just launching distribution in the US. Our brand is unique in that we target the "new cannabis consumer" - business people, athletes, baby boomers, and soccer moms.

Investment Opportunities (Pitch Deck) : We are raising $1M at a very modest $5M valuation (just 4.2 times 2018 revenue and only 2.4 times projected 2019 revenue). Our minimum investment is $100K, however, an SPV syndicate is being created to accepted smaller angel investments.


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