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  • Sisu Extracts is a full-service business solution offering testing, extraction and wholesaling bulk THC distillate through in-house distribution channels.

  • Based in Arcata, California

  • Sisu Extracts was founded in 2017

  • Sisu provides CA with nearly 20% of its distillate

  • Within the first year of business, the company created 146 million servings of high potency cannabis oils, and nearly 40 tons of cannabis in the first season alone

  • Sisu has over $16 million in business booked for 2019

  • For the 70/30 split, they're projecting to have contracts for 100,000 pounds by the end of the week

  • 70/30 contracts with farmers are projected to reach $24 million by tomorrow

John Figueiredo – CEO and Special Manager: 

Mr. Figueiredo has an entrepreneurial background in finance and technology. In 2014, he cofounded Sisu Capital, a wealth management firm based in Mill Valley, California with current assets under management exceeding $25 million. While there, he specialized in compliance and derivatives trading, where he outperformed the S&P 500 by 7%+ 3 years in a row and grew the company from $3 million assets under management to $12.5 million. John has led a global team of 11 software developers at Teespring (a global e-commerce company) to open up a revenue channel from inception to $60M run rate within 9 months before starting Sisu Extracts. Mr. Figueiredo has a business degree from the University of Oregon with a concentration in Finance and Entrepreneurship.

Joe Wynne – Director of Supply Chain and Manager: 

Mr. Wynne has five years of cumulative experience in the cannabis industry, during which he has founded multiple companies. He has four years of concentrate manufacturing experience under California Collective laws, which at peak production had 15 employees and serviced 50 Medical Collectives with bulk retail packed shatter, crumble, and distillate. Joe has four years of supply chain experience in the cannabis industry, including sourcing, pre-extraction, testing through analytical labs, and vetting new clients for Cat 1 & 2 pesticides, residual solvents, and microbials. Joe consistently sourced 5,000lbs+ of biomass monthly for his previous manufacturing business. 

Facebook / Instagram: @sisu_extracts


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