Green Cross Brands LLC


Company Name: Green Cross Brands

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Contact Name: Charles Gregory

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What is your company's primary cannabis business?: Manufacturing

Does your company touch the plant?: No

Green Cross Brands develops and distributes advanced and innovative cannabis delivery devices that help increase the quality of life for medical patients and health-minded adult use cannabis consumers

C-Suite Bio's (Pitch Deck): Charles Gregory CEO & FOUNDER

Directs Green Cross Brands’ strategic alliances, product designs and direction. Charles has developed a dedicated team of scientific partners, and vertical business affiliations during his years of marketing and development of a wide range of cannabis products, delivery systems and formulations.

Charles deeply understands the needs of patients and the power of medical cannabis and has designed Green Cross Brands to provide others with advanced tech and consistent quality in medical and adult-use cannabis. His leadership, product development and marketing expertise drives his creation, Green Cross Brands, poised for the current legislative trend and explosive growth of the industry.

Growth Plan (Pitch Deck): Green Cross Brands is focused on maximizing profit across all our product lines

Once funding is secured and allocated, new machinery will be installed and implemented in a modern facility complying with today’s new regulations.
GCB’s sourcing, internal production, marketing and sales team will then manufacture, assemble, and distribute to target markets.
Establishing distribution and gaining more visibility and shelf space are main priorities in order to achieve our conservative sales forecast.

Our marketing experts have the experience in product design and sales implementation programs as they were previous creative and marketing directors from advertising agencies and they have championed programs for many companies who have been in the cannabis and corporate space.
The ability to execute and sustain the marketing effort and investment for each product and category will assure success, and the product quality and innovations will prolong that success!

Investment Opportunities (Pitch Deck) : Green Cross Brands is seeking investment and or strategic partnerships with individuals or companies who have the vision and means to co-develop and implement a national / international plan .

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