Green Cross Brands LLC


Company Name: Green Cross Brands

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Contact Name: Charles Gregory

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What is your company's primary cannabis business?: Manufacturing

Does your company touch the plant?: No

Company's Bio: Green Cross Brands, LLC.

Green Cross Brands, LLC. develops, manufactures and distributes metered dose Inhalers containing high quality cannabis
(both THC & CBD) proprietary extracted formulations. Green Cross Brands' unique product line delivers precise, consistent,
fast - acting doses for the cannabis patient or consumer and enhances their personal experience without smoke or vapor!

C-Suite Bio's: C. Gregory, Founder & CEO 

Manages Green Cross Brands’ strategic alliances, new product designs and creative direction. Charlie has developed a dedicated team of scientific partners, and vertical business affiliations throughout his years of marketing and development of cannabis products, through his creation of Green Cross Brands. A cancer survivor himself, he deeply understands the needs of patients and the power of medical cannabis.

Growth Plan: We have a complete business plan available for approved interested parties.

Financial Milestones 

*Our conservative revenue forecast shows profit in the first 12 months, skyrocketing to a $23.1 Million in Year 3. 

With the recreational marijuana arena growing in California, these numbers could easily triple. Our budget plan includes all of the items needed to succeed in a highly competitive marketplace. 
The team of seasoned entrepreneurs works tirelessly to keep costs down wherever possible. Just- in-time delivery is also another way we are striving to be quick and nimble while keeping operating costs low. 

Startup Costs 

Our start-up expenses are based on the costs involved with the scale-up including raw materials, specialized equipment, initial product inventories, product samples, and the marketing and operational expenses required as we build out our sales and distribution networks. 

By keeping a keen eye on expenses and controlled growth, we expect that Green Cross Brands and our family of products will be a prime target for acquisition or an IPO as markets mature and investor confidence soars. 

*Detailed Financial information, Personnel, and itemized business expenses are available to accredited investors. 

Investment Opportunities (Pitch Deck) : Green Cross Brands will make available its one pager, pitch deck, business plan and Excel 3 year financial breakdown to all serious investors and or strategic partners who are highly motivated and want to make this an international product and set the bar for the medical cannabis space.

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