Company Name: VividGro, LLC

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Contact Name: David Friedman

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Company's Bio: VividGro is a pioneer in the AgTech space. Tailored to the automation and efficiency needs of the indoor agriculture and horticultural markets, VividGro implements solutions that help growers maximize yields and reduce costs. Our state-of-the-art VividGro customized lighting product line delivers optimized PAR to maximize plant growth and PAR efficacy. Our control automation systems and data collection strategies are able to measure and modify growing to help growers learn how to use their resources more efficiently. It is not the lights you use it is how you use them. Learn more about VividGro at and join us on social media at Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

C-Suite Bio's: David Friedman - CEO 25 years as a venture operator doing restructuring and spin off deals for early stage companies. 5 year veteran of the cannabis industry
Randy Shipley - V.P. of Sales over 30 years of experience growing revenue for public and private companies
Butch Tomasko - V.P. of Operations 25 years as senior operations experience in lighting, manufacturing and supply chain
Dr. Emil Radkov - V.P. of Science 25 years of agronomy science experience. Phd. in Chemistry with over 30 patents to his name
Fred Maxik - CTO over 30 years of development experience in LED lighting, sensing and artificial intelligence

Growth Plan: Industry consolidation with explosive organic growth. We intend to capitalize for both a strong M&A program as well as staffing and executing against agressive internal expansion plans. Private Equity backed and working only with institutional investors.

Does the Company Touch the Plant?:  No

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