Medical Marihuana Patient Relief Inc.

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Company Name: Medical Marihuana Patient Relief Inc.

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Contact Name: Alex Ciotoli

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What is your company's primary cannabis business?: Manufacturing

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C-Suite Bio's (Pitch Deck): Alex Ciotoli is a serial entrepreneur who is passionate about the power of medical marihuana to improve the lives of Canadians. Alex has been involved in the legal medical marihuana program in Canada since its inception with the first program of:
His involvement and study of medical cannabis commenced when his eldest brother broke his neck and became a paraplegic. This began a firsthand account on how marihuana could truly help individuals with chronic ailments, such as uncontrollable muscle spasms, chronic pain, and insomnia and using marihuana for opioid patient detox.
Thomas Cooley Law school Degree in Criminology
He has been involved in several businesses throughout the Essex region in Ontario, originating from his involvement in a family run structural steel business that operated for more than 38 years. Alex founded the ‘Migun Thermal Massage clinic,’ using an infrared therapy was the first of its kind in the southwestern Ontario region.
Management Team
Management Team
James Ellis is an entrepreneur who has owned and operated several real estate and property development businesses over the last 30 years.
James has a deep understanding of the trends in the medical cannabis field, and its tremendous growth potential.
Mr. James Ellis
Director, Co-Founder, Responsible Person in Charge
Seeing this potential, he incorporated Medical Marihuana Patient Relief Inc. in January 2014, and has built a professional team of managers and directors.

Management Team
Mrs. Jessica Ciotoli
Secretary & Treasurer, Alternate Responsible Person in Charge
Jessica Ciotoli has managed customer-based businesses for the past 15 years. This experience taught her how to build a loyal following of clientele.
As manager of Migun Massage clinic, she was responsible for
hiring training staff writing S.O.P.'s
Ensuring patient safety and protocol for use of the Migun Bed a Class 2 medical device
Through the years she has attended numerous classes on product knowledge, sales skills, and marketing/retailing strategies. With an artistic eye, she has a unique perspective on how to capture the client's attention through engaging retail displays.

Management Team
Denis Buj is an experienced quality assurance professional.
Mr. Buj previously worked as a lab tech and grower under Dr. D. T. Pillay, Dean of Microbiology at the University of Windsor.
He was solely responsible for quality control at a production facility comprising all scheduled growing, harvesting and production operations, including sanitation, pest control, and security.
Bachelors Degree in Environmental Studies from the University of Waterloo
Bachelors Degree (Honours) in Professional Architecture
Bachelors degree in Applied Science (B.A.Sc.), (Honours) Mechanical Engineering / Materials.
Hydroponic grow chamber for plants
Denis Buj
Quality Assurance Person, Alternate Person in Charge
Familiarity with growing plants
Laboratory experiment work to designing
Manufacturing and selling a patented
It allowed Mr. Buj to fine tune his skills in growing high-quality plants and producing high-quality finished plant product.

Independent /Health Canada Accredited Laboratory
Sohil Manil is from Eurofins Scientific (formerly Experchem Labs), situated in Toronto and is one of a select few laboratories accredited by Health Canada to conduct analytical testing on marihuana to ensure its safety for consumption. Eurofins is MM Patient Relief’s appointed third-party testing firm. Working with the Quality Assurance Person, Eurofins is also responsible for providing quality assurance and quality control services as required for regulatory compliance with the ACMPR.
Eurofins Laboratories (formerly “Experchem”)
Quality Assurance Consultants - Accredited Health Canada Laboratory

Growth Plan (Pitch Deck): Please provide an email and I will send entire Investor Deck

Investment Opportunities (Pitch Deck) : Initial raise of $250,000 to start the internal build out of a cannabis facility in Tecumseh, full cost $1,789,000, to finalise the build out and critical infrastructure for its medical cannabis production facility in Tecumseh, Ontario and complete the initial licence inspection by Health Canada, Stage 6 of the seven stage ACMPR process. MM Patient Relief will grow high volume, high quality cannabis for sophisticated customers.
$1.78 Million for 17.8% Equity


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