Ingredient Standardization System

Company Name: Ingredient Standardization System

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Contact Name: Michelle Mangione

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What is your company's primary cannabis business?: Compliance

Does your company touch the plant?: No

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Company's Bio (Pitch Deck): MICHELLE MANGIONE

Michelle Mangione is the founder and owner of HIGH HEALS INC (also check the company facebook's page here), a savvy and sophisticated cannabis business. Securely embedded in the brand are a wide range of cannabis disciplines. Michelle is also working with ASTM to create international standard, Dosey Dough, for dosing Standardization of THC and CBD for Cannabis and Hemp (Patent Pending in USA and Canada). 

The beginnings of Michelle’s enterprise were more of personal journey as she had been suffering from an illness called Cushing’s disease. Some of the debilitating effects include weight gain, high blood pressure, migraines, joint and muscular pain, general fatigue and anxiety. Severe pain was a constant reminder of her illness and opiate based, symptom masking prescriptions were not the cure.

Many obstacles presented themselves including a diagnosis of terminal cancer, two separate pituitary surgeries to name a few but she was resolute to not just survive but also to flourish. Medications that covered up symptoms was not what she was interested in Michelle was seeking a cure. Though skeptical at first Michelle began using various products made from the extracted CBD compounds found in medicinal marijuana. She quickly discovered that the responsible use of cannabis was changing her life! 

An accomplished baker she naturally began making small batch edibles that offered a viable solution for chronic pain relief. Michelle’s compassionate spirit also guided her to infuse pet products with CBD for animals. Michelle’s heart’s desire is to own and help operate a sanctuary for wounded, abandoned and abused animals. In her mind’s eye this peaceful haven could be a place that brings harmony to both volunteers and animals alike.

Because the needs are so great Ms. Mangione’s desire to see that all end users have access to dosing properly drove her to set the groundwork to aid everyone everywhere to safely and consistently dose infused products using her Dosey Dough app which is patent pending.

Ms. Mangione’s sensed the deepest needs within the cannabis culture is uncanny selflessness. “If it is truly medicine we need a pipeline that permits transparency and accountability!’ Michelle’s greatest reach thus far is her pioneering a pathway to the most comprehensive, cloud-based tracking system. This patent pending system will create transparency regarding origins, quality and potency into the hands of every concerned patient’s hands.

You can contact Michelle via email at

619 888-1500

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