Company Name: Lyfe

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Contact Name: Danny Lairon

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What is your company's primary cannabis business?: Technology

Does your company touch the plant?: No

Do you authorize us to provide the following (Pitch Deck) information to our Members?: Yes

Company's Bio (Pitch Deck): created by a multinational team that's been building digital products (apps, bots, platforms) together for the last 5 years. Our full-stack design and engineering team of 7 works together remotely from garages in San Francisco and Latvia (Eastern Europe). Before pivoting to Lyfe, our team launched Tacos and Trees, an on-demand medical marijuana delivery service that let users add Tacos to their order with a click of a button. We closed that business in Feb of 2018, unable to secure the new licenses required to operate in California for recreational use.

What makes our team stand out; though our experience scaling Tacos and Trees to 5 California cities and $500k ARR Year 1, we gleaned insight to the extraordinary challenges facing customers and business operators in the cannabis sector - roadblocks not encountered by any other legal industry (Dispensaries still can't even get a bank account!). Chris from Blaze mentioned a similar experience on a previous podcast of MJBulls. Lyfe was bore out of the conversations with our loyal customer base, our incredible vendors and brands we worked with and the many late nights our team spent figuring out how to build our company in an industry with a liquid landscape.

This is a fascinating, volatile time to be involved in the cannabis space. I'm lucky to work with a group of young people that understands that although things can be tough, it can be done. They understand that while our road might be difficult, we can figure it out and make things better. They've shown resolve and the patience to understand that sometimes the path of progress means for every two steps forward, occasionally we take one step back. As a team, we've faced many challenges, some that would cripple most people. Through the storms, their belief in themselves and each other has never wavered. Their "can do" attitude is infectious, and their spirit breeds optimism. This group is building a monster, we're excited about the future and I'm lucky to be on the team.

C-Suite Bio's (Pitch Deck): George Vasyagin - Co-Founder and Head of Product: 12+ years experience designing and building award-winning experiences for Uber, Intel and Palo Alto Networks.
Danny Lairon - Co-Founder & CEO: 10+ years experience in enterprise and startup SaaS companies, previously at PullString, Groupon and Sookasa (acquired Barracuda Networks).

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We’ve bootstrapped our company since August of 2017, the pre-seed round we are currently raising will be our first partners and outside resources. Our burn rate is $8k per month, focused almost exclusively on design and engineering. As of Nov 20th we received our first angel investor and we expect to begin revenue generation within the next two weeks.

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Dan Humiston