Natural Sun Lite Inc.

Company Name: Natural SunLite, Inc.

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Contact Name: Lee Danna

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What is your company's primary cannabis business?: Technology

Does your company touch the plant?: No

Do you authorize us to provide the following (Pitch Deck) information to our Members?: Yes

Company's Bio (Pitch Deck): Dean Konstantine, an electrical engineer since 2001,specializing in the Solar Industry. In 2012 Dean designed new innovations in energy technology to combat high energy demand costs for commercial customers where traditional solar PV falls short of reducing these energy charges. From these roots Dean has designed an innovative new COB (Chip on Board) advanced light source which keeps within the foundation of ultra-efficiency designed to transform the Cannabis indoor grow industry. These COB lights have virtually no heat and produce ultra-bright direct sunlight with minimal electrical usage, saving up to 75% electrical growing costs. With these new COB lights, Dean was able to develop the world’s first automated growing system, taking it to a whole new level. The digital technology allows the grower to manage the entire grow more efficiently and effectively which can help increase the yield of the plants and can save over 50% of the growing labor. When this automated growing system is compared to top selling HPS lights, the savings from electricity and labor is 60%. New cultivations are being built automated, these fixtures with a Computer, Digital Camera monitoring, Wi-Fi, are mobile and can be moved to a new location or integrated into a second plant. The Grower owns the automation Growing System based from lighting Fixture.

C-Suite Bio's (Pitch Deck): Dean Konstantine, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Dean Konstantine is our Chief Engineer who developed the Natural SunLite Lighting system and is a co-founder of the Company. Mr. Konstantine founded KEI Energy, Inc. in 2002 and for the past 16 years has served as its President/CEO and Chief Engineer. He designed electrical storage systems, alternative renewable energy with storage system manufacturing, sales and service. He also designed a large solar generator installation and demand energy mitigation/cost reduction. Mr. Konstantine also is a General Engineering Contractor holding a California “A” license. He has built several energy efficient homes, utilizing new construction materials for zero-foot print housing. Due to Mr. Konstantine’s credentials and background, we can offer customized “Off Grid” growing and build approximately 80,000 sq. ft. of “Off Grid” buildings. Dean Konstantine brings Natural SunLite, Inc. unmatched knowledge, experience and technical expertise to be successful.

Lee Danna, President, Chief Operating Officer
Mr. Danna has over 40 years experience as a President/CEO running both private and public companies, including extensive experience in mergers, acquisitions, franchising and marketing. Mr. Danna became CEO of Whitehall Products, Inc., a division of Helme, Inc. (NYSE) at the age of 33.
He also founded Network Financial Services, a company with operations in real estate, mortgage banking and insurance. Danna obtained a NASDAQ listing for Network in the early 90’s. He has been recognized for his accomplishments in several published articles, interviews on television and radio as well as conducting major press conferences throughout the U.S.

Joel Ducusin, Vice President, Sales & Technical Manager
Joel has a great reputation in the industry with over 15-years of experience growing Cannabis and has won several awards. Obviously, he will be a major asset when we begin the sales in the Cannabis industry. His expertise and background in the Cannabis indoor growing as well as experience and consulting with Dean Konstantine in the Development of Automated Growing System will provide great support for our customers. Ducusin has a passion for the business and has the ability to be creative and makes things happen.

Richard Otis, Vice President, A.I. Sales & Marketing
Mr. Otis is a passionate and accomplished software engineer, who is very creative. He was raised on a computer and began his software career at 11 years old. In the last two years he has developed Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) software for business, focusing on marketing for SEO and Social Media. He owns Eagle Tek Visions, a web development, computer and smart phone repair company. He brings Natural SunLite a compelling competitive advantage with A.I. marketing in the lighting industry.

Growth Plan (Pitch Deck): The Natural SunLite Automated Growing System provides two major solutions to over 200,000 growers. 1) Automation: With large capital being invested in new automated cultivations, especially in California. Manual growers will simply not be able to compete. With a 60% reduction in growing cost, those automated could sell their product at what a manual grower's cost is to produce. Automated improves quality due to consistent dosing of water, CO2, Nutrients and maintaining the proper temperature, humanity and PH. With our Wi-Fi No question Automation is the future and the future is here today. 2) Electrical and Grid challenges is a major concern and that is why we developed a Growing system rather than just an automation system. Our new C.O.B. (chip on board) light technology is superior to any lighting system on the market today, validated with 3rd party Grandview Research. COB solid state technology has the ability to reduce heat and increase brightness to match the 5700 colors of the sun lumens. This allows the automated fixtures to set 18" to 24" inches above the canopy, which allows our Wi-Fi to closely monitor by cell phone or computer. We have word of mouth LOI's for 2,000 units and another 4,800 units. We have forecasted first year sales at 16,000 units amounting to $28 million in revenue and $12.9 million in EBIDTA.

Investment Opportunities (Pitch Deck) : Natural Sunlight, owns the rights to a public shell that can be closed in 24 hours. The Company is raising $5 million and is offering $1 million in a preferred convertible stock that is convertible at 50% of the public bid price, then launch the company public and raise the additional $4 million. The Company will also entertain a negotiated equity investment for $5 million.


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