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Contact Name: Steve Owens

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Company's Bio: Founded in 2014, Adherence Compliance's goal was to quantify regulatory and financial compliance risk by operational license type. Since then, ADCO has conducted thousands of cannabis compliance inspections with our Adherence SCORE App, available on the Apple App Store since 2016. ADCO's clients include Cities, Counties and Financial Institutions, along with investors and owner/operators of cannabis licenses. ADCO's data provides insight into where and how cannabis licenses, including Dispensaries, Cultivation Centers, Manufacturers, Distributors and Testing Labs failure patterns in more than 15 categories of cannabis compliance. As an example, more than 75% of cannabis licenses fail at least on inventory tracking requirement. Newly reorganized in Delaware as a corporation. Operational data is the new currency in the cannabis industry.

C-Suite Bio's: CEO - Steve Owens, International MBA, University of South Carolina
President - Michael Hunt, MBA, Stanford University
Secretary & Advisor - Richard DeGolia, Harvard Law School

Growth Plan: Continued expansion of our revenue practice verticals (Government, Financial Services, etc.) in the US and Canada.

Does the Company Touch the Plant?: No

Adherence Compliance Inc.

Leading FinTech & RegTech SaaS GRC Provider in Cannabis Industry.

Adherence has active compliance contracts with banks, cities, counties and the largest publicly-traded cannabis enterprises in the world.

· Press Release:  City of Lancaster Renews Automated Cannabis Facility Compliance Enforcement Program with Adherence Compliance

· Press Release:  Alameda County California Leverages Automated Cannabis Code Enforcement Program from Adherence Compliance

· Press Release:  Automated Cannabis Banking Compliance Program Gaining Traction in the US and Canada

· Cover page Spotlight:  How to Bank Cannabis: A Compliance Guide for Financial Institutions - Cover page Spotlight in March/April 2019 CannaInvestor Magazine

· Press Release:  Bulldog Federal Credit Union Implements Cannabis Banking Program from Adherence Compliance


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