A Pot For Pot

Company Name: Joshua Mezher

Company Website: http://www.apotforpot.com

Contact Name: Joshua Mezher

Contact Email: joshua@apotforpot.com

Company's Bio: a Pot for Pot is a complete home growing kit that educates and empowers people to grow their own cannabis at home. The kit uses our proprietary supercharged soil, which provides the plant with all the correct nutrients it needs throughout its life cycle. We also provide natural pesticides, and all the tools needed to water, spray, and harvest. The grower simply follows our step by step instructions. If they have any questions or issues, we provide ongoing online support. Unlike brewing your own beer or wine, it is remarkably easy to get good results when growing weed. Our kit makes it even easier by providing everything you need. Add only water and sunshine.

C-Suite Bio's: Joshua Mezher, Founder
A 10 year veteran grower, Joshua went from hobbyist to commercial cultivator before diving into consumer electronics development. He is an expert at entrepreneurship, marketing, global sourcing, and of course cannabis and growing. He has owned a cannabis collective and delivery service and spoken at numerous industry events on startup financing and mass production manufacturing.

Jason Levin, Founder
With an educational background in materials science, engineering, and circuit analysis from MIT, Jason has extensive experience in product development, consumer electronics, business development, sales, fundraising, manufacturing, and global supply chain management. Working in the cannabis space for close to 10 years, he has founded several companies, and holds 5 patents. He has also built a state wide licensed distribution network and owned a cannabis collective.

Jay Jung, Finance Advisor 
Jay is the President and Founder of Canduit LLC, a boutique strategic finance advisory firm. Previously, Jay was an investment banker at Goldman Sachs and a consultant at McKinsey & Co. He has an MBA from the Wharton School

Growth Plan: - Expand Product Line: 19.95 Hemp Seeds Kit -- 50 Gallon Farmer 
- Vertical Product Line Growth: Seeds, Lights, Green Houses 
- Big Retail Expansion Floor Displays 
- Improve International Fulfilment / Shipping

Does the Company Touch the Plant?: No

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