INVESTOR: Phyto Partners

Company Name: Phyto Partners

Company Website:

Contact Name: larry schnurmacher

Contact Email:

Do you invest in plant touching companies?: Yes

Company's Bio : Phyto Partners is a venture capital fund investing in privately held cannabis companies. Phyto has invested >$15mil in 20 companies including a number of industry leaders Baker, Leaflink, Flowhub, CB2insights, Vangst, Wurk, New Frontier Data, Front Range Biosciences, Green Flower Media and Phyto has been recognized by Forbes and Business Insider as one of the top VC cannabis funds.

C-Suite Bio's: Larry Schnurmacher and Brett Finkestein have been career investment professionals with extensive venture capital and private equity experience. The phyto team has been helping to capitalize industry entreprenuers since 2015.

Investment Opportunities: Phyto is open to new investors that are Accredited and can commit $250,000 to the fund.
The phyto portfolio focuses on businesses that provide services texhnologybor products to the licensed operators.


Dan Humiston