SAKU Cannabis

Company Name: SAKU Cannabis

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Contact Name: Nicole Connors

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What is your company's primary cannabis business?: Retail

Does your company touch the plant?: Yes

Do you authorize us to provide the following (Pitch Deck) information to our Members?: Yes

Company's Bio (Pitch Deck): Who We Are Saku Holdings is founded by Nicole Connors, a legal market cannabis investor and dispensary owner since 2014. Her Washington state dispensary, Royals Cannabis, enjoys a consistent place in Leafly’s Top 20 WA dispensaries. Her incisiveness has allowed her to diligently navigate the complexities of the legalized cannabis market and has enabled her to create a 1700% ROI on her investments. The company culture Nicole has created has attracted top talent to join her in bringing to fruition the Saku Cannabis Vision.

Vision Saku Holdings Inc. and its subsidiary Saku Cannabis Inc. are created to embrace the steady progression of the cannabis industry and its blossoming new culture. Our brand will reflect a posh California cannabis lifestyle: luxurious cannabis boutiques refined by technology to create efficient yet immersive retail experiences in twenty-five convenient locations throughout California. The multi-billion-dollar cannabis industry is no longer defined by the “Stoner Culture” and the limitations of the prohibition era. Cannabis is growing in popularity with every demographic. No industry since the inception of the internet has enjoyed this much potential. We hope to one day watch Saku commercials during the Superbowl. For now, Saku Cannabis will build a brand through innovative advertising mediums to embrace the culture of the current moment, while maintaining our own unique identity and vision. The new era of cannabis is yet to be defined. However, Saku will create, curate, and sell the highest quality cannabis products and initiate lifestyle movements to shape the future.

C-Suite Bio's (Pitch Deck): Our Executive team and Board of Directors are backed with decades of excellence as pioneers in their respective industries; financial services, computer networking and security, modern culinary, and online retail store. Our team has been a part of some of the fastest growing industries and companies in the world. We are driven by the energy of innovation and legacy. This talented group now turns its attention to the burgeoning cannabis industry and is passionate to make a lasting impact, propelling the Saku Cannabis brand to the top tier of brand standards.

Nicole Connors - Founder & CEO
Mike Snider - Chief Financial Officer
Marc Connors - SVP of Sales & Technology

Growth Plan (Pitch Deck): Goal Saku Cannabis will establish over the next five years:

• 25 retail stores in the CA market with $109MM Annual Gross sales combined
• Manufacturing branch with $121MM Annual Gross sales
• Merchandising branch with $11.4MM Annual Gross sales
• Develop a 17,500sf+ Manufacturing facility
• Combined sales equals 3.3% market share of the projected $7BB cannabis market in CA

Investment Opportunities (Pitch Deck) : The Opportunity Saku Holdings Inc. is offering a 10% equity stake in exchange for a $3MM investment in the company. This funding will be used to procure a $10MM business loan with terms set at 10% interest repayable over 10 years, as well as $3.7MM in real estate financing. It is anticipated that the company will not require additional funding. As the company matures,we project consolidated gross revenue of $229MM by 2023 with average EBITDA of 44%. We anticipate quarterly dividends payable (10% of available cash) to the investor beginning in year two to total approximately $14.9MM over the first five years of operations. The fifth-year exit value to the investor is estimated to be $28.8MM, assuming a 5x earnings multiple. A Total investor earnings potential $43.7MM representing a 14.6x or 1460% return on investment.


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