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Contact Name: tanner french

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What is your company's primary cannabis business?: Cultivation

Does your company touch the plant?: Yes

Do you authorize us to provide the following (Pitch Deck) information to our Members?: No

Company's Bio (Pitch Deck): Our company originated over ten years ago. We started out as cultivators and processors in MI medical market. We initially spent a great deal of time testing different inputs ( nutrients, atmosphere, and methods ) to determine the best overall product. We quickly came to the conclusion that the only unreliable input out of our control was the plant nutrients. Not only were the formulation not fully represented on the label the contents in the bottle changed every few months ( proven through lab testing ).
So to have accurate testing we partnered with a world renowned agronomist and began to develop our own plant nutrient program. Several years later we finally arrived with the Hurricane Hydroponics product line. This formulation has not only greatly increased yields, it has also given us much higher testing results across the spectrum. We have won several high times cups and MI events as well. We also have a very large proprietary plant genetic base. We have been crossing strains for over 10 years and have never given and genetics to the public.
Our current projects include consulting with several large grow facilities. We have just taken control of a failing 20k sq ft facility in Washington. We are also building a 40k sq ft facility in Oregon once funding is complete.
In Michigan we are about to receive our state license in the next 30-60 days. We have several commercial facilities available and a well trained employee base ready to go.
We are looking for investors for the MI market currently. All other projects are currently funded.

C-Suite Bio's (Pitch Deck): Tanner French 1982
Born and raised in Florida graduating from Polk High School. Then joined the US Navy and served five years while also attending Southern Illinois and obtaining my bachelor degree. After my service I returned to Florida and started working as a network technician with Verizon. After 8 plus years I made a decision to quit my job and pursue my purpose in life. I have since designed many grow operations and designed custom automated equipment for growers. I monitor and maintain all atmospheric conditions and monitor equipment efficiency. For Hurricane Hydroponics I manage the logistics and finances primarily. But im also involved with the daily aspects of formulation, product testing and sales.
Jayson Vanderlaan 1983
Born and raised in Michigan graduating from Grand Rapids High. Spent several years working construction and growing as a hobby. Eventually I took a job with Verizon in Florida. Worked for Verizon in Florida for the next several years and eventually received a transfer back to MI. From that time on Verizon was my hobby and I began to grow full time. Since Verizon I have maintained several large grows throughout the state. I currently manage over 10 employees and 15000sq ft of active canopy. I have also been the head of testing for Hurricane to assure peak performance of our formulation.
Thomas Dickson 1984
Born and raised in Florida Graduating from Manatee High. Spent several early years with my family in CA. I was an outdoor and greenhouse gardener. Eventually establishing a trucking company which was operated in unison with gardening work. I was part of a team that took raw property and designed and built gardens from the nothing. Clearing the trees and building the terraces, punching wells, creating gravity fed automated watering systems. After outdoor products made a decline I joined my friends in MI and learned the different aspects of indoor gardening.
While in MI I was also in charge of our concentrates. In this time I have gained a great deal of experience in different forms of extraction and distillation processes. We have also developed various recipes for edibles and vapor pens. I am also currently involved with testing the Hurricane Nutrient line in alternative growing mediums. Tom is currently in Washington consulting and operating the newly acquired property.

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Investment Opportunities (Pitch Deck) : For the Michigan project we are looking for investors from 150k to 4 million.

Commercials Starting at $75.00



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