Cannabists Medical Group Ltd.

Company Name: Cannabists Medical Group Ltd.

Company Website:

Contact Name: Sayed Amir Karim

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What is your company's primary cannabis business?: Technology

Does your company touch the plant?: No

Do you authorize us to provide the following (Pitch Deck) information to our Members?: Yes

Company's Bio (Pitch Deck): Cannabists Medical Group Ltd. is a pioneering technology organization based in Malta. The core business is the development of Innovative Solutions for the Cannabis Industry and Data collection for new medical developments and life prolonging methods. We created a business model and technologies after identifying a need for quality user data in cannabis research and the needs of the growing consumer market. The Data collection for medical developments and the Hardware usage for consumer binding made us create, the first Automatic Joint Roller Technology and Cannabis and Data management assistant in the world. 

There is no similar product on the market. Different patents and trademark are already in pending and a prototype is already developed.

Our strategy is based on a paradigm shift between hardware and software usage that will:

- Provide the world’s first (fully) automated joint roller and dispenser solution for the cannabis industry as well as for recreational user, medical purposes or industrial implementation.
- Merge a hardware solution, device sales, and data acquisition into a single system
- Merge smart contract-managed production and device licenses to serve the worldwide recreational and medical markets with cutting-edge cannabis dispenser products
- Establish an environment in which the public has access to the best cannabis retailer resources and product data and opportunities to earn passive income.
- Collect consumer-related anonymous user data for medical research and studies for life prolonging methods in the field of marijuana use
- Create an information platform for a worldwide exchange of research and development among medical doctors, biologists, therapists, and research institutions in order to develop innovative methods and therapy possibilities for cannabis
- Involve doctors and scientists in creating and implementing surveys and deliver results to the scientific world and general public alike
- Provide an efficient development network for users, retailers, and engineers to continually improve the industry and relevant medical technology
- Provide a secure gateway for data processing and an efficient exchange with our Platform
- Carry out a vision of greater access to cannabis information

We believe that Cannabists Medical Group Ltd. offers unique, far-reaching advantages in the cannabis use and data gathering space. Linked in a synergistic system, these advantages are even more powerful. This is a platform that will make it possible for cannabis enthusiasts and professionals to work unfettered as they move cannabis science forward for the benefit of all.

C-Suite Bio's (Pitch Deck): Sayed Amir Karim -Chief Executive Officer / Inventor Technology

Argun Ezer- Chief Operating Officer

Growth Plan (Pitch Deck): Our business focuses on two main groups of customers, which the second group is divided in two categories. The first, and primary, target is the industrial field, the dispensaries. The second target is the recreational and medical consumer market.

We plan to serve a device 1st for the industrial production due the Dispensaries, 2nd to meet the recreational consumers need and 3rd to give the user with a medical purpose a possibility for an easy use of the automatic Joint Roller device.

We are projecting sales of $1.613,168 in year 1, $13.554,902 in year 2 with a profit margin 27% and $27.731,725 in year 3 with a profit margin of 34%. Our founders will draw only minimal salaries, so we can reinvest our profits into growing the business. To save costs the manufacturing will mainly be outsourced and the regularly high paid men power in different company sections will be hired for projects out of different pools of freelancers.

Investment Opportunities (Pitch Deck) : The entire project and its costs was financed by the two founders personally so far. Now, by the end of 2018, we are seeking for a strategic partner who is going to be investing for the next steps of development, the setting up the productions lines and for the first required inventory.

Required 1st Round Funding Amount is $2.500.000.


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