Company Name: Enlighten

Company Website: http://www.getenlightened.io

Contact Name: Jeremy Jacobs

Contact Email: jeremy.jacobs@getenlightened.io

What is your company's primary cannabis business?: Technology

Does your company touch the plant?: No

Do you authorize us to provide the following (Pitch Deck) information to our Members?: Yes

Company's Bio (Pitch Deck): Enlighten is an enterprise technology solution managed by a team with a collective 20 years of experience serving Fortune 500 companies, first-class retailers and top-end brands all over the world. Enlighten brings cutting edge retail technology to the cannabis industry. With an education forward approach, Enlighten helps its partners grow their brand and build relationships with their customers through a variety of solutions. Its technology solutions are intended to increase revenue and awareness and keep customers engaged. As an aggregation of several notable companies from both inside and outside of cannabis, Enlighten is one of the most well-funded, wide reaching and longest tenured companies in cannabis.

C-Suite Bio's (Pitch Deck): Jeremy Jacobs is considered a pioneer in the retail technology space ushering in the era of digital signage, digital menus, interactive kiosks and consumer tracking technologies. His products have touched all industries and can be found all over the world from military and government to healthcare, schools, and stadiums, as well as being distributed by some of the largest companies in the world including Sysco Foods, Lucent Government Services, and Signarama. He brought his expertise to the cannabis industry in 2014 and has created many digital experiences such as the tablet retail system at Euflora that has been featured internationally. Jeremy has also developed the Enlighten TV in-retail and dispensary media network that streams from coast to coast in locations across 20 states. Additionally, his team manages the largest number of digital menus in the cannabis space and touting some of the most advanced features

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/getenlightentv/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/GetEnlightenTV
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/getenlightentv
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/getenlightentv/


Dan Humiston