Hemp Holding Company

Company Name: Hemp Holding Company

Company Website: http://www.hempholdingcompany.com

Contact Name: John Porterfield

Contact Email: johnp@hempholdingcompany.com

What is your company's primary cannabis business?: Other

Does your company touch the plant?: Yes

Do you authorize us to provide the following (Pitch Deck) information to our Members?: Yes

Company's Bio (Pitch Deck): Hemp Holding Company was established in 2018 to grow organic hemp across Montana on 592 acres, including 75,000 Sq Ft of greenhouse. HHC has a state fertilizer license, soil amendment license, hemp license and is the leading producer of diversified legal hemp products in Montana. Offering contracts for Grain, Fiber, and Flower the Hemp Holding Company is uniquely suited to capture the majority of quality organic hemp production in Montana. Founder and CEO, John Porterfield serves on the Board of Directors for the Montana Organic Association coordinating programs for 285 organic farm members on 453,000 acres (2nd in the USA); owner of Ignimbrite Minerals, a mining and manufacturing company selling Organic Silicon products to 20 Montana Hutterite Colonies, and to farms throughout the west, and exporting to S Korea; owner of Wild Horse Hot Springs, a hot Artesian mineral spring and hemp producer like no other resort in the world - former home of the Roosevelt Center for Crippled Children; owner of Hog Heaven Organic Farm on Flathead Lake producing high quality flower hemp. The unique position that the Hemp Holding Company finds itself in warrants inviting others to capitalize on the opportunity and share in the proceeds of this successful venture.

C-Suite Bio's (Pitch Deck): John Porterfield, CEO Hemp Holding Company, University of Montana School of Forestry Recreation Management johnp@hempholdingcompany.com 406-270-6797

Growth Plan (Pitch Deck): There is an opportunity to join the Hemp Holding Company in each facet of our business. Grain, Fiber, Extraction, and Pre-Rolls.

Investment Opportunities (Pitch Deck) : Hemp Holding Company is accepting investments from only professional investors.
Grain - 40% equity stake for $5.2 million
Fiber - 40% equity stake for $12.7 million 
Extraction - 40% equity stake for $16.4 million
Pre-Rolls - 40% equity stake for $2.3 million


Dan Humiston