Aurelius Data, Inc.

Company Name: Aurelius Data, Inc.

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Contact Name: Julie Armstrong

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What is your company's primary cannabis business?: Technology

Does your company touch the plant?: No

Do you authorize us to provide the following (Pitch Deck) information to our Members?: Yes

Company's Bio (Pitch Deck): We are a patient use and perception focused big data company. 
We connect the demographic to the compound, to the condition, to the cure.
Our mission is to increase patient confidence and understanding, drive product development, boost customer retention, reveal cutting edge IP discoveries, and provide immediate, tangible value to every consumer. 
The largest problems in the Cannabis Industry is trust, product consistency and customer satisfaction.
Our vision is to go beyond the Strain and create a reliable product use and efficacy reference for cannabis users. 

Our platform gathers user and product data from users of our AURA mobile app, web scraping, product analysis and research. We deliver insights from analyzing the intersection of science, user perception and product use. 
Our proprietary algorithms find IP through analysis of product use, user perception, chemical analysis, and the users’ reported medical condition and symptom resolution. 
Our anonymously gathered HIPPA compliant data immediately benefits the user through a continuous feedback loop of user input, product recommendations, community connection and reward for participation. 

We have large pools of users through official data sharing partnerships with cannabis advocacy organizations (Americans for Safe Access), dispensaries, market research firms, manufacturers, and cultivators.
We fill the gaps for usage, dosage, indication and application that providers and doctors are desperately needing.
We create a trusted resource for patients to be able to duplicate a regimen with specific compound attributes and duration of treatment.

Our insights on product use, perception, and market adoption are valuable to Doctors, Patients, Clinicians, Retailers, Food and Beverage/CPG industry, Pet RX Industry, Healthcare organizations, political lobbyists, and more.

C-Suite Bio's (Pitch Deck): Julie Armstrong-Founder/CEO
Pharmaceutical Practice,Medical Sciences, Elected Official, Legislative and Municipal Government,S&P 50 Marketing & Communications, Process Improvement & Engineering, Cancer Survivor.(Walgreens, State of Montana,PACCAR)

James Stephens-Founder/CSO
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Consumer Packaged Goods, Food & Beverage R&D leader in the US, State Department and Defense Contracting, Clean Technology, Executive Level Leadership, Exited Blue Marble BioMaterials to Socati (2019)

Rick Gilchrist CDO Experienced Founder, Mentor & Solutions architect with a demonstrated history of working in the FinTech, Big Data (New Frontier Data) and HiTech services industry. Skilled in C-Level Management, Investor & Partnerships, Business Development Management, Strategic Leadership, and Fundraising.

Jim Bachand -CBO
Executive Leader with extensive experience inter-weaving business functions in partnership with corporate controls, finance and business/technology objectives. Proven ability to achieve customer needs with laser-focus on efficient expense ratios while growing revenue.

Growth Plan (Pitch Deck): Revenue will come from subscriptions, dataset sales, white labeling of tailored instances of AURA , licensing and sales of IP. (Example of IP is discovery of a new patentable compound combination that creates symptom resolution for restless legs syndrome or post-partum depression, or revelation of new beneficial side effects from common strains.)

Our subscription ecosystem-as-a-service, is a bi-directional software platform that bridges the mobile patient/consumer engagement application (AURA) with B2B and B2C transaction data, public and partner data. The platform utilizes deep learning, AI and ML to provide actionable insights throughout the value chain.

Our points of acceleration come from leveraging a leading healthcare industry AI platform, completed beta of AURA, the unrestricted ability to advertise and promote our app and platform on Facebook to gain users, successfully executed proof of concept for finding IP, and extensive relationships within the cannabis, tech, and data sectors, food and beverage industries, and scientific cannabis community.

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