CIFT Group, Inc.

Company Name: CIFT Group, Inc.

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Contact Name: Benjamin Lee

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What is your company's primary cannabis business?: Service

Does your company touch the plant?: No

Company's Bio (Pitch Deck): The CIFT Group, Inc. (Cannabis Infrastructure and Technology Group) was formed by several cannabis industry veterans who saw massive inefficiencies and lack of business acumen in the Cannabis Industry. We envisioned taking advantage of the Green Rush by creating an integrated ecosystem that allowed for automatization and systemization of the entire process from seed-to-sale by bringing patented technologies, automation, and established systems from other industries. Our goals were to improve the quality and consistency of products created by the Industry, reduce inefficiencies and waste, and provide sustainable solutions that don’t cause damage to humans or the environment. Currently, we’ve focused on cultivation and have seen master growers having issues transitioning from small cultivation facilities to large-scale cultivation/manufacturing facilities. Most master growers do not have the experience in operating a large-scale cultivation/manufacturing facility and we assist these master growers to implement the necessary systems and technologies to maximize their yields, reduce potential crop loss, and increase their efficiencies. 

CIFT Group Highlights:
- We manage and oversee the entire procurement process for commercial-scale licensed producers by providing them the necessary ancillary products, services, and technologies required for them to cultivate cannabis and/or hemp. 
- We assist cultivation facilities scale from small footprints to massive manufacturing operations by helping them implement ERP, MRP, Vendor Managed Inventory, Six Sigma, and Just-In-Time Inventory. 
- We are already managing a 1 million SF facility for one of the largest licensed producers in the US, who has licenses in over 10 states. This client also just signed a deal with one of the largest drug stores in the US to provide CBD products in 800 stores across 10 states. 
- We began revenue in Q4 2018 and reached $515,000 with projected 2019 revenues of $5.5MM based on the rollout of the 1MM SF facility. 
- We have access and are looking to bring onboard several patented technologies such as THC/CBD oral thin film, restructured water for irrigation to increase agricultural yields, and reformed liquid silica as an organic disinfectant and to treat powdery mildew, molds, and pests. 

The CIFT Group has started to unify and connect established companies in the Cannabis Industry across the product, distribution, consulting, financing, media, and technology sectors to create a vertically integrated company designed to go public onto a national exchange. We expect to be solely providing the necessary ancillary products, services, and technology for cannapreneurs to cultivate, process, and manufacture their products. Our potential listing is predicated on the fact that we are not directly involved in the production, distribution, or sale of cannabis because none of our business units will touch the plant. We expect that each of the verticals will cross-pollinate with the other verticals and provide additional margins, distribution channels, and potential solutions for our customers.

The CIFT Group will utilize a unique and aggressive approach to complete its acquisitions, funding, IPO, consolidation, and optimization. We will focus on three main themes to drive the organization forward: Integration, Innovation, and Impact.

• Integration – We focus on combining the existing companies for maximum efficiencies and profitability, centralizing non-revenue generating functions (HR, IT, accounting, etc.), and allowing business units to focus on customer service, profitability, and innovation.
• Innovation - We incorporate new, patented, and proprietary technologies into our existing product suite as well as utilizing technology to streamline our processes.
• Impact – We engage with social responsibility campaigns and our commitment to the environment that is part of our DNA.

The industry has seen an exponential increase in capital flow and mergers and acquisitions activity over the past several years. Cannabis companies across the globe are on pace to raise a record $8 billion by the end of 2018 as more companies go public and scale to meet growing demand, an analysis of recently released market data shows. According to Viridian Capital Advisors, which tracks fundraising and merger and acquisition activity across the industry, cannabis companies have raised a record $3.35 billion through March 15, 2019 – more than 43% increase year-over-year compared to same time period in 2018. 

We looking forward to seeing you at our booth, during our presentation, and our 1-on-1 meetings. If you have any additional questions, please contact us at or 561.628.8488.

C-Suite Bio's (Pitch Deck): Benjamin Lee – Chief Executive Officer & Chairman of the Board

Benjamin Lee has 20 years of entrepreneurial experience establishing and heading successful companies within the real estate, financial, investment, and cannabis industries. Mr. Lee has extensive knowledge in entrepreneurship, underwriting, financing, business consulting, capital raising, and organizational psychology. Mr. Lee was raised in an entrepreneurial family and started his business career as a teenager. He has also started multiple businesses in the real estate, finance, renewable energy, and cannabis industries. He has provided business consulting to multiple entrepreneurs in various industries such as real estate, HVAC installation and maintenance, trading and investing, healthcare and cannabis. He was the CEO of MedMar Technologies which is an infrastructure and technology provider to the cannabis industry and has been working on mergers and acquisitions for several public companies for the past several years. He has been invited to numerous conferences and events throughout the U.S. such as the Traders Expo and The Commercial Property Academy to present and educate on multiple topics such as real estate, investments and psychology. He received his Bachelor’s in Finance and Master’s in Entrepreneurship from the University of Florida, is a Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and has attained the Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) designation. 

Brian Tucker – Chief Operating Officer & Board Member

Brian Tucker is a globally recognized, award winning business executive and entrepreneur with Black Belt level training in Six Sigma Continuous Improvement Tools. Mr. Tucker earned a B.S. in Logistics and possesses over 20 years of experience at various levels of management in the high-tech sector as well as product OEMs supplying Big Box/mass merchants. In the 90's, Mr. Tucker worked with GE Leasing as their Assistant Operations Manager. Mr. Tucker was quickly hired away by Motorola where he became lead Business Operations, spent a year in Brazil and managed over 70 associates throughout Latin America. In the early 2000's, Mr. Tucker spent 3 years in China for Fiskars as General Manager where he opened a sourcing and engineering office which moved $130M in annual spend from Western to Eastern suppliers. In addition to his time in large corporations, Mr. Tucker started several successful businesses and brings over 10 years of indoor gardening industry experience. Mr. Tucker now desires to focus on making products for the US market by doing what he does best, finding the best suppliers, installing the best processes and ensuring superior customer satisfaction. 

Dean Skupen, CPA – Financial Consultant 

Over the past ten years, Dean S. Skupen has worked with small cap public companies, which tend to be of the entrepreneurial type searching for the next level of financing. Dean has provided high-level financial consulting services related to operating, accounting and reporting issues. He has developed an expertise in dealing with entrepreneurial clients involved in varies industries. Acting as an outside chief financial officer for these clients, he is able to help these clients deal with operational analysis, financing and financial statement reporting required to obtain the next level of financing. From preparing cash flow forecasts and analysis to preparing investor presentation, my experience has provided my clients the type of expertise that other accountants cannot come close to offering. 
Prior to Dean’s current consulting activities, he held various positions in CPA firms ranging from international to regional. Dean’s last position was a principal and business advisor at Stonefield Josephson, Inc. (now Marcum, LLP), California based CPA firm with five offices in California and Hong Kong. Dean provided auditing and consulting services to SEC reporting companies and entrepreneurial companies transitioning from privately held to publicly held. While at Stonefield Josephson, Inc., Dean was the senior principal in charge for consulting on high-level equity and debt derivative transactions for both public and private transactions. Dean has been involved in the public offering process with over hundred companies. Dean is very well experience with companies transitioning from the startup stage. Dean’s industries of concentration include micro-cap to mid-market publicly held companies in the manufacturing, distribution, technology, biotech, fintech, cannabis, and oil and gas.

Advisory Board Members

Michael Ng

Michael Ng serves as Chief Executive Officer of The Style Merchants Limited (Formerly North 22 Technology Services Group Limited) and has been its Executive Chairman since February 1, 2000. Prior to founding North 22 Technology Services Group Limited, Mr. Ng co-founded Legend Holdings Group Limited (“Legend”), (now known as Lenovo Group Limited, HKSE Stock Code: 992), in 1988, a company listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong in 1994. He co-founded Asia Online Ltd., an ISP in Asia in 1993. In 1999, he formed North 22 Technology Services Group in Hong Kong, the first Hong Kong-based company listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange. He has been Director of The Style Merchants Limited since February 1, 2000. As an IT and Internet veteran, Mr. Ng has over 35 years of experience in the technology sector in Greater China. Mr. Ng received his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from the Imperial College of Science and Technology in the United Kingdom.

Dario Echeverry 

Mr. Echeverry started his prolific career in Colombia where he was trained as an environmentalist and a civil engineer. In 1982, he established the first environmental engineering firm in Colombia, which provided environmental, engineering and construction services for 18 years to the oil companies working in the Amazon jungle. In the early 1990s, Mr. Echeverry directed the acquisition of the largest Colombian bank (Banco de Colombia). He was the President and CEO of the largest construction firm (Immobiliaria Bancol SA), co- directed the largest Colombian trust corporation (FiduColombia), and started the largest and most efficient fish farm in Colombia, producing up to 100 tons of tilapia per month. Mr. Echeverry was also instrumental in assisting the Colombian government in the justice process and imprisonment of Colombian drug dealers. In 2000, Mr. Echeverry emigrated to the United States and started Phone1 GlobalWide Inc., a telecommunications company that was listed on the NYSE. During his tenure as Founder, Chairman, and CEO, he developed the business plan for the prepaid telephony, including the prepaid cellphones, developed and sponsored the filling of 30+ patents in the telecom field, including one of the first platforms for the prepaid cellphones and the replacement of the debit cards and credit cards by the cell phones.
Currently, Mr. Echeverry is co-founder, partner, board member, and top executive of Global Energetix (Canada), Ocean Science Technologies (California), and Altered Labs LLC (Delaware). He is also partnering with publicly traded corporations fully dedicated to developing Green and Blue Technologies. These corporations are fully dedicated to create, develop, spread and implement Blue and Green technologies. These firms also work together with IGES Canada Ltd. to present, design and launch the projects all around the Globe. For the past 12 years, he has been fully dedicated to spread these technologies, including the development of an aqueous plasma gas, electromagnetically reformed liquid sand, an autonomous electric generator, amongst others. Mr. Echeverry was just awarded a patent pending, with two of his partners, for a technology to generate energy, heat and health through aqueous solutions. Mr. Echeverry attended Lycée Français Louis Pasteur and the Universidad de los Andes, both in Bogota, Colombia, and Harvard University’s School of Business extension. 

Dr. Jack Morris

Dr. John R. (Jack) Morris brings a strong combination of both technical and managerial skills to the management team. He has more than 20 years of expertise in electronics manufacturing and supply chain are directly applicable in the Efftec operations. In addition, he has experience managing manufacturing, people and budgets and implementing statistical process controls. Dr. Morris received a Ph.D. from Rutgers University in Materials Engineering in 1985. Jack began his career developing new ceramic materials and manufacturing processes at General Electric. He returned to Rutgers and earned his Ph.D. and as hired by Bell Laboratories. There he had a distinguished 20-year career as a materials scientist and manager for AT&T, Lucent and Alcatel-Lucent. His last 10 years there were spent in Supply Chain Networks - evaluating and establishing global supply chains. He developed and implemented no-clean soldering processes that enabled AT&T to eliminate environmentally harmful CFC’s from factories worldwide. He became a proponent of statistical process control (SPC) and Six-sigma methodology. When AT&T wanted to build a cellular phone factory his team selected, specified, installed and qualified lines capable of assembling circuit boards with less than 10 defects per million opportunities (DPMO). He ran Lucent’s reliability testing and failure mode analysis (FMA) laboratory for several years establishing a world-wide process for rapid solution of field failure issues. He established manufacturing and supply chain operations for LCD modules, high performance electronics packaging and high performance printed circuit boards. More recently, Dr. Morris has been CEO of Efftec International, a diversified supplier of lighting and other accessories used by farmers and gardeners. Using a limited budget, Jack has been able to help Efftec grow sales as a start-up to over $300,000 per year. Lastly, Jack has experience managing both technical and hourly personnel, managing large projects, and both expense and capital budgets. 

Fred Lee

Fred Lee has over 40 years of entrepreneurial experience in multiple industries, such as manufacturing, corporate re-engineering, real estate, renewal energy, and business consulting. During the 1970s, Mr. Lee established a manufacturing business with offices in Hong Kong, China, Philippines, and Malaysia manufacturing electronic products, appliances, and computer parts for companies such as Radio Shack, JC Penny, and Philips. Afterwards, Mr. Lee utilized his manufacturing and industrial experience to re-engineer processes for the hotel and hospitality industry during the 1980’s in the United States for clients such as Marriott saving them millions of dollars a year. In 1989, he commenced his real estate investment and private lending consulting business in Hong Kong, China, Costa Rica, and the United States. In 1997, Mr. Lee founded Radiant Solutions, Inc., a real estate investment company and through this entity facilitated numerous real estate and financing transactions. During 2000, Mr. Lee launched Progressive Financial Group that provides equity loan programs, mezzanine financing and joint venture opportunities to residential and commercial real estate investors from Asia and United States. In 2006, Mr. Lee anticipated the impending real estate and divested most of his real estate portfolio and began to invest in public companies. He has since invested in green-energy technologies, pharmaceutical, and cannabis companies. Mr. Lee was born in Hong Kong and lived in Hong Kong for 35 years where he established his trusted network with Asian investors. He is also the Chinese ambassador for the United States Green Energy Council.

Tracy Ryan

Tracy Ryan is the founder & CEO of CannaKids, a California-based brand with a focus on supplying medical cannabis oil tinctures and medical cannabis products to patients of all ages. She is also the CEO of CK Sciences whose sole focus is to execute pediatric human trials using cannabis medicine both in the U.S. and around the world. In addition, Tracy founded the 501c3 non-profit, Saving Sophie Inc ( Their mission is to provide educational resources and financial support to families whose loved one has been diagnosed with a serious disease. Since her infant daughter’s brain tumor diagnosis in June of 2013, Tracy has dedicated her life to educating herself on the medicinal powers of medical marijuana in treating her own daughter’s disease, as well as all other pediatric and adult cancers, autism, epilepsy and beyond. Tracy has worked on a global scale with families who are seeking education and treatment options for their loved ones, and has guided many patients to unheard of success. Tracy has partnered with, and is on the Advisory Board of, CURE Pharmaceutical, (OTCQB:CURR), (“CURE”), a leading disruptive drug delivery technology and pharmaceutical cannabinoid molecule development company, and the Technion Institute in Israel who is leading the way in cannabis research for cancer. Furthermore, CK Sciences & CURE are funding the next four years of this research where both pediatric and adult cancers will be studied for cannabinoid sensitivity.

Additionally, Tracy has successfully procured Sophie’s brain tumor tissue after a recent brain surgery at CHLA, and those cells are now being rigorously studied under the leadership of renowned cancer researcher Dr. Anadis Jewett at the UCLA School of Dentistry and a member of the UCLA Johnsson Comprehensive Cancer Center. Dr. Jewett has additionally implanted Sophie’s tissue into mice, one of which pumps human blood. These are the only mice of their kind in the world using Dr. Jewett’s patented procedure. Upon viewing the unique reactions in Sophie’s body due to the cannabis oil she’s taking, the team has since enrolled 2 more pediatric cancer patients who were medical miracles using CannaKids’ oil, an adult cancer patient, and are working to enroll 3 more patients to round out the study. The team’s goal is to bring to market more medical treatment options for those suffering from cancerous diseases. Tracy and CannaKids have been the recipient of several industry awards, furthering her strength in the cannabis community as a key player including Advocate of the Year, Cannabis Activist of the Year, and the Caregiver Award. She was also chosen to be one of only 9 people to be on the University of California at Irvine's Task Force that will work to design the first ever cannabis multidisciplinary college. Tracy and her family have been featured in many national and international news pieces including an appearance on The Doctors, National Geographic, Vice News, CNN, Entertainment Tonight, The Huffington Post, Telemundo, and many more. They are also the key focus of the Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein documentary, “Weed The People”.

Mike Tankel

As an experienced strategist and creative marketing executive, Mike believes in the audience—giving them what they want, will talk about and share. He has long been recognized for his work as a brand marketer at AT&T during the height of the long distance wars, an agency executive where he led the way in digital transformation of brands including College Club, Tampax and Hollywood Video among others, automotive campaigns for the likes of Acura, Lotus and Mitsubishi, packaged goods efforts for Jenny Craig, Beech-Nut, Balance Bar that led to acquisitions and investments and hospitality efforts that helped reinvent Cirque Du Soleil, imagine The Cotai Strip and help key resorts players MGM Hospitality and Venetian Sands expand around the world. Within the entertainment world Mike is recognized for leading digital and social strategy for The Twilight Saga where he grew a rabid fan base and turned it into a media channel as well as in developing positioning and creative direction for films including: Skyfall, Guardians of the Galaxy, Gatsby, Olympus Has Fallen, The Odd Life of Timothy Green and many more.

Sam Thomas

Sam Thomas has an extensive background in business and in science. In the past 8 years, Mr. Thomas has founded one scientific laboratory, Westcoast Separations in California, and co-founded, Hydrochrom Resources Limited in Lagos, Nigeria, in which he has sold his interest, but remains on the scientific advisory board. As a research scientist, Sam, managed separations labs, developed ground breaking methods for analysis, fractionation and extraction of small molecules using equipment like High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) and Supercritical Fluid Chromatography (SFC). As an effective manager/team leader, Mr. Thomas has a reputation for building new organizations or reenergizing and refocusing existing groups. His record shows an excellent track record delivering consistent, solid progress while staying on time and without compromising quality. Under his leadership and vision, the creation of lab equipment maintenance programs that enabled better asset management resulted and adopted globally by Amgen's Research and Development organizations. Mr. Thomas received his Master’s Degree in Analytical Chemistry, with an emphasis in chemical separations, from Northeastern Illinois University. He also holds a Bachelor’s degree from Chicago State University.

Growth Plan (Pitch Deck): Cannabis Infrastructure and Technology Group, Inc. (The CIFT Group) is a forward-thinking and well-positioned team of entrepreneurs and operators established to take advantage of the burgeoning, legal medicinal and recreational cannabis industries by assembling and vertically integrating established companies currently servicing the industry and acquiring patented technologies that aims to provide intrinsic competitive advantages, economies of scale, higher margins, and significant shareholder value. The CIFT Group is focused on providing ancillary products, services, infrastructure, and technologies to cannapreneurs throughout the entire supply chain from cultivation to extraction to manufacturing to wholesale distribution to retail. With our exciting portfolio of products, cost-savings production infrastructure, intellectual property, and skilled team of scientists, operators, business professionals, and cannabis experts, The CIFT Group aims to bring its established suite of products and services as well as its patented and proprietary technology-based solutions to upgrade the processes and protocols within the cannabis industry.

The CIFT Group’s aims to create a vertically integrated model that approaches each individual vertical of cultivation, extraction, testing, product manufacturing, distribution, and retail with established and new products as well as proprietary and patented technologies to increase efficiencies, cost savings, quality and consistency of products, margins, and the competitive advantages of those businesses within each vertical. The CIFT Group is differentiating itself from existing cannabis operations by taking a multi-pronged approach which includes rolling up existing product, distribution, financing, consulting, and media companies and infusing patented and proprietary technologies that will drive growth into the future. We will focus on our unique cross-pollination of technologies, strategic partnerships, existing product lines, and our continuing drive to innovate within the industry-at-large instead of the areas of the cannabis industry that lack barriers-to-entry and economies of scale such as cultivation and retail. Our focus on vertical integration and multi-platform synergies will allow The CIFT Group to be one of the leading seed-to-end product facilitators in the industry. The CIFT Group intends to offer a comprehensive suite of products, services, and technologies for seed-to-sale product support at every step in the process and, in doing so, establish its long-term dominance in the lucrative cannabis market. 

The CIFT Group has identified numerous established and start-up companies that have been servicing the cannabis industry by providing the proverbial pickaxes and shovels to cannapreneurs for them to cultivate and take advantage of the green rush as well as direct stakes and interest in entities that offer innovative and proprietary technologies in each and every stage of the process. This should allow for close collaboration throughout all of the verticals, provide a platform to launch new and existing products and technologies, and centralization of redundant tasks such as IT, HR, marketing, finance, which would improve the supply and value chain. This can also assist in reducing costs as efficiencies take root, which can continuously increase our competitive advantage as we unveil and continue to implement those available technologies and acquire additional companies. The CIFT Group aims to implement a comprehensive technology-based solution to extensively maintain its infrastructure to manage and effectively integrate all operations across its vertical structure.

Execution Plan

The CIFT Group aims to execute a multi-phase approach to consolidate, streamline, and implement all of the necessary systems and personnel to incorporate all of the business units and technologies. The goal of the consolidation is to increase our buying power and margins, eliminate redundancies and waste, centralize corporate functions so each company can focus on profitability, and utilize existing distribution channels to launch new products and technologies.
The first phase aims to progress from Letters of Intent to Definitive Agreements with all of the acquisition targets, perform all of the necessary financial audits and due diligence, and retain legal counsel and investment bank for the filing onto a national exchange. 
The second phase aims to file the necessary documents to list on a national exchange, conduct road shows, and begin the capital raising process. 
The third phase aims to close the capital raise and acquisitions as well as performing the Initial Public Offering onto a national exchange. 
The fourth phase aims to implement the consolidation plan for IT, HR, marketing, and accounting, close on all of the technology acquisitions, and continue identifying and closing additional acquisitions targets. 

In phase four, the consolidation plan intends to focus on centralizing all of the non-revenue generating functions and marketing to the main corporate office, which may allow each of the business unit operators to focus on customer service, new product lines, and augmenting their profitability. Each of the projects for marketing, human resources, finance, legal, and information technology are listed below.

In addition to the four phases, we aim to implement an automated RFID system to manage our inventory management system for our licensed producers. Our goal would be to minimize the amount of manpower required in the fulfillment process while maintaining extremely high levels of customer service and touch points. Also, we would want the system to be as simple for the licensed producers to follow without placing too much burden on them. By creating a robust management system, it will allow for us to expand our geographical reach as quickly as possible while maintaining economies of scale. 

Along with the centralization of non-revenue generating tasks and marketing, there may be a host of additional economies of scale that the CIFT Group will be integrating into its operations. We aim to work on consolidating and cross-pollinating our existing customer and supplier base, manufacturing and packaging infrastructure, and facilities to increase margins and our product offerings, and maximize our ability to raise capital. We aim to merge all customer information including social media into a centralized CRM system for use in marketing all of our products and services to the consolidated list of customers. We aim to also utilize the consolidated list of existing customers, associates, and investors to support our crowdfunding campaign, which will be a large part of our offering. We aim to aggregate all of our raw materials, product, marketing, and advertising purchases to receive lower prices and better terms from our suppliers and engage new suppliers that could decrease our costs, allow us to offer new products, and increase our competitiveness in the industry. We aim to look for cost savings through the maximization of existing manufacturing and packaging infrastructure that are currently underutilized and eliminate redundant or underperforming facilities or locations. We aim to move manufacturing and packaging for our different companies in-house instead of outsourcing and consolidate across all of the verticals. Another area for potential cost savings is aggregating and negotiating national volume discounts with shipping carriers and creating a logistics study to optimize distribution.

The CIFT Group aims also to implement myriad of internal programs and systems to ensure seamless integration of all of the business units, team member engagement, and campaigns that reflect our commitment to social responsibility. We aim to create a Leadership Team comprised of integral members of every business unit to draw from everyone’s experience and diverse background to solve challenges and issues. We also benchmark high-performing business units and locations to share best practices across the entire company as well as streamline process flows by capturing key metrics and data points. We identify the systems that will work best to streamline our processes, increase quality and consistency, and maximize profitability such as Six Sigma, Kaizen, Just-In-Time Inventory, etc. Team member engagement will be an important focus and is the linchpin to our success. We provide forums for all team members to share their perspectives and reward those who take the initiative to overcome challenges. A reward system will be created to incentivize all team members to deliver tremendous value to the company, our clients, and our shareholders. Also, we believe team members may be more effective if they are given the ability for advancement and can see their work contributing to a greater mission than just more revenues and a more profitable bottom line. We intend to provide continuing education to our team members and the ability to advance within the company while championing several social responsibility campaigns. 

The CIFT Group aims to be committed to operating with the utmost integrity and focused on improving the quality of life of people around the world by donating a minimum of 1% of its profits to several organizations that we believe will make a significant impact on the cannabis industry, healthcare, and the environment and taken measures to ensure our actions represent our core values and principals. We believe in the therapeutic benefits of cannabis and will donate to multiple organizations that are working on determining the most effective treatments for various illnesses such as cancer, PTSD, autoimmune diseases, and pain. We have identified several organizations that The CIFT Group will support such as CannaKids, Saving Sophie, Transverse Myelitis Association, and the Technion Institute who are the leaders in research for treatments with cannabis. In addition to our support of external organizations, The CIFT Group aims to have internal programs that will reduce our carbon footprint and negative impact on the environment such as sustainability initiatives, the proliferation of organic products and methods, and measures to reduce utilization of resources.

Investment Opportunities (Pitch Deck) : Investors can invest and participate in The CIFT Group’s potential in leveraging its vertically integrated structure of companies servicing the cannabis industry and its patented technologies and intellectual property portfolio that is poised to transform the industry. The CIFT Group is seeking to raise $3.5MM USD to facilitate its acquisitions and plans include going public on a national exchange. The CIFT Group is offering a $3,500,000 convertible note which will convert at a 30% discount to the IPO price. The convertible note will pay 8% per annum and will be secured by The CIFT Group’s assets. This round of funding is expected to close on or before March 31, 2019. 

The secondary round of funding will be for $25MM to fund all of the technology acquisitions, identify and fund additional acquisitions, and consolidation and centralization plans. We anticipate to close this round of funding before March 31, 2020.









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