ThingBlu. Inc

Company Name: ThingBlu, Inc.

Company Website:

Contact Name: Kevin Gorman

Contact Email:

What is your company's primary cannabis business?: Technology

Does your company touch the plant?: No

Company's Bio (Pitch Deck): A year was spent interviewing growers, processors, consultants and many others, it was clear that the data management tools available to other industries did not exist in cannabis. Tremendous amounts of time are spent searching for data and reconciling data. Up to 30 hours a week is spent on data. A tremendous loss of productivity. ThingBlu was built to operationalize data management and predictive analytics. A platform built specifically for the cannabis industry. We are implementing our beta clients with excellent results. One client realized a 5 month ROI.

C-Suite Bio's (Pitch Deck): Kevin Gorman, CEO/Founder: Team Awards: RFID Implementation of the Year Award; Inc. 500 Magazine - 500 fastest growing companies; #1 ranking of Most Preferred Manufacturer; PC Magazine Product of the Year Award - twice. 
Aristotle Vedant, VP Product Management: Contributed to $100M in growth over 12 months and a Top 50 ranking on the InformationWeek 500 list of Most Innovative Products. Leveraged business analytics to slashing costs by 60%. 
Jeremy Randolph, VP Software Development: Over 20 years experience in development; managed five teams, 26 developers and various business roles for the acquisition of a multi-million dollar acquisition.
Randy Carroll, Master Grower of Sales: Sales:Randy specializes in forming strategic partnerships and introducing new technology to emerging markets. Background includes contributing to the success of early startups such as Spry, Watchguard, eSafe and Isilon 
Brandon Carroll, Cultivator of Data: responsible for communicating customer requirements to the company's development team. He is also our Implementation Specialist and primary point of contact for client feedback and product requests.

Growth Plan (Pitch Deck): Market penetration strategy consists of a robust partner program, an alliance program, supported by a small but aggressive sales team.

Investment Opportunities (Pitch Deck) : ThingBlu has raised $240,000 and is seeking another $750,000 on a 10% interest bearing convertible note.


Dan Humiston