Company Name: TUFMED Inc

Company Website: http://www.TUFMED.com

Contact Name: Marc Wilson

Contact Email: marc@TUFMED.com

What is your company's primary cannabis business?: Other

Does your company touch the plant?: No

Do you authorize us to provide the following (Pitch Deck) information to our Members?: Yes

Company's Bio (Pitch Deck): CBD is now legal in sports yet no sports brand has established itself as the hero of the ”Sports Cannabis” category. TUFMED is a natural sports health brand, and we are currently exploring pivots that would enable the brand to scale within a new market.

We are looking to join forces with a brand that has the resources and opportunity to create the world’s largest sports cannabis brand offering natural products in various categories:

• Topical Analgesics and Hygiene
• Ingestible Pain Relief – NSAID/Opioid alternative
• Beverage - Performance, Hydration, Nutrition, Energy, Recovery
• Apparel – Performance, Style, Recovery, Safety

TUFMED is a unique hybrid of a sports brand and healthcare company. Knowing, intimately, what it means
to be an “ethical athlete” (an athlete who consumes organic, non-toxic, cruelty-free, eco-friendly, vegan,
and rules-compliant products) affords TUFMED perspective, motivation, and insight that is not found
inside most sports brands nor healthcare companies. Further, as a company built of athletes and health
advocates, TUFMED is guided by an innate responsibility to “do right” by athletes worldwide. To care for
them as our own family. The resulting ethos behind TUFMED’s R&D and Marketing strategies is unique
unto itself and sets TUFMED apart from the brands operating at the retail, clinical, and global levels. No
toxins, no banned substances, and no unethical practices. This is a key differentiator for the TUFMED
brand and aligns the Company with the emerging trends in health, wellness, and consumer retail.

C-Suite Bio's (Pitch Deck): EXPERIENCE
TUFMED knows that athletes, who are highly brand-allegiant and socially influential, are key market
drivers in any space they participate. Michael Jordan’s alignment with Nike has become a billion-dollar
“Jordan” brand driving the basketball shoe market. Red Bull’s and GoPro’s alignment with action sports
has created a billion-dollar energy drink and action sports camera market respectively. TUFMED believes
there is significant opportunity to be the first to formally align athletes with the $180 billion natural
products space to create the next billion-dollar sports brand through a best-in-class natural health &
wellness experience for all athletes.

TUFMED’s CMO is the former Director of Sports Marketing for Red Bull and currently manages production
for Red Bull TV and televised events. Through him, advisors, and other key relationships in sports talent

management and entertainment, TUFMED has nearly unlimited access to professional athletes, teams,
sports marketing, events, and broadcast opportunities worldwide. Therein lies TUFMED’s advantage:

Aligning with athletes raises awareness and brand validation, which enables TUFMED to become the best-
in-class natural health & wellness brand for athletes and the public who are influenced by athletes.

As the Company expands beyond health & body care (HBC) consumables and introduces innovative
hardware, software, service, and bio technologies across multiple verticals the Company will expand
beyond the natural products space into the larger health & wellness space, which includes clinical,
pharmaceutical, and high-scale global opportunities as well as insurance and financial services. Globally,
the “wellness” industry is valued over $3.4 trillion with preventative and personalized health valued over
$243 billion and complementary and alternative medicine valued over $113 billion. TUFMED has the
opportunity to become the Nike/Red Bull/GoPro of natural wellness. TUFMED may become the next
billion-dollar sports brand.

Growth Plan (Pitch Deck): MODERNITY
Legacy retail brands married to mass retail and (toxic) low-cost manufacturing practices are hemorrhaging
and many are dying in the post-Amazon, natural products revolution, which is now driving 70% of grocery
revenues. TUFMED is intentionally not built upon a marriage to a retracting mass retail industry and
conventional, profit-driven, toxic manufacturing practices. Quite the opposite, in fact. TUFMED’s beta
testing strategy of entering the market slowly with high-quality, ethical products over the past 3 years
while restricting retail sales and testing various market positions, manufacturing & distribution models,
packaging concepts, and pricing strategies has precluded it from suffering the same ill fate legacy brands

are experiencing. By not aligning itself with mass market retail the Company has found ideal product-
market fit in a direct-to-consumer and clinical model. A model built upon agility, self-reliance, and

scalability through in-house manufacturing, direct fulfillment, clinical distribution, and millennial-focused
marketing. All things the dying legacy brands cannot readily achieve nor pivot their model toward without
completely upsetting their current business.
The TUFMED brand is the only natural products brand designed around the top 3 trends driving the
consumer market: All natural, Made in the USA, and Millennial focused. More than 80% of those 18-34

are spending a quarter of their disposable income on health products and services. 35% of that same
demographic reduce spending in other areas to increase spending on health and wellness. TUFMED sees
that health and wellness—and the lifestyle associated with it—is the new Millennial status symbol and
TUFMED is positioned to become that generation’s healthy lifestyle icon.

TUFMED has spent the last three (3) years studying the natural products and health & wellness markets
putting 6 products into market and has identified emerging trends in technology, methodology,
consumer behavior, distribution, and regulation concerning product and service offerings. TUFMED
believes the natural health & wellness industry is on the verge of a massive tipping point. Post-funding,
these emerging trends will be addressed by the Company through vital activities in R&D, licensing,
partnerships, IP acquisition, marketing, manufacturing, and distribution positioning the Company for a 5-
year growth cycle.
The Company has identified the following among the fastest growing verticals within the natural sports
health & wellness industries. To address these markets, over the initial 5-year, post-funding period
TUFMED intends to develop, acquire, license, and commercialize IP across the following verticals with a
scaled, choreographed approach to each vertical.
ANALGESICS - creams that treat bruising, burns, wounds, rashes, infections, pain, and inflammation
BODY CARE - hygiene products like deodorant, soap, toothpaste, shampoo, and antibacterial sprays
BEVERAGE - consumable liquids that enable rehydration, sports recovery, and health optimization
FIRST AID - bandages, wraps, splints, tapes, and other items commonly found in first aid kits
PAIN - natural alternatives to opioids and NSAIDs utilizing CBD and botanical compounds
Note: TUFMED has encountered many technologies and products over the last 3 years that were
successfully developed and validated, but unsuccessfully commercialized. Many belonging to now defunct
businesses or grossly undercapitalized companies who are unable to commercialize their IP. Acquisition
and licensing will be a key activity in TUFMED’s R&D plan enabling TUFMED to quickly commercialize
innovative product and become a leader in natural health & wellness biotech.

Investment Opportunities (Pitch Deck) : PROJECTIONS
Globally, the “wellness” industry is valued over $3.4 trillion with preventative and personalized health
valued over $243 billion and complementary and alternative medicine valued over $113 billion. In North
America, athletes are one of the largest and most under-represented brand demographics in the natural
health landscape and in TUFMED’s opinion hold the greatest potential impact for brand awareness and
market growth in both natural products and the healthcare industries.
The TUFMED holding company anticipates generating revenues across its multiple subsidiaries operating
throughout North America and overseas. Post-funding, TUFMED anticipates achieving revenues of at
least $25m within 5-7 years. Companies in TUFMED’s space are trading at approximately 10x, giving a
company like TUFMED generating $25m in revenues a potential valuation of $250 million + IP portfolio
and assets.

In Q1 of 2019 the Company is seeking $8m in growth capital to produce inventory, introduce new
products, initiate large-scale digital marketing programs, make key hires, and establish its headquarters
in Charlotte, NC where it will manage all aspects of R&D, manufacturing, marketing, distribution, and legal
activities. Once funding is secured, Charlotte’s EDC is available to provide various tax incentives and grants
to TUFMED to develop its headquarters facility within any of the City’s designated development corridors,
which are earmarked for “innovative technologies” and “sports-related operations” in 2019-2020.


Dan Humiston