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Company Name: Jenny's Baked At Home

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Contact Name: Jenny Argie

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What is your company's primary cannabis business?: Investing

Does your company touch the plant?: Yes

Do you authorize us to provide the following (Pitch Deck) information to our Members?: Yes

Company's Bio (Pitch Deck): Thank you for interest in Jenny’s Baked at Home the license holder for New York’s CBD extraction and processing facility for New York's finest HEMP. As you know, we are opening our doors for investment, our New York license secured under the 2018 Farm Bill... we are ready to break ground with you as a partner.

This $2.1 billion hemp industry, is advancing swiftly. The facility plans are in place with a budget to process raw CBD HEMP biomass into crude, distillate & isolate with a distribution license attached to it. This gives our partners the ability to wholesale and white label products. The new licenses that will be granted by NY State will not have the ability to do all that we can do. 

The quality of our New York CBD HEMP and the versatility and expertise of our staff enable us to meet and exceed the has the revenue streams and projections presented in our financial model and plan. 

You’ve probably read about the nearly 7,000-pound hemp shipment in Idaho that was seized. A big decision was just issued for what constitutes hemp under the 2018 Farm Bill with a decision on a temporary injunction from a district court in Idaho. 

The court has issued a preliminary decision.

Basically, it denies the company, Colorado-based Big Sky Scientific, a temporary restraining order to get its hemp returned because significant questions about the hemp being shipped remain.

The court explained that there is a question as to whether the 2018 Farm Bill's requirements — that states must establish a farm program and the Federal Agriculture Department must establish a hemp review program — need to be put in place before the protections of the Farm Bill actually take effect. 

In other words, the hemp being transported across state lines could not have been hemp that is protected under the 2018 Farm Bill, because it is not hemp that is produced under the particular state's hemp plan as approved by the 2018 Farm Bill. 

This puts us in a unique position to establish one of the key processing facilities in NY State for NY grown hemp. And, this creates a significant opportunity for investors. The ROI analysis has been calculated with a conservative lens and will remain stable. Please take a look at the attachment presentation and I will follow-up with you to schedule a call/meeting too move this conversation forward. Time is of the essence as the demand for our services is expanding. 

To set up a meeting please contact me, Jenny Argie at 917-609-3517 

I look forward to hearing from you!

All the very best to you and yours!

C-Suite Bio's (Pitch Deck): Jenny Argie: President, mother,cancer survivor, cannabis advocate. 
Julie Dustin: Account Manager, mother, watershed specialist, cannabis advocate.

Growth Plan (Pitch Deck): Please email us to receive the deck

Investment Opportunities (Pitch Deck) : Please email us to receive the deck


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