Company Name: BLAZE

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Contact Name: Chris Violas

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Company's Bio: BLAZE was founded in 2016 and went into production in September 2016 with 5 dispensaries. Since then, BLAZE has grown to over 70 dispensaries in 4 states. We have also launched BLAZE Distribution which is specific compliance software for Distributors. BLAZE is incredibly detailed in everything we do - we go deeper in functionality and integrations than any other software in the market. This is due to our 30 years+ hands on involvement in the cannabis space. From owning a dispensary to writing the cannabis legislation for the city of Long Beach, we come from the space and bring our robust technology and compliance backgrounds together. We believe heavy in partnerships as a key pillar to success. As you can see from our website, we have over 17 deep integrations with some of the best technology providers in the space such as GreenRush, iHeartJane, Headset, BDS Analytics, Linx, Zodaka and Weedmaps.

C-Suite Bio's: Chris Violas is the founder and CEO of BLAZE, a cannabis track and trace software platform. Chris has more than seven years’ experience in the Cannabis industry where he owned, operated and sold a successful delivery dispensary. Chris also has an extensive technology background where he has worked for Amazon Web Services (AWS). Chris works daily with dispensaries and distributors on maintaining compliance and optimizing operations.

Paul Violas (Chief Compliance Officer) - Established California medical cannabis law attorney who has represented over 100 dispensaries, growers, manufacturers and individual distributors. An expert in cannabis compliance and principal author of the Long Beach Medical Cannabis Business Citizens initiative. 

Manh Do (CTO) - Software developer who has delivered over 20 mobile applications for enterprise clients such as Samsung, Apple and HTC. Manh has managed several multi-million dollar technology projects with teams ranging in size from 8 to 35 engineers.

Growth Plan: BLAZE has established strong market presence in Southern California and expanding our sales and support team. Additionally, we are a 16 person development team that is working on delivery of BLAZE Extract, our manufacturing software, and BLAZE Grow, our cultivation software. We are raising capital to complete BLAZE Extract and BLAZE Grow as well as build out our sales and support teams to handle east coast clients.

Does the Company Touch the Plant?:  No


Dan Humiston