INVESTOR: Cliintel Capital Management Group

Company Name: Cliintel Capital Management Group (CCMG)

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Contact Name: Richard Batenburg Jr.

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Company's Bio: Cliintel Capital Management Group, LLC (CCMG) is a premier cannabis venture capital and consulting firm that provides funding to companies in the heavily regulated industries of finance and cannabis. CCMG is the first firm to receive Qualified Institutional Investor (QII) designation by the State of Colorado for its investment fund. CCMG’s portfolio companies provide fee-based operational management to subsidiaries and its consultancy clients. The shared resource model allows CCMG to mitigate expenses, while its consultancy enables the evaluation of potential acquisitions. Major verticals include cultivation, extraction, hardware, dispensaries, distribution, media, compliance, training, data, marketing and financing.

C-Suite Bio's: Richard (Rich) Batenburg Jr., fund manager/founder. Richard (Rick) Batenburg III, Founding Partner-Investor Relations, Venture Capitalist previous financial advisor at Merill Lynch Wealth Management. 

About Rich Batenburg:
Richard M. Batenburg, Jr. has over 35 years of proven success as an entrepreneur and business owner/ operator managing all aspects of business from strategic and tactical planning through to execution. He has directed the marketing, sales, promotion, publicity, and public relations for public and private companies. He has also streamlined technology infrastructure, business processes, and practices and established strategies to maximize profitability while reducing costs. 

Batenburg excels at “end-to-end” processes to help frontline employees deliver products and services to customers and published a book titled Change Is Great-Be First! In 2015 having pivoted from the Cable/Broadband/Telco industry to Cannabis. 

He is the founder of many startups in Software, Consumer Goods, Consulting and Finance in dozens of industries, focusing the past 5 years in Cannabis and Hemp. Batenburg concentrates his time on financing of cannabis businesses and is the badged owner of several Colorado Cultivation, Extraction and Dispensary licenses, lives in Denver, CO with wife and three children.

Growth Plan: CCMG will continue to deliver for our investors with our expertise in all aspects of the cannabis industry including cultivation, extraction and retailing. Similar to what we did for The Clear, we aim to provide top-level, comprehensive support in compliance, training, data-tracking, marketing and financing through our growing list of subsidiary companies and outside startups.

Does the Company Touch the Plant?: No


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