Company Name: Gofire

Company Website: https://gofire.co/

Contact Name: Peter Calfee

Contact Email: peter@gofire.co

Company's Bio: Peter Calfee is a health-technology entrepreneur and founder of GoFire, a life-science focused initiative, laying the framework for the future of alternative health. He believes research-based initiatives are the only way to unlock the inherent value of alternative medicine, and intends to continue laying new clinical frameworks that validate the medicinal efficacy of phytomedicine.

C-Suite Bio's: Peter Calfee, CEO, University of Colorado. Jeanette Russell, COO, history as Director of Finance at Kodo Kids and Full Contact Inc, BS Accounting, University of Phoenix. John Woodbine, Founder and architect, previous Cannabis Specialist at Terrapin Care Station, University of Rhode Island. Joe Keenan, CTO, MBA from Babson College, Masters Degree in Biomedical Engineering at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Maximilian Schnurrenberger, Chief of Staff and VP of Operations.

Growth Plan: Growth Plan (Please provide a brief company growth plan):The Gofire team is committed to helping patients control their medicine and realize the medicinal and therapeutic benefits of alternative health products through a new take on wellness innovation. Gofire is the coalition of education, products, and community in the palm of your hand. Everything they do is to help consumers find products and doses best suited to the individual need of the patient. With this end goal in mind, Gofire is partnering with cannabis brands by putting QR codes on specific products in retail locations across the US, allowing the community to share specific feedback on how products make them feel. The Gofire goal is to provide a platform for crowdsourced education and clinical research thereby bringing clarity and choice to alternative health

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