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Company's Bio: Stem Holdings Inc. (OTCQB: STMH CSE: STEM), has positioned itself as a leader in the U.S. cannabis industry by building state-of-the-art licensed solutions that include: cultivation, processing and retail properties across multiple U.S. markets. As an innovative company, Stem acquires and improves properties for cannabis industry operators and provides turn-key solutions for vetted, marijuana-based businesses including but not limited to edibles, marijuana and hemp cultivation, extraction, and processing. These cannabis companies have developed an extensive portfolio of award-winning consumer-facing brands, partnering with well known, branded cannabis operators with a proven track record of success, such as TJ’s Gardens, Cannavore, incredibles, Dose-ology and Yerba Buena. 

Stem is actively working with major academic sources to provide further research and scientific studies for the cannabis industry.

Stem Holdings founded the Forest Initiative with our partners TJ's Gardens. This program has been offering any child in need of no-cost cannabis therapy in the Pacific Northwest since 2014. The main goal is to provide children with life-saving medicinal cannabis in a way that does not create an undue financial burden on existing struggling families.

Stem Holdings has the opportunity to shape an industry that is still evolving. With this in mind, we only partner with companies that have value diversity within their team and utilize sustainable cultivation techniques. Our goal is to have a positive impact on the communities and the environment that we serve.

Adam earned a degree in finance and hospitality management from Cornell University and an MBA from the University of Miami School of Business. He was formally Chief Executive Officer of Osmio (currently GrubHub), the first patented web-online food ordering system. Adam is a founder of HYD For Men, an artisanal men’s grooming company that patented the first solution to extend the life of a razor blade by 400%. Adam is also the principal founder of PPI, a company that patented the first paper water bottle that is fully biodegradable, recyclable and compostable. 

Steve has thirty-five years of experience in operations, product and process engineering. He successfully planned and implemented a turnaround strategy for a semiconductor design and manufacturing company, BIT which was sold to PMC-Sierra for more than $1 Billion. Steve is the Director/Controller of North American operations at Advanced Micro Devices. After serving in the United States Air Force, Steve became an auditor for Arthur Andersen.

Geoff was formally the President of one of the first companies in Oregon to receive a recreational cannabis production license. He holds a PhD in Communication & Media Studies and Masters of Community & Regional Planning. Geoff has a professional background in public policy, having worked as a City Planner for Oregon’s Business Development Department and a Campaign Manager for a State Senator.

Jessica M. Feingold is licensed to practice law in Florida, Colorado, Texas and D.C. and is a Steering Committee Member of the ABA TIPS Cannabis Law and Policy Task Force. She graduated Cum Laude and earned her Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Miami. She received her J.D. from Nova Southeastern Shepard Broad Law Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and a Master’s of Law from the University of Miami School of Law, where she received her LL.M. in Real Property Development. Jessica was General Corporate Counsel for Medically Correct, LLC d/b/a incredibles, one of Colorado’s largest marijuana infused product manufacturers. She has focused her legal practice on regulatory compliance, products liability, intellectual property, business development and transactions, mergers and acquisitions, employment law and commercial real estate matters.

Mauria is the founder of one of the first cannabis creative agencies, Potency. Since founding Potency in 2014, she has lead brand development for some of the most successful cannabis companies currently on the market. Her affinity for emerging markets and collaborating with industry leaders, has lead to an international client roster that includes cannabis businesses across the United States.

Growth Plan: Stem Holdings sees themselves becoming a seed-to-sale nationwide brand selling both THC and CBD products for medicinal and recreational consumption (legalities permitting). They aim to create the most natural, organic, high-quality products for all consumers on the market. Long-term, Stem Holdings is not focusing solely on the recreational market but plans to expand into the CBD market as it will become all-encompassing in the future.

Stem Holdings Inc is currently active in Oregon, Nevada & Oklahoma, with plans to expand: California, Rhode Island, Florida, and New Jersey.

Does the Company Touch the Plant?: Yes


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