Company Name: Zodaka

Company Website: http://www.zodaka.com

Contact Name: David Ehrlich

Contact Email: david@zodaka.com

Company's Bio: The Zodaka Payment Platform is the safest, most reliable high risk payment system on the market. Via their cutting-edge platform, Zodaka is able to provide fully compliant, 100% domestic payment processing without reserves, chargebacks, high fees, or risk of shutdown. Merchants can sign-up in one to two days, customers in one to two minutes. 

Built with CBD and Cannabis in mind, Zodaka enables merchants to sell the products they want without having to deal with massive cash deposits, offshore credit card workarounds, spinner accounts, point of banking solutions, or any other risky electronic payment alternative. Zodaka is essentially a payment button which plugs into a merchant's ecommerce shopping cart page. Customers click the Zodaka button, quickly create an account, and they are immediately ready to pay. No pre-loading or extended underwriting required. Zodaka's proprietary system operates via direct bank-to-bank deposits which settle in one to three business days, so you never need to worry about storing funds with a third party. Our system is totally compliant and legal to operate in all fifty states. While Zodaka is currently only operating in online ordering and sales, they have plans to move into in-store retail in the coming months.

The Zodaka concept was first conceived by Jordan Friedman and David Ehrlich while the pair was still in high school, and with the help of Jordan's father Jeffrey the team was able to launch Zodaka in mid-2017.

C-Suite Bio's: Jordan Friedman, Co-Founder & CEO, former student at U.C. Santa Barbara.
David Ehrlich, Co-Founder and COO, former student at C.U. Boulder.
Jeffrey Friedman, Co-Founder, President and Chairman of the Board, seasoned entrepreneur and practicing plastic surgeon. 
Nico Sesma, Co-Founder & CIO, seasoned programming and design professional. 
Ben Strawbridge, CPO, former developer for MOG and Beats Music.

Growth Plan: Zodaka is currently creating major partnerships with regional players in order to roll out our system to many merchants and businesses in our targeted markets as rapidly as possible. This will allow us to expand very quickly and gain a significant amount of market share.

Does the Company Touch the Plant?:  No


Dan Humiston