Diagnostic Lab Corporation

Company Name: Diagnostic Lab Corporation, Inc.

Company Website: http://diagnosticlabcorp.com

Contact Name: Dylan Hirsch

Contact Email: dylan@diagnosticlabcorp.com

Company's Bio: Diagnostic Lab Corporation (DLC) is a Food and Agriculture Safety holding company. Utilizing multi-strategies, proprietary food technology and medical science, DLC ensures product quality, safety and truth in labeling for all ingestible products including medical and recreational cannabis. DLC, through its subsidiary Dirigo Food Safety provides audits, advisory and certifications. DLC also maintains research partnerships, created the first ISO compliant certification in Cannabis, and developed global solutions for physical, chemical and microbial risk. The DLC mission is to ensure quality, safe creation and consumption from seed-to-sale or farm-to-table.

C-Suite Bio's: Alan Hirsch, CEO, 30 year career in investment banking, finance, and merchant banking. Stephen Brenner, MD, 35 year career as an orthopedic surgeon. Dylan Hirsch, EVP, Marketing and Operation specialist with a 10 year career in marketing.

Growth Plan:

Does the Company Touch the Plant?:  No


Dan Humiston