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Company Name: IllumeSense

Company Website:

Contact Name: Markie Esmailian

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Company's Bio: Imagine a 6.2 feet man who weighs only 130 pounds, desperate to help him his daughter turns to cannabis as she has heard about the medical benefits it provides. After weeks of searching the internet for help and not finding a health professional she can trust, she buys what she thinks may work. Fast forward 2 months, 5 different products, hundreds of dollars spent and none of the medicine was effective. Coming from the healthcare industry and understanding of what patient care is about and how data can help improve outcomes, she started IllumeSense. 
IllumeSense is a technology startup to benefit the medical cannabis community and industry. A virtual cannabis care management platform (VCCM) to connect patients in need to certified cannabis care providers for support and safe products. We aim to close the gap in effective cannabis care. Our long term goal is to build the Global Cannabis Clinical Database (GCCD) to educate patients about health benefits of the plant, to support cannabis care providers with clinically reliable data, to accelerate medicine development and most importantly to pass on the knowledge to future generation of medical cannabis patients and their families.

C-Suite Bio's: Markie Esmailian, MBA - Founder and CEO. 22 years in the healthcare industry's commercial space with strong business acumen. She is a hacker and a hosteler, not afraid to roll up her sleeves to make things happen. She has a MBA from SDSU (go Aztecs), she is a board member for a nonprofit, volunteer for San Diego Civic Youth Ballet and adviser to SDSU's business school graduates. 

Debbie Davis-Scharoun, CLS - VP of clinical operations. Debbie has expertise in toxicology and contributed to the advancement of science for over 25 years. She has held leadership roles in both large multinational companies and startups. 

Ed Sahakian is a serial entrepreneur in the technology space who started as a coder at age 15. Deep knowledge of technology and business helping startups build the tools necessary to bring products to market.

Growth Plan: IllumeSense is developing its minimally viable product. IllumeConnect is our phase I virtual cannabis care management (VCCM) platform to bring cannabis patient, providers and products together. 
Phase II will be to add virtual education platform designed and delivered by certified clinicians for patients as subscription and packaged for industry as a marketing tool for patient engagement and retention product. 
Phase III is to build the global cannabis clinical database (GCCD) platform, where AI tools will be applied to data to accelerate research and product development.
Our exit will be pharma or large industry player in the consumer or manufacturing space.

Does the Company Touch the Plant?: No


Commercials starting at $75.00


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