How to be a guest on MJ Bulls Podcast

Companies interested in being a guest can submit a Guest Application or can email a request to    Applicants must be an existing cannabis company that is raising capital or a company that is actively investing in the cannabis industry. 

Will the company's offering be made public

Featured companies can share as much or as little about their investment opportunity as they prefer.   Of course the more information that is shared the better the opportunities.   Guest are encouraged to provide an advance copy of their offering to be posted on the MJBulls website to generate pre-show interest.   Guests may also share a summary of their offering to the general public and a more detailed version to MJBulls Members.   

Are there any obligations

It is 100% free, guest do not pay to be on the MJBulls Podcast nor are they responsible for any deal commission or any other post-show compensation.     Additionally, guests are not obligated to complete their deals.  The MJBulls Podcast provides a free platform for companies to discuss offering, what they do after is entirely up to them.


What additional company information

Each podcast episode has it's own unique page that includes information about the guest's company.    Guest provide as much or as little information as they like; podcast are listened to at all times so information like the company name, contact information, company bio, executive team bio... should be included.

Where does the interview take place

Interviews take place in many locations including the guest headquarters, cannabis trade shows, MJBulls Live podcasts and over the phone.   


Can the information on the Investment offering be changed or removed.

Yes, the pages are designed to be fluid to adapt to changes as they occur throughout the deal.   Any aspect of the deal can be changed at anytime and for any reason.  Most changes are made within 24 hours.