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Mark Denzin: [00:00:03] A members only block chain based which means that the trades cannabis related transactions between exchange members is a B2B platform that offers competitive pricing from traditional bank movement pricing. We partnered with national bank companies to offer the number one solution is going to be out there today.

 Dan Humiston: [00:00:23] From Buminit media it's the MJBulls podcast a show about raising capital in the cannabis industry

 Dan Humiston: [00:00:35] I'm Dan Humiston. On today's show how Mark Denzin's company C2 LLC. He's using crypto. Currency. Block chain technology to cure Cannabis Company headaches

 Dan Humiston: [00:00:50] Hey Mark how are you doing.

 Mark Denzin: [00:00:52] Fantastic How about yourself.

Dan Humiston: [00:00:53] I'm doing great. Super excited to have you on the show today. I can't wait to hear all about cryptocurrency and block chain technology. And hey before we get into that let's talk a little bit about you.  tell the listeners your background and what got you to cannabis.

Mark Denzin: [00:01:08] I'm a serial entrepreneur from day one and able to create businesses that have value and move forward. I've been fortunate enough to be part of companies like GoDaddy dotcom in the early days and endurance International.

 Mark Denzin: [00:01:23] both Web hosting companies you might know some of the brands from cow. gater and a number of other brands that we've worked with over the past to enable them to be successful. We've taken those companies public and really enables the customer experience is what drives our success.

 Dan Humiston: [00:01:41] those are big names.

 Mark Denzin: [00:01:42] Yeah. Lot of fun. And really in the early days of the main names and web hosting really applies to my current venture as well. Back then it was technology was changing the world and people were building websites to drive e-commerce and business.

 Mark Denzin: [00:01:56] And with our current venture utilizing block chain technology we're going to be able to create that same type of growth pattern similar to what we did in the Go Daddy and names powered you are definitely on to something with cryptocurrency like I don't know a lot about.

 Dan Humiston: [00:02:12] from what I understand it has the power to change every aspect of our lives. I know last year it got a ton of attention.

 Mark Denzin: [00:02:22] Yeah and there's some great things that happened in cryptocurrency and block change over the past few years. One of the best things I tell people that happen to groups like ours is Bitcoin went up to almost twenty thousand dollars. And the second best thing that happened it went down to only six thousand dollars. It really grabbed the attention of a lot of interested people didn't understand it before and maybe still don't.

 Mark Denzin: [00:02:44] But then what they did find out the the understanding volatility that can be round a non asset backed cryptocurrency model as that is really help people come to the future and go. What more can it do.

 Dan Humiston: [00:02:58] Well what you're doing right now is one example of what more can do I know the cannabis industry everyone knows is plagued by a banking problem and you can probably elaborate more on that.

 Mark Denzin: [00:03:08] Yeah for sure. So one of the biggest problems is banking in the cannabis in his stream and handling so much cash. So what we offer is the ability to have a bank account that goes through Traditional Banking methodology.

 Dan Humiston: [00:03:21] Wow. I don't mean to cut you off but having a full bank account for a cannabis company right now is huge. Be able to pay bills keep your money safe and I have to deal with all that cash. That's a game changer. your platform is designed for business to business like dispensaries to grows   Can you explain how of the SC2 platform works

 Mark Denzin: [00:03:55] The biggest problem again is once you get the monies into the bank right away how do I transmit that to other business to pay a bill or whatever may be. And so right now if you wired money you can transmit information. But it doesn't really capture the known source of funds. It doesn't capture the background checks and all the data that comes around the principles of that company and it doesn't capture the reason for that transaction. So what block chain it does for us allows. We partnered with integrated compliance solutions which is a full BSA Bank Secrecy Act software that allows cannabis related businesses and banks to bank it. They connect all the seed to sale systems and allow to capture all that known source of funds. So we developed was to allow somebody working with our national bank partner to offer a compliance package that's really going to make sense for every client that's out there and the cannabis related business that wants to continue doing business in a manner that's really going to make a difference for not only their company but their investors to feel more secure that they know they're a legitimate business. They are doing legitimate bank transactions and we will not have any issues from that so the investor actually feels more comfortable working with a solution like ours and to enable them to get their money back out of their investment as they expect.

 Dan Humiston: [00:05:17] One thing that most people are concerned about when it comes to crypto currency is how safe is it. If I convert my cash into crypto will it be safe. So security was probably the most important thing to see to it is it is so.

 Mark Denzin: [00:05:34] As you join our platform it's a members only platform. We offer full banking services that come with it. So we have to do full background checks on everybody have to understand that the folks that are going to be on our platform are 100 percent compliant. That's the first piece so the comfortability of knowing we transmit my information and the value of what I'm purchasing is going to fit their requirements state and local level. That's probably one of the greatest things we're going to do today. The biggest problem is cash and we've seen more cash than I could ever think was available on the streets and most businesses have been put in this position because either they didn't feel comfortable the financial institution or that wasn't a financial intuition to allow that. And so law enforcement is really excited to work with local governments because we do multiple things. We help get the cash off the streets. We enable the government to track and understand the tax liability allow better and be able to not do cash transactions because there's three ways where they can move money these days. I can throw money in the back of my bar and go to one place for another hundred thousand dollars or more. That doesn't sound very safe I can hire armed personnel to do that or an armored car and all those have risk costs and liability.

 Dan Humiston: [00:06:53] So obviously SC2 has to expand quickly and you're right now in the middle of a capital raise. Can you share with our listeners your investment offering.

 Mark Denzin: [00:07:02] C2 is currently raising 4.25 million dollars.  We're offering 85 units at $50,000 dollars a unit which is 32 percent.

 Dan Humiston: [00:07:41] So I also heard that you're giving your customers an opportunity to become investors is that correct.

 Mark Denzin: [00:07:47] Yes so for investors that are looking at C2 and banking solutions that allow compliant transactions we actually have a number of current cannabis related businesses that have invested with us. Not only can you invest with us and see great returns but you can also become a customer within our ecosystem to so most of the folks we talked to that are interested in investing are already going to be on our platform so you have a choice you can be a customer where you can be an investor in customer and share on the upside and how we generate our income.

 Dan Humiston: [00:08:20] OK to recap for our listeners you're raising 4.25 million dollars which is 32 percent of your company. eighty five units. Fifty thousand dollars per unit. So can you take a minute to explain to us your expansion plans and how you intend to use the money.

Mark Denzin: [00:08:38] Part of the reason for the raise is  to set up a complete ecosystem in our first market is California. It's obviously the largest economy in the world saw our clear first pick to do where to go. the next one is Nevada where a headquarters is and also integrating compliance solutions is there as well. So it is a natural fit. We're very close to the government there they're working with and it's enabled us to move forward with energy companies their attack group so we can enable that business to pay taxes utilizing our block chain. You can pay your area because you pay your landlord. We've really built a really nice ecosystem for the future here.

Dan Humiston: [00:09:24] Okay you to start in California then expand to Nevada. Got it. Before we went on you talked to me about the CBD exchange which sounded super exciting. Can you share with our listeners the details.

 [00:09:38] Of course, just recently and it's not our current pitch deck as we've had so many CBD related businesses that have been asking me to create a B2B exchange for them and we just actually approved Monday night to move forward to create a B2B hemp exchange to allow nationwide businesses to transact and raw product distillate isolate crude and type of CBD product they can bank on our platform.

 Dan Humiston: [00:10:23] Mark this is a really exciting deal and I know there's going to be a lot of interest. We have your pitch deck video on the MJ bulls website. MJ bulls.com but if people want more information or if they want to talk to you directly how should they get in touch with you.

 Mark Denzin: [00:10:40] Yeah I'm fully comfortable giving out my own personal cell phone number

 Dan Humiston: [00:11:06] Thanks for being with us today. You get a really exciting deal. I can't wait to see how this thing comes together.

 Mark Denzin: [00:11:12] Really appreciate you having us on the show. We're looking forward to speaking all the investors and listeners that you have. So thank you for your time.

 Dan Humiston: [00:11:18] Well good luck and let's stay in touch

Dan Humiston: [00:11:24] Thanks for listening to the MJ bulls podcast to see today's guest pitch deck or to apply to be a guest. Visit our Web site at the MJbulls.com if you like the show give us a review on iTunes. Today's show is produced by Bumnit media. I'm Dan Humiston you've been listening to the MJBulls podcast.