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Cannabis is now being used for so much more than getting people high.  This once demonized plant is now embraced for the revolutionizing impact it's having on almost every conceivable product. Hemp Barons is a new show produced by MJBulls Media that features the companies, products and entrepreneurs that are using hemp to make everything better.   In this episode we learn about the show and previews some of the upcoming guests who are using hemp to change to world. 

Produced By MJBulls Media.

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Dan Humiston:
Today Show and the following message are brought to you by Trevett Hill cannabis investors expect big returns from the companies that they invest in. Unfortunately not all cannabis investments succeed. Trevor Hill's management team works with investors to help turnaround or in some cases purchased their underperforming portfolio companies to learn more. Go to Trevetthill.com

Dan Humiston:
as someone once said to me if cannabis were a cherry pie marijuana would be just be one cherry in the pie on Hemp Barons we plan to explore the rest of the cherries in the pie. from MJ MJBulls Media it's the MJ Bowles podcast a show about Raising Cannabis Capital. hemp.

Dan Humiston:
Dan Humiston and on today's show how the passing of the farm bill has created opportunities that are exceeding everyone's expectations.

Dan Humiston:
Today on the show we don't have a guest because on today's show we're going to talk about a new podcast that's launching next week called Hemp Barons for our listeners have no fear the MJBulls Podcast is going to continue unchanged. We're going to air another episode on Friday. But for today I want our show to focus on Hemp Barons. Since the passing of the farm bill at the end of the year we've received a ton of hemp companies applying to be guest on the MJBulls Podcast so we thought let's create a brand new podcast just for the hemp companies entrepreneurs and products that are using this amazing plant to change the world. I'm going to start off as the host but I plan to have at least a couple co-hosts to help me shoulder this project because cannabis is so complex and there's no way that any one person can know everything that you need to know about this plant. As someone once said to me if cannabis were a cherry pie marijuana would just be one cherry in the pie on Hemp Barons we plan to explore the rest of the cherries in the pie. We have a bunch of shows already recorded including a show about an organic hemp farmer in Montana a company that makes wood stain with hemp oil a company that supplies seeds and baby plants to farmers in Oregon. Hemp processing co-op in Colorado in a CBD micro brand with a license to grow extract manufacture and distribute in New York State from the farmers that grow the plant to the companies that use the plant to improve their products and everyone in between. We are going to do shows all about hemp and how it's changing the world. So if you're a Hemp Barons and want to share your hemp company or hemp product story on the show please fill out a guest application at MJBulls.com. Our first show is a two part show with Part 1 airing on Sunday March 17th and Part 2 airing on Tuesday March 19.

Dan Humiston:
After that a new Hemp Barons show will drop every Tuesday. So just one final reminder if you are an MJ bowl subscriber on i tunes or sketches or Spotify Hemp Barons is a brand new podcast. So in order for it to come up on your feed you'll need to subscribe to it to have a great day. We'll see you again on Friday for a new episode of MJbulls and on Sunday for the very first episode of Hemp Barons. Just a quick reminder that you can become an MJBulls member for just four dollars and ninety nine cents per month and enjoy exclusive access to companies pitch decks and the MJBulls cannabis capital directory joined today at MJbulls.com.

Dan Humiston:
Thanks for listening to the MJBulls Podcast. To learn more about today's guest or to become a guest. Visit our Web site at MJBulls.com. Today's show was produced by M.J. MJBulls Media with original music composed by Jamie Humiston. I'm Dan Humiston and you've been listening to the MJBulls Podcast.

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