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The "Cannabis Investor Spotlight" shines on Nic Easley MultiVerse Capital's CEO and Fund Manager as he shares valuable insight and advice for both companies that are raising cannabis capital and people who are investing cannabis capital.  Learn more about Multiverse Capital Pitch Deck

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Dan Humiston:
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Nic Easley:
The first thing I think about is risk and protecting my investors capital. The second rule is reread the first one.

Dan Humiston:
From Buminit media its the mj bulls podcast a show about raising cannabis capital

Dan Humiston:
I'm Dan Humiston and on today's show the cannabis investor spotlight shines on Nic Easley's company multiverse capital.

Dan Humiston:
Today we're speaking with managing director of multiverse capital Nick easily. Nick thanks so much for being on the MJ bulls podcast.

Nic Easley:
Absolute pleasure to be here to share a little information about what we do in the cannabis sector to help investors make better decisions.

Dan Humiston:
We normally do interviews with companies that are raising cannabis capital but as an investor you both raise and invest capital. Can you tell us how multiverse capital works .

Nic Easley:
having a consulting company for over the last decade now have a market that no one in the industry is what are unique advantages something being and thats why we direct the placement of capital and reinvest in the returns on those investments.

Dan Humiston:
You take a lot of the risk and a lot of the work out of the investment process because you guys do the due diligence and you blend it within a bunch of investments to sort of hedge the bet to minimize the risk. How would an investor get involved if they wanted to take part in year within one of your funds.

Nic Easley:
In the United States. we go under certain regulations and as long as an investor is in an accrediteinvestor we can actually take them a minimum investment signs of it alone. And our Motsoeneng lessons I just 10. And then essentially when that investment comes from the investment banker from a broker dealer and they a from a family are best from from the far from individual market share of the credit to the investor we can take that capital and and deploy that capital and you're 100 percent correct. Instead of betting on individual stocks or an individual company that's growing in California over Argand Sarcelles when there's a license in Malta Cyprus or in Greece or somewhere. Julie Ruffing Well markets can do what they're doing. Who's going to scale Paul's standards. Who actually has unique products which for protecting their intellectual property scalability. And then we'll combine those just like you said to minimise the risk of a single company with investible lots of various stocks because you don't want to go out and take risk

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So now let's switch gears let's look at it from cannabis companies that are raising capital. What type of companies do you look for as a possible investment.

Tim LEE The first thing I think about is risk trimming investments and many of them were almost fungibility is not leading by investors capital chairmanship are pounding prints or selling tiny consumables just to reread the first from the sage about restoring United States federally illegal state by state legal or recreation where a dog license or is it completely ancillary and does it serve the same. And that's how I'll choose that arrest profile. But it's an apprenticeship and a state probation attraction retail distribution. Even then a lot of the testing are being used and still parts and they're subject to certain files. So I look at what state is for example what market how many other licenses are there. Do they ever appear on sustainability to their management team will search experience outside cannabis really. Not just superhero cannabis nacre but patches or how the greatest we know. Are you censoring some small market and how the system worked outside the. How do we find the scale or check the company and really have a unique badge for this. Because at the end of the day we celebrate. Looks great. Those people that make decisions on a day to day basis using my money to essentially run their business so that I can have returns to my investors.

Nick I know you see a ton of deals. So what advice would you give Canibus companies were preparing to raise capital.

The main thing here raising capital making sure it's being done legally and complying and you're not doing general solicitation. You would need to raise capital in the wrong way and start a great business to only have all these catastrophic problems come later. You have legal you have been Obering and have adequate shareholder the agreements operating agreements and do everything correct. In the normal business standpoint then that's what's going to allow you to get a great share of this company are a great candidate investment. It's not really or it's not compliant.

It's the quickest way to not have a real investor be interested in your company.

We've been speaking with Nick Easley who is the managing director of multiverse capital multiverse whose website addresses multiverse cap dot com. And Nick can be reached at Nick and icy at multiverse cap dot com. Nick thank you so much for being on The People's podcast.

Absolutely a pleasure. These investors know it's safe especially to companies looking to raise capital as long as they can withstand who they are. One thing you probably want to use this capital will be anticipated exits are how they plan to curtail and use that capital to make additional capital.

That's exactly the sorts of companies that were looking for something sure you can always take that clearly and properly to investors. Are going out there and protect yourself. We saw a Shenfield ocean right now the glorious opportunities for that structure and probably normal business practices and raised their capital legal.

That's really good advice Nick. Thanks again for being on the people's podcast.

Good luck. Just a quick reminder that you can become an MJ Appel's member for just four dollars and 99 cents per month and enjoy exclusive access to companies pitch tax and the MJ Opal's Canada's capitol directory join today at MJ Apple's Tom

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